NOTE: This chronology it's just a theory, don't take to seriously.

This is a translated version of a post by Locky on his brazilian gaming blog. It also a better version of an IP's chronology. It only has canon games. Before we start, let me show some of my theories:

  • The characters which Mario and Luigi meets on the games, can be based on characters which they meet on the real life. Like a example Pauline and Peach. This explain why those characters doesn't appear together on a game.
  • Some games can take place at the Mushroom Kingdom or in the real life, one example of a game which takes in the real life is Donkey Kong, which takes place in a destroyed circus.

The Yoshi's Island

Yoshi's Story

Baby Mario recieved a book named "Yoshi's Story".The story was: the Yoshis was happy, when the evil Kamek trapped they into a book and the only way to make their way back was defeating the evil Baby Bowser, and at the end, the Yoshis finally defeated him and get their way back to the Yoshi's Island

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

When Mario was a baby, his dreams are about his origins, his first dream was about a land named "Yoshi's Island", where he was with a stork with your brother Luigi and he falled on that island, but, the stork was captured along his brother. Mario falled on the Yoshi's Island, where colorful cute species known as Yoshi decided to protect Mario and leave him to his brother. Meanwhile, Kamek wanted capture Mario, because, at that time Kamek  only knows two of the star babies: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. At the end, the Yoshi defeated the leader of the Koopa Troop, Baby Bowser, but, Kamek decided to defeat Yoshi once for all by creating a Godzilla-sized Baby Bowser by using your power. But, at the end, Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser and reunited the brothers.

Yoshi's Island DS

Mario meeted his parents on the real life, when he was going to sleep, he dreamed again about the Yoshi's Island, again, a stork was leaving the baby's to their house, but, Kamek and the Toadies captured the babies, but, two of the toadies falled two of the babies: Mario and Peach. The Yoshi's decided once again to return the babies to the stork. They finded other babies: Donkey Kong, Wario and Bowser, which are based on babies which Baby Mario meeted in the real life. At the end, Yoshi defeated the Future Bowser and Baby Mario woked up again.

Mario's Backstory

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the first game of the chronology, which tells the backstory of Mario. Mario was a carpenter, which he jump higher than his friends, he recieved the "Jumpman" nickname. After many years of working, Mario decided to leave from his carpenter work and decided to create a circus, but, the only thing which he has was a monkey, named Donkey Kong. One day, Mario decided to leave his' girlfriend Pauline, to see the circus, but, Donkey Kong goes mad and captured Pauline and destroyed the circus. Mario decided to take revenge of the Donkey Kong and at the end, he finally defeated him.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Years later the events of the first Donkey Kong, Mario decided to take revenge of DK, capturing him into a cage, but, he wasn't expecting the DK's son, DK Jr. Donkey Kong Jr. decided to save his father and at the end, Mario's plan fails and Donkey Kong Jr. free his dad.

Mario Bros.

After the events of Donkey Kong Jr., Mario decided to work with your brother, Luigi in the Brooklyn Sewers, he didn't expected but the sewers has many crabs and other crazy stuff on it.

Dr. Mario

Mario decided to take a job of Doctor, on his first day, he meeted Nurse Toadstool, which becomed his partner on the Doctor Job, the first work of Doctor Mario was with a guy which eated a mushroom and his head has in a form of a mushroom, Mario healed the guy and his career as a Doctor started.

The Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!

The movie opens with Mario playing a videogame that appears similar to Super Mario Bros., though it has a few notable differences, such as the hero using a bat. Luigi goes to bed because it's late, but Mario continues playing the game. Suddenly, the screen changes and Princess Peach is seen fleeing various Mario game enemies. In a panic, she leaps out of the television, to Mario's great surprise. After narrowly dodging a mob of enemies, Peach explains that she is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser then appears on the TV screen, and Peach explains to Mario that he's evil, and trying to take over her kingdom. Mario was, at this time, in love with the princess, and promises to protect her from danger. Bowser emerges from the television, and he and Mario have a brief confrontation. He knocks Mario through a hole in the floor and escapes back into the TV with Peach. Before Mario could chase after him, Bowser and Peach vanish, leaving "GAME OVER" on the screen. 

Super Mario Bros.

Continuing the anime show, Bowser transformed all the Toads into items like the Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman and also transformed into Blocks. Bowser created seven clones of himself. But, the Mario Bros. manage to defeat him and comes back to the real life.

Super Mario Bros. 2

After saving the Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario goes to sleep, in his dream, he dreamed about a land named Subcon which was in trouble which the evil Wart wants destroy the land, Mario, Luigi and the two persons which he meeted on the game: Princess Peach and Toad decided to save the Subcon from Wart's Evil Army: The 8-bits. At the end, Mario and his party manage to defeat Wart and Mario wokes up from his dream.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario and his brother Luigi decided to make a theater to show their adventures based on the events of the earlier games. The story was: Bowser captured Peach and transformed all the Mushroom Kings into different animals, leaving a magic wand into your loyal minions, the Koopalings. Mario have to make through 8 worlds to get all the Magic Wands, save the Mushroom Kings and defeat Bowser. At the end, Mario finally saves Peach and the theater ends.

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