In Clash of the Fiction, there are many different series that appear, one of which is Super Mario. This is the universe in which locations such as the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasland reside and characters like Mario and Luigi live.



  • Mario- A major Character in the Main Story, he is a Plumber who is usually stopping Bowser's plans.
  • Luigi- The scaredy-cat brother of Mario, he is commonly seen either hiding during the Main Story, or assisting Professor E. Gadd.
  • Princess Peach- Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she does her best to protect it, going as far as beginning the resistence.
  • Toadsworth- Toadsworth is Peach's guardian, but he is usually unable to do anything. He has little involvement in the Story.
  • Princess Daisy- Princess Peach's close friend and princess of Sarasland, she leads the Sarasland Division.
  • Rosalina- Although many light years away before The Merge, she and her Comet Observatory were thrown in, too.
  • Professor E. Gadd- An accomplished Professor, he deals in the creation of gadgets and capturing ghosts.
  • Toads- Toads are the citizens of Toad Town, but have little involvement in the Main Story.


  • Wario- The rival and near-opposite of Mario, he is not necessarily evil; generally works for his own gain.
  • Waluigi- The rival and near-opposite of Luigi, he works with Wario for his own self-gain.


  • Bowser- The evil Koopa King, he has some sense of morality; he would rather take over the Mushroom Kingdom himself, rather than see it destroyed, so he eventually joins the player on his/her journey.
  • Bowser Jr.- The youngest (eighth) son of Bowser, he is the heir to the thrown, and the smartest of the Koopalings.
  • Koopalings- The seven children of Bowser who fight alongside him; they will obey any command he gives with little hesitation.
  • King Boo- One of Bowser's most trusted minions, he holds a grudge against the Mario brothers, especially after Luigi defeated him in a mansion of his own illusion.


  • Mushroom Kingdom- The land which describes most of the given area; it ranges from Peach's to Bowser's Castle and borders Sarasland normally.
  • Peach's Castle- The castle belonging to the Mushroom Kingdom's ruler, Princess Peach; this is a save haven for players, and they pass through here for many Quests.
  • Toad Town- This town surrounds Peach's Castle, and its main residents are Toads; Mario and Luigi also have a home here.
  • Wastelands- A gray, rocky path leading directly from Peach's to Bowser's Castle after The Merge; it is surrounded on both sides by mountains, and holds many lava flows.
  • Bowser's Castle- The castle belonging to the self-proclaimed ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom; it is made of gray brick and well-protected by the Koopa Troop.