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Super Mario - Into the Future is a Mario Fangame in the planning stages where Mario and Luigi are pulled into the future to stop an advanced machine known as Mecha Mario.


During a training session, a vortex pops up that pulls Mario and Luigi into it, taking them into a very technologically advanced Mushroom Kingdom. Within minutes of their arrival, they are spotted by a squadron of mechanical G00M807s, which proceed to attack the unprepared Mario brothers.
When things look bleak, they are rescued by someone they would least expect; Bowser, except the right half of his body is damaged to the point where he has mechanical parts to replace those that couldn't be fixed. After demolishing the G00M807 squadron, he tells the Mario brothers (who aren't in a position to be choosy about their allies) that he has been expecting them, and to follow him. He leads them out of the Kingdom to a hidden base, where they are told that Professor Elvin Gadd had been responsible for the portal, that had brought them to the future. The resistance (made up of Bowser and a very small portion of his army as well as a handful of Toads) need help in bringing down a threat he believed that only they could; an advanced machine intelligence known as Mecha Mario. Mecha Mario and Mecha Luigi were created by the Professor when he had realised that the Super Mario brothers weren't going to be super forever. However, he made them too adaptable, to the point where they had determined that the only way to ensure peace in the Mushroom Kingdom would be to take care of Bowser permanently. When they thought he was done with, the Professor had tried to shut them down because he had seen what they had done, but they had sensed and adapted to that as well, and turned on the Mushroom Kingdom soon after with an army of mechanically implanted Koopas and Goombas. The entire Mushroom Kingdom had gathered to defend against the assault, including Mario and Luigi, who at that point were past their prime long ago. The defense never stood a chance against that which was designed to be better than the Mario brothers even at their best. The battle was lost, many losing their lives in the struggle, including Mario and Luigi. The mechs seized control of the Mushroom Kingdom, wiping out all that refused to submit and building on top of the remains. After learning about the events, the Mario brothers are outfitted with technology to help them combat the mechs, including power gauntlets and boots, armour plates and headgear to help them aim their pulse bolts.
They are also told to expect the arrival of people from their present, who could prove to be useful allies.

However, Mecha Mario detects this turn of events, and forces the Professor to construct more mechs to take on each member of the team, rushing him to have them done ASAP under the watchful eye of Mecha Luigi, who seemingly doesn't pose a threat to the heroes in the first part of the game.


Playable (Default)

Characters that can be played as right from the get-go, as soon as Mario and Luigi have had their mission given to them.


The defender of the Mushroom Kingdom must once again stand against those who threaten its inhabitants. He is very well-rounded in terms of statistics, ideal for situations where strength, speed, power, control and jumping ability are needed in conjunction with each other.


Mario's green-clad brother stands alongside him to help him deal with situations that he cannot handle alone, and is surprisingly more than happy to fight alongside Bowser (probably because he'd rather have the Koopa king as an ally than an enemy) where Mario is a bit harder on trust.


Koopa Troopa

Future Bowser

Bowser is back once again to do some damage, but to the machines rather than the Mario brothers. He is much slower than the rest of the heroes, but makes up for it with immense strength and less vulnerability to knockback. He will still take damage when hit, but it takes stronger attacks to make him flinch. Since he has such a high attack, one hit can do a ton of damage, which means that he can bring down even the toughest ground enemies within 5 hits (within 3 hits if 2 of them are with his bionic arm). Although he is rather slow and isn't the highest jumper, he still has a few tricks up his shell that can really tear through enemy ranks if used correctly. These include:

  • Fire Breath - Bowser's fiery breath is so hot that even the machines have trouble coping with it for more than a few seconds at a time. By default, after about five seconds of being caught in it they start to function incorrectly, and after ten they shut down.
  • Bowser Bomb - The Bowser bomb is a devastating attack even by default, even more so since Bowser's bionic leg puts more weight into it on the way down. It's so powerful that it leaves a small crater in the ground and crushes enemies like the G00M807 and H4MM3R DR0N3 into scrap metal. However, it also has the power to destroy Used Blocks and ? Blocks, weak platforms and weak ground under it that may cover a pit, causing Bowser to plummet to his death. Plus, between hitting the ground and getting up there is a small window where he is open to an attack, so it is recommended that the player is careful as to where they use it and how they aim it, since missing when a heavy attacking enemy is near and/or Bowser is low on health can be disastrous.
  • Shell Dash - Bowser's shell dash is an attack that can be used to scatter a crowd of enemies or give Bowser a fast way of escaping. It doesn't do a lot of damage compared to his other moves but what it lacks in that regard it makes up for with knockback ability, easily putting enemies that get caught in its path into disarray.

Playable (Unlockable)

Characters that can be unlocked and played as, either by story progression or completion of side missions.


Everyone's favourite dino is back and ready for another adventure. He is encountered in the first mission, where he is trying to fight back waves of enemies. When the player reaches him, it is just in time before three 810N1C CH0MPs arrive, at which point the player must help Yoshi to defeat them. Yoshi's special attacks include:

  • Eating - Yoshi can stick his long tongue out to grab and eat power-ups and collectibles that will grant him what they offer. He can even most enemy variants (given that they are low on health) and turn them into eggs that can be thrown at targets and other enemies as projectiles, which pack quite a punch when they hit. He can also grab enemy projectiles and spit them right back with twice the speed they came at him, making for a good counterattack.
  • Yoshi Bomb Yoshi slams right down on top of enemies, dealing a lot of damage to anyone unlucky enough to be caught underneath it.
  • Flutter Jump This slows Yoshi's fall and gives him extra height and distance in his jump and granting him the ability to access hard-to-reach areas. By default, it can be used up to six times in the air before the player has to fill the power bar.


The bright-coloured, large-snouted creature has been transported into the future by one of the time portals to aid the heroes in their endeavour to put a stop to the mechs. She is first encountered when a distress call is intercepted coming from within the underground pipe maze, where she can be found hiding from the large number of enemies patrolling the maze in search of her. Birdo's special moves include:

  • Projectile Shot - By default, Birdo shoots from her snout, which on their own do quite a bit of damage to an enemy hit by it. The projectile changes based on what power up she has
  • Vacuum - Birdo's snout is not only good for shooting objects; but it is also good for sucking items and enemies helplessly into it which can be used to recover health/shields, draw power-ups towards you or shoot enemies back out as projectiles.




The most powerful of the Magikoopas since Kamella met her end at the hands of the Mecha Mario Brothers. He is encountered when Mario and Luigi first enter the resistance base, where he explains that he and a small group of Magikoopas (the only ones not implanted) have been assigned to make a sweep for survivors. However, contact is lost with him and his team. If the player is quick to go looking for him, they will encounter him again with a few other Magikoopas fighting for their lives in defense against an onslaught of mechs and implanted enemies. If the player delays in looking for them, he will be the only one left. Too much waiting and he won't survive.

If you save Kamek, he will become playable, most notable are his power stats, which are higher than any other character that can be played as. If you also manage to save the remainder of the Magikoopa team, the player will get a choice of a special bonus to add to him; teleportation or stronger magic blasts.




Future Mario

Future Luigi


Variants of enemies fought throughout the game.


G00M807 (normally spoken as Goombot) units are the basic ground enemies modelled after the organic Goombas, but a bit tougher. It is important to not allow groups of them to surround you, otherwise they will take away your health very quickly.

4U70 7R00P4


5H0CK 833713





810N1C CH0MP


Mecha Cheep


Mecha Blooper

Implanted Koopatrol

Implanted Toad

Implanted Magikoopa

More variants TBD


Mecha Mario

Mecha Luigi

Mecha Wario

Mecha Waluigi

Mecha Toad

Mecha Yoshi

Mecha Birdo

Mecha Kamek

Mecha Bowser

Mecha Bowser is the AI-driven, robotic counterpart of the scaly Koopa King. He is stronger and a bit faster than Bowser, making him easily one of the most dangerous of the Mechs. He also has an in-built self-repair protocol, so dealing out as much continuous damage as possible before it can be activated is necessary. His attack range is nearly identical to Future Bowser's, with a few extras such as his spiked club and shockwave abilities.

Giga Mecha Bowser

After defeating Mecha Bowser, he reveals that he has another trick up his sleeve; a second form that is nearly three times as large and nearly three times as strong as his first. However, this form lacks in speed; his movement half the speed of the standard Mecha Bowser, which makes him even easier to outrun than before. But he can take a heavier beating and will even adapt his armour to withstand certain attacks if you attack in the same manner for too long, so it is recommended that you switch characters every couple of minutes or so, to ensure that there is a continuous stream of attack so the self-repair protocol doesn't kick in (yes, he retains this protocol from his first form). However you go about it, when Giga Mecha Bowser shows up, you're in for a hard fight full of blood, sweat and tears.

Super Mecha Mario

After being defeated with the combined might of the heroes, Mecha Mario moves all of his data to the central computer and sets his body to self-destruct in an effort to cripple them. However, the only thing he achieves in this is killing the Princess Peach of the future; who goes up to the throne room to investigate after losing radio contact with the heroes, who barely manage to escape in time themselves. Afterwards, he demands the Professor to build a new, more powerful body for him. When E. Gadd refuses, Mecha Mario locks him away, telling him that he could - and would - build it for himself using the information stored on the computer. The result of his effort is a body that is three times as strong and three times as fast as his former appearance, utilising experimental technology to achieve his ends. When you face him, be prepared for the fight of your life.

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