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Super Mario & The Royal Stars
Developer(s) Formerly SuyoGames, now SSI Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii u
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 2013

25px-Flag of USA 2013 25px-Flag of Europe 2013

Single-player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
3Rating ERating
Genre(s) Platformer/3D Platformer
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Super Mario & The Royal Stars is a 3D side-scrolling 3D platform game for the Wii U. It is set to release in 2013 for America, Europe, and Japan. It's the fifteenth title in the Super Mario series. It was made by SuyoGames, but was given to Supreme Studios Inc.. The elements are similar to Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy. It features another appearance by Tanooki Mario, as well as familiar villains like Bowser, the Koopalings, and Kamek.

This is the first 3D platforming Mario game sold in the Wii U's eShop. It is available for retail and digital download. The game is mostly based on the previous 3D Mario games, collecting Stars and beating levels.


In the intro, The Koopalings are near the "Star Tree", Bowser told them to take the Super Royal Stars from the tree so Bowser can use them to become the strongest and take down Mario, as well as taking over Peach's castle.

Walking into Toad Town, Mario & Luigi greet the friendly Toads and head to Peach's Castle, where the Koopalings and Bowser are heading there too, the next thing they know it, the castle is being abducted by Bowser, Peach's Castle is then taken from the ground by Bowser's machine, but Peach is with Bowser on the Airship, calling for Mario to save her, but Bowser knows he will do this, and his Airship releases a heavy wind current that blasts Mario & Luigi into a grassy-like area, not just them, but most of the Toads too.

Mario is then woken up by Luigi, who explains what happened, they had a huge fall and fell unconscious. Mario then suddenly remember's the event of him and Luigi getting flown away by Bowser's Airship, untill a star kid crashes into him, she acts worried and angered, saying that the "Royal Stars" are gone, Mario is confused, and Stary explains herself, saying that a monster stole the Royal Stars and scattered them throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, and that she needs help. Mario agrees to help Stary, and so does Luigi, Stary then gives her powers, in which gives Mario a special spinning power (similar to Super Mario Galaxy) that will help Mario defeat enemies along his quest. Mario, Luigi, and Stary then run to save the Royal Stars, and of course, Peach.

Later on Mario's quest, he encounters Bowser Jr and fights him in Worlds 4 and 6, he will use whatever he can to take down Mario, after Mario defeats him, he is not to be seen untill Mario returns to the Mushroom Kingdom after World 7, Mario is informed by Stary that they need to go there, but Bowser Jr appears with the Chaos Royal Star and sucks Mario into a mysterious world, which is World 8.


The controls are similar to Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. Mario jumps with A/B, Runs with X/Y, Ground Pounds with L/R, and can use the Control Pad to move the camera around right to left, and freely with the Wii U GamePad's feature. Mario also can spin in a similar way and can knock out enemies like in the Super Mario Galaxy series by shaking the GamePad. Mario's health system also returns, he is speculated to have either 5 or 3 Health Bars, and the Mushroom will give him 3 extra Health. Mario must go through World Map's and complete certain levels and grab the Royal Star in each level, Mario will also recieve bigger Royal Stars when defeating the world's boss. The World Map is a whole 3D environment and is improved more than New Super Mario Bros U's. Toad Houses return with all new minigames, as well as Yoshi, who can flutter jump when in the air, and uses the Wii U's Touchscreen to aim Yoshis tongue with X/Y. Mario also has special themed levels similar to the ones in Super Mario Land, such as with a submarine themed level. Star Coins also return, there are 3 Scattered in each level, and there is also a new type of Star Coin called "Red Star Coin", they are extremely rare and only good players can find it, there is one scattered throughout each level, so keep your eyes peeled. Super Guide also makes a return in this game.


Playable Characters




Mario Jump NSMBU


Mario jumps in again with his awesome skills, he's going to take down Bowser and save the Royal Stars.

Luigi MP9


Luigi, Marios Brother, he runs faster and jumps a bit higher than Mario, he assists Mario on his quest, he can be played as sometime in the game.


Image Name Description
Bowser NSMBW Bowser Bowser is the king of the Koopas, the confirmed final boss, he is a scary Koopa who has been kidnapping Princess Peach for a while.
BowserJr.SMG Bowser Jr. Bowser's son, he will appear in World's 4,7, and 8 as the Airship boss of the world, he has many tricks up his sleeve to stop Mario from gaining all the Royal Stars.
IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa Iggy is the boss of the first world, his first fight is pretty easy, but he will jump around sometimes. He uses his huge chomp and shoots fireballs at Mario.
MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa Jr. Morton is the boss of the forest world, he uses his mighty magical hammer to create shockwaves and attack Mario, but he may also swing it too. He uses a flying vehicle to send spike balls at Mario.
WendyNSMBU Wendy O. Koopa The boss of the third world, Blizzard Cliffs. Wendy's boss fight is similar to New Super Mario Bros. U's. She will fire heart like fireballs and spin around with her ice skates. She will also use her Airship in the second battle, firing her fireballs and snow balls at Mario.
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU Lemmy Koopa The fourth boss of the Sweet Toybox world, he will throw purple bombs while on his yellow ball, and will start using his scepter to shoot star like fireballs. The second fight involves Mario attempting to shut down his robot in order to get the Super Royal Star.
RoyNSMBU Roy Koopa Roy's first battle is most likely the toughest of all the first Koopaling battles, the battle takes place in the water, where Mario must throw shells at him and dodge Roy when he is shooting Torpedo Teds. The second battle involves Mario destroying his submarine with Mario's own submarine, while avoiding spike balls, Torpedo Teds, and enemies.
Larry Koopa SMBU Larry Koopa Larry is the boss of the lava world, his second boss battle can be considered the hardest boss of the game, he will ride a magma like snake that breathes fire and will smash Mario with it's tail, even Larry will shoot his fireballs at Mario in the battle.
LudwigNSMBU Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig is the final Koopaling boss, he uses a powerful machine that will shoot lightning at Mario, cause shockwaves, and much more attacks that will cause trouble for Mario.
KamekNSMBW Kamek Kamek is also back too, he will eventually appear in some of the worlds and will fight Mario in World 8: The Revolution Gate too.

Other/Supporting Characters


Image Item Description Form
Super Leaf NSMB2 Super Leaf Tanooki Mario is able to hover in the air, but cannot fly, although, he can get a slight boost in the air if the player shakes the GamePad. TanookiMario3D
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Fire Mario is able to throw fireballs at common enemies and can knock them out, Mario can throw them by pressing X or Y. NSMB2 Fire Mario
Ice Flower Ice Flower Ice Mario is able to throw Iceballs that can freeze most enemies, but some can only freeze things for a fast time such as spike balls. IceMario.
Super Star NSMB2 Super Star Invincible Mario is able to defeat nearly anything (other than bosses) and can make Mario run very fast, but this is only for a limited time. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
BulletSuit Bullet Suit Bullet Mario can make Mario attack like a homing missile by shaking the GamePad, Bullet Mario can easily defeat basic enemies and break certain walls. Bullet Mario also can move very well in water. No artwork yet.
MetalMushroom Metal Mario Metal Mario can easily walk in water and in lava, but it cannot swim though. Metal Mario
Spike Mushroom NSMBDIY Spike Mario Spike Mario can roll in a similar way as Rock Mario, its use is similar to Rock Mario too, Spike Mario can roll and knock enemies out easily, but the player must control it with the GamePads touch screen, and jump by shaking it. No artwork yet.
MiniMushroomNSMB2 Mini Mushroom Mini Mario Mini Mario works differently in this game, it's only use is to enter small pipes and small areas. It can't run on water though. NSMB2 Mini Mario
ThunderFlower. Thunder Flower Thunder Mario can throw electric fireballs that can knock out enemies easily, for other enemies such as Dry Bones, throwing a electric ball will paralyze it for a few seconds. It may paralyze some bosses. Electric Mario

Items & Objects

Image Name Description
Coin NSMB2 Coin Coins are common items on Mario's adventure, they restore Mario's health, similar to Super Mario Galaxy, Sunshine, and 64. items.
Red Coin SM3D Red Coin Eight Red Coins appears in certain levels or challenge levels, the player must collect all of them to complete the challenge.
PurpleCoin Purple Coin Purple Coins have only one appearance, and thats in challenge levels, you usually have to be timed to collect atleast 100 of them.
StarCoin Star Coin Star Coins return in this game, its sole purpose is to help Mario enter locked areas or to use at the Museum. Getting all of them unlocks something big. There is also a Red version of it, only one is scattered in each level (not counting bosses), but its very hard to find.
120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 1-Up Mushrooms 1-Up Mushrooms are mushrooms that will give Mario or Luigi an extra life. They usually are find mostly everywhere. Some can be rewarded by doing something like collecting Rainbow Notes.
PoisonMushroom Poison Mushrooms Poison Mushrooms are purple mushrooms that can hurt Mario, the will follow him too, so watch out, they are able to be gone if you shoot a fire ball or are invincible.
Rectangle Question Block Coin Blocks These blocks contain coins and sometimes power-ups for Mario to collect.
Brick Block Brick Blocks Brick Blocks are blocks that may sometimes contain power ups or coins, Mario cannot break them in small form.
UsedBlock NSMBWii Used Blocks Used Blocks are blocks that are unbreakable. It appears when a coin block is hit.
Note Block ♪ Blocks ♪ Blocks are white blocks with a note on it, some are big or small, they give Mario an extra boost when jumping.
Flower Flower These flowers are actually power-ups, they work in a similar way as Cloud Mario. Mario will have 3 flowers around him and a flower like hat. Mario will gain a platform boost when the player shakes the GamePad.

Yoshi's Powers

Most of Yoshi's Powers are similar to Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros U.

  • Dash Yoshi: When using a Chili Pepper, Yoshi will run fast for a limited time, Yoshi is also able to run on water.
  • Bubble Yoshi: Similar to Balloon Yoshi, Yoshi will eat the Bubbly Berry and blow a huge bubble that will cause Yoshi and Mario to be trapped in a bubble. The player must touch the bubble on the touch screen to move Yoshi. The bubble will pop if Yoshi touches an enemy or certain object.
  • Dig Yoshi: using a Dig Peanut, Yoshi is able to enter certain areas by digging underground. Yoshi is also able to make quake like ground pounds as well.
  • Ship Yoshi: Returning from Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, Yoshi eats the Shipbanana and is able to move on many types of environments that can hurt Mario, such as Lava and Toxic Waters.


Most of the enemies are the same ones in different forms, some are returning, such as Torpedo Teds. New enemies include Spike Bros, Draglots, and Beares. Some enemies are in different forms like Pirate Bros and Pirate Goombas.


Level Info How To Unlock
World 1 The grassland and first world of the game, the boss is Iggy Koopa and has a cannon that leads to a special area near World 2. Start The Game
World 2 The forest and second world of the game, the boss is Morton Koopa Jr. It also has two cannons that lead to the third and fourth world. Beat World 1
World 3 The iceland and third world of the game, the boss is Wendy O. Koopa. Beat World 2
World 4 The toy/dessert and fourth world of the game, it features numerous paths and the boss is Lemmy Koopa, as well as Bowser Jr. Beat World 3
World 5 The sea and fifth world of the game, the boss is Roy Koopa and has a cannon that leads to the seventh world. Beat World 4
World 6 The lava/jungle and sixth world of the game, the boss is Larry Koopa and Bowser Jr. Beat World 5
World 7 The dark like forest and seventh world of the game, the boss is Ludwig von Koopa. Beat World 6
World 8 The eighth world of the game, it combines elements of the previous worlds and the boss is Kamek and Bowser Jr. Beat World 7
World 9 The final world of the game, it combines dark areas and lava areas, it is guarded by Bowser's elite troops, the boss is the Koopalings (along with Bowser Jr in the same fight) and of course, the final boss, Bowser. Beat World 8


Minigames will appear in the game, they will be a multiplayer function. Suggest Minigames in the comments!

Minigame Information How To Unlock/Where
Power-Up Blast The player will have to shoot targets and rack up a lot of points in order to receive Power-Up's, the more Mario racks of score, the better amount he gets. Red Toad Houses
Life Is A Contest Mario uses the Wii U Gamepad's Gyro Controls to tilt a moving platform and catch 1-Ups. Green Toad Houses
Mario Madness Depending on which character you are, you get 6 toy like figures that will attack the opposing player, the players goal is to crush the opposing players Tower. World 1
Paint Paint Paintball Players battle each other with staffs that shoot paints, the players goal is to wipe out the opposing players.

World 1


DLC is confirmed after the game's release, it will feature new minigames and special themed levels, and most likely new levels. There may also be Boss related levels too.