This is World 3 of Super Mario & The Royal Stars. Click the tab to go to a different world article.

Level Information Boss(es)
3-1: Climbing The Icy Mountain The player must get to the top and recieve the Royal Star, new enemies such as Ice Bros and Penguins appear, as well as the Ice Flower. None
3-2: Skating Depths

Mario will use skates to skate to the depths of the mountain, there are frozen rivers of ice that cause instant death if Mario jumps into it, as well as Penguins and Icicles to avoid while skating.

3-A: Pengy The Speed's Racing Challenge A secret star must be found to unlock this level, Mario will race a fast penguin in a ice track full of obstacles, if he can beat Pengy, he wins a Royal Star. None
3-3: A Frozen Palace Mario enters an unknown palace of ice, filled with ice like common enemies, such as Ice Goombas and Ice Koopas, and even Ice Beares. Icyy
3-B: A Burning Palace Unlocked by finding a secret star in World 3-3, this level is basically the opposite of it, Mario must navigate a burning/frozen palace and defeat the boss. Burnyy
3-4: Fire and Ice Mario must exit out of the mountain by going through treacherous areas filled with heat and ice, he'll need to use his skills to make his way out. None
3-5: Blizzard Run Mario escaped the mountain, but is being chased by a giant snowball that will indeed cause him to be crushed! Mario must run and avoid obstacles such as icy winds that will push Mario back so he will fall into a random pit. None
3-6: Rammer Cliffs New enemies are introduced, the "Rams", they will attempt to ram into Mario fast, Mario needs to beat the king of all Rams in order to get the Royal Star. Gigarammer
3-7: Snowy Land The final level before the castle, Mario needs to get to the Royal Star, but is faced with many enemies and obstacles along the way. Kamek makes his first appearance in a level, he is the boss and will throw ice balls at Mario, as well as certain enemies and will charge at him. Kamek
3-Castle: Wendy's Glacier Castle A huge castle where Mario first rides an Blue Snake Block to the entrance, Mario will then head to the top of the castle and fight Wendy, who will throw heart like fireballs at Mario, she also will ice skate around and will spin jump, shooting 3 hearts at once. Wendy O. Koopa
3-Boss: Wendy's Revenge After Mario defeated her, Wendy uses her airship and will fire iceballs at Mario, and shoot frost like breath too, once she is hit 3 times, she will shoot heart like fireballs at Mario, which will summon Koopa Troopas that Mario needs to throw them at Wendy's Airship. Wendy's Airship

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