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Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country


Super Mario & Donkey Kong Country is a 2015 platformer for the Wii U. It is a Mario crossover and an installment in the Donkey Kong Country series. It has up to 5 players. Each level alternates from D.K. or Mario's team.


The Story begins at Bowser's Castle where Mario and Bowser are having a fight- again. Except for this time, Bowser actually wins.  Mario wakes up in a metal cage on Bowser's Airship , and instantly tries to bust out. It is hopeless. Mario can see a P-Switch a couple feet away but he can't reach it. Bowser walks in cackling. He explains to Mario that he is going to throw him in a volcano on a distant island.  When arriving at the island, the airship takes a sharp turn and Mario's cage slides torward the P-Switch. Mario pushes the P-Switch and the Airship crashes sending Mario and Bowser flying in different directions.

Bowser is shown landing on the Volcano and blacking out. When he wakes up, King K. Rool is looking at him. King K. Rool tells Bowser that he needs help to take over the island and asks him to be his partner in crime. Bowser happily agrees.

The scene switches to the Kong's party on the beach. Donkey Kong , Diddy Kong , Dixie Kong , Cranky Kong , Wrinkly Kong's Ghost , Funky Kong , Lanky Kong , Chunky Kong , Tiny Kong , and Candy Kong are all there. It is Donkey Kong's Birthday and Funky Kong is shown carrying in the cake. As the Kong's sing to Donkey Kong, Mario flies out of the sky and lands in their cake. The cake splatters all over Donkey Kong and everyone gasps. Donkey Kong has a thought bubble and it shows the ending of the original Donkey Kong Arcade Game. Donkey Kong Puts two and two together and the entire Kong family starts chasing Mario.

Mario runs through the jungle until he reaches the Kong's house where he is cornered.

The scene changes back to the Mushroom Kingdom where Luigi is walking through Bowser's Castle, calling for Mario. He suddenly sees Princess Peach trapped in a cage and he sets her free. Peach tells Luigi about Mario being kidnapped and Luigi faints.

Now, the cutscene goes to Mario again. The Kongs are seen inching closer torwards Mario until Diddy spots King K. Rool and Bowser shooting fireballs out of the top of the volcano. Everyone escapes the hut before it can be burned to the ground by fireballs. The house is in ruins and everyone is sad. Suddenly, Mario takes out his magic hammer and fixes the house. Everyone is Happy. Cranky Kong elects Mario to lead them to stop King K. Rool and Bowser. Mario knows Bowser's attack patterns, so he accepts. 

DK is Jealous of Mario. He argues that he knows the way through the jungle better. The Kongs decide between Mario and DK to lead them to battle. They all split up. Mario, DK, and their groups split up to go to the Volcano.

After going through several areas of the island, Mario and DK meet at the mountain. They attempt to fight Bowser and King K. Rool but they fail. Funky Kong is frightened and uses his airplane to escape. His airplane's engine breaks, and he crashes into Bowser's Castle. There he finds Luigi ,Peach, and some Toads . He explains to them what happened with Mario and DK. Luigi and Peach realize that Funky was talking about Mario and Luigi uses his magic hammer to fix the plane to save his brother. The three return to DK Island. The Kongs and Mario are still trying to beat King K. Rool and Bowser when the airplane lands. Luigi convinces Mario to team up with DK instead of fighting with him. When DK and Mario join forces, they punch King K. Rool and Bowser off of the island and into the sea. The Kongs rejoice.

Mario, Luigi and Peach return to the Mushroom Kingdom in Funky's Airplane. The game ends with the Kongs building a temple in honor of the three.


                               Playable Characters

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Gamepad Player
Mario Dixie Kong Cranky Kong Candy Kong Tiny Kong
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Funky Kong Lanky Kong Chunky Kong
Luigi Peach Blue Toad Funky Kong Red Toad

Row 1: Mario Levels

Row 2: D.K. Levels

Row 3: Airplane Level

Non Playable: Wrinkly Kong (Shop Owner)


  • World 1: Jungle
  • World 2: Ruins
  • World 3: Grassland
  • World 4: Beach
  • World 5: Highland
  • World 6: Desert
  • World 7: Volcano
  • World 8 (one level): Airplane

Wrinkly's Spirit Shop

Wrinkly Kong owns a shop where you can buy:

  • Balloons
  • Squaks the Parrot
  • Extra Hearts
  • Banana Juice
  • Green Balloons

Airplane Level

This is a level which is similar to a Rocket Barrel level (Rocket Barrels do not appear in this game). You must avoid lava spewing through the air from the volcano.

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