This is World 1 of Super Mario & The Royal Stars. Click the tab to go to a different world article.

World 1

Level Information Boss(es)
1-1: Mushroom Basics A simple level that introduces the basic controls of the game, numerous Sign posts appear, as well as familiar and basic enemies like Goombas, Koopas, and some new ones like Bares. None
1-2: Cave Exploring A cave level filled with rocky platforms and crystal platforms, as well as Piranha Plants and Gloombas. None
1-3: Leafy Gardens A level that introduces the Tanooki Suit power-up, this level has a mini-boss. A few new enemies appear like Hammer Bros. Super Sledge Bro
1-4: Yoshi Egglands A level filled with Yoshis that the player can talk to, this level introduces Yoshi. None
1-A: Hill Thill Hills A secret level that is unlocked by having 5 Star Coins, it challenges the player by collecting 8 Red Coins, but they are timed for 5 Minutes. None
1-B: Mushroom Skies A level that takes place in the sky, there are winged enemies and mushrooms to jump on. This can be unlocked by finding a secret exit in World 1-3. None
1-5: Shroom Waters A level that takes place in the water, there are Cheep-Cheeps and other kinds of enemies in the water, so watch out. None
1-6: Mush Clearing The final level before the castle of World 1, it contains a bunch of familiar enemies and new ones, with tricky platforming, the boss is Mega Goomba, where you have to use the Tanooki Suit to hover onto the Mega Goombas head and stomp on it. Mega Goomba
1-Castle: Iggy's Mecha-Castle The first castle in the game, it is a mechanical like castle with moving platforms, Dry Bones, and Podoboos. The boss is Iggy Koopa, who will shoot green fireballs at Mario and jump around onto other platforms. You have to hit him 3 times. Iggy Koopa
1-Boss: Iggy's Chomp Wrath The real boss of World 1, Iggy jumps in his carriage while riding his huge Chomp that will run around the grassy area. They player must ground pound the glass barrier that is protecting Iggy. Mario has to hit Iggy 4 times, once Iggy is hit 2 times, he will start throwing green fireballs and the Chomp will rampage faster. Iggy & His Chomp

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