This is World 2 of Super Mario & The Royal Stars. Click the tab to go to a different world article.

Level Information Boss(es)
2-1: To The Treetop The first level of the second world, the Propeller Box returns and is used to get to high platforms. The player must get to the top of the tree to finish the level, while avoiding obstacles like Blades and Beares. None
2-2: Gliding To Victory A level that introduces the "Glider" it is similar to Fluzzard from Super Mario Galaxy 2, the player must use the Wii U GamePads gyro controls to move the glider while avoiding obstacles. None
2-3: Bouncy Bang Woods Another level with a bunch of Note Blocks and bouncy blocks and trampolines. More Blades appear as well, and fire breathing platforms. Big Bouncer
2-4: Bulletproof A level that introduces another power-up called the Bullet Suit, Mario needs to use it to break obstacles, and at the end, avoid obstacles while flying using the "Bullet Cannon", which will make Mario fly in the air. Mega Beare
2-5: Toxic Terror Yoshi appears once again with a new power-up known as the Bubbleberry, Mario must avoid toxic water or else he will cause himself to lose a life. None
2-A: Deadly Waves Mario must jump on a leaf like raft and avoid Toxic Waves and other obstacles or else he will lose a life. The player must find a secret exit in World 2-5 to enter this level.
2-6: Piranha Plant Plains A level filled with Piranha Plants, Goombas, Koopas, and Blades, the player must make it to the boss, Puny Piranha. Puny Piranha
2-B: The Ape's Bullet Blast Challenge An Ape like creature, based on The Chimp challenges Mario to use his Bullet Suit to knock out Para-Goombas and achieve a score of 10000. None
2-7: The Forest Maze The final level before the castle, Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG is remixed. The player must navigate in a huge maze with many puzzles. Puzzler
2-Castle: Morton's Blade Castle The second castle of the game, it's filled with fire breath platforms and blades, as well as Dry Beares. Morton Jr. Koopa
2-Boss: Morton On The Treetop The true boss of World 2, Morton will jump in his flying vehicle and throw spiked balls and Mario, and sometimes will spin around and slash blades at him. He also will start shooting fireballs if the player hits him 2 times. the player must hit him when near Mario with the Bullet Suit. Morton's Vehicle

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