Image Title Description Type Places Found
Goomba The classic enemy is back! He-he!! He can be stomped on for a coin, but eaten by a Yoshi for hearts. Easy

Bomb-omb Battlefield

Para Goomba
Para-Goomba These trained Goombas will give up a fight! Only a Yoshi with the Para-Wings can attack 'im, and he attacks from the sky like Angry Sun. Hard TBA
Micro Goomba's
Micro-Goombas Allways in a pack, is commonly dropped by flying enemies and bosses. OK. Bomb-Omb Battlefield
Red Paragoomba NSMBDIY
Red Goomba For the first time since SMB. 3, Red Goombas are here! They are bad, but may lead you to a Yoshi Coin, but it could be a boss instead... Hard Isle Delfino
Goombo This little Goomba has something to say! It rolls from steep hills, so be warned!! Hard

Bomb-Omb Battlfield,

Pipe Plaza

File:Winged Goombo SMW-W2.png
Winged Goombo A flying Goombo! will drop on you from clouds. Hard Peach Gardens
Goomba's Shoe Goomba NSMBDIY
Shoe Goomba Watch for him! He soars and stoppes Mario on the head! He can also kick Mario great distances! Hard TBA
Electrogoomba He shoots! ROCKS! He is very distant and loves to corner Mario. Hard Sky Station Galaxy
SMG Koopa
Olde Koopa Troopa A four-legged Koopa has come to get ya! It can beat almost any power-up, because of it's shell. OK. Sky Station Galaxy
KoopaTheQuick SMWWii
Koopa Troopa As usual, a very easy enemy. You can kick, or ride on his shell!! Easy

Tiny-Huge Island,

Bomb-omb Battlefield

Copter Koopa Troopa
Copter Koopa He flies! Very easy with Yoshi, you can only ride his Para-Shell! OK. TBA
Koopa Paratroopa A Koopa Para-Troopa! It hides it's wings and flies and dive-bombs when in danger. You can tell that it is a Paratroopa because it has a blue shell! OK. Yoshi Star Galaxy
200px-SMW SuperKoopa
Super Koopa Another flyin' Koopa! First seen in Super Mario World, they also dive-bomb like Angry Sun! Hard Dounut Plains
Ankoopa Wow! Ankoopas are kind-of mini-bosses, because they take three hits. OK.

Gwarhar Lagoon,

Beanbean Castle Town

Fencekoopa horz
Climbing Koopa Climbs on fences on some of the 2.5D levels and climb hills in some others. Hard Bowser's Castle
Shady Koopa A two-hit enemy. Spawns Koopa Troopas. He droppes Shady Lenses when destroyed. Hard Glitz Pit
Buzzy Beetle Aahh!! Can only be destroyed by Raccoon Mario. Hard TBA
Parabuzzy NSMBVR
Para-Beetle Same as Buzzy Beetle, but Yoshi can also crush this bug! Hard Isle Delfino
150px-SMB3 BusterBeetle
Buster Beetle INVINCIBLE to all but Star Mario, it throws whatever is closest to it!Including YOU! Hard TBA
Green Piranha
Piranha Plant Yikes! Even Mario can't get this beast to die! Hard Sky Station Galaxy
Para-Plant Shoots fireballs, and a good target practice! Hard TBA

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