This is World 4 of Super Mario & The Royal Stars. Click the tab to go to a different world article.

Level Information Boss(es)
4-1: Trouble In Toy Town The first level of the fourth world, Mario must help the Gearmo's in a huge crisis involving a broken machine. The Machine
4-2: Mechakoopa Madness Some of Bowsers Mechakoopa's have invaded the Toybox, the seek on causing chaos, so Mario must take down them from causing more destruction. Hyper Mechakoopa
4-3: Sweet Sweet Outlook The environment of this world has changed to a sweet sweet area! Mario needs to obtain the Royal Star in this level. Yoshi also appears in this level. None
4-4: Cake Crashers A Toad's cake was baked, with the greatest topping, too bad it's a Royal Star, and the Koopa Troop wants it too, now Mario must make it to the stolen colossal cake before the Koopa Troop does, but some of Bowser's greatest minions are there to stop you. None
4-A: Follow The Peppermint Road Unlocked by finding a secret exit, Mario must walk through the Peppermint Road, reaching the end of it, and gaining yet another Royal Star.
4-B: Chocolate River Unlocked with 30 Star Coins, Mario uses a new power-up called Ship Yoshi in order to navagate the Chocolate River. None
4-5: Rolling Down Candyside The Star Ball returns from Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario must use the Wii U's Gyro Controls to move the star ball, Mario's goal is to reach the end of the candy road and knock out the Candy Chomp in order to get the Royal Star. Candy Chomp
4-6: The A-Mazing Adventure Mario must navigate a huge maze full of many puzzles and moving platforms, but the platforms are very tricky and full of dangerous enemies, so gaining the Royal Star will be hard. None
4-7: Pillars Of Sweets Mario enters a pyramid like area where a secret treasure lies, he needs to activate all the pillars to enter it though, so he'll need his skills to activate all of them. Caorok

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