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Super Mario: Wart Returns will be a 3D platformer game,coming out in Europe at 

03.08.2014 for the 3DS


The final boxart.

The release dates in other countries are unknown.


One day,Bowser wanted to capture Peach..again.But he was afraid of the Mario Bros.He was thinking,over and over.And then shouted:"I have an idea!"

He invited Wart,his great friend,and said to him:"Can't you capture Peach?"

"I can do it,why not?"said Wart.

Then,he went to the famous Mushroom Kingdom.Everybod

y was afraid of him.

He went to Peach's Castle and kidnapped her,going to his new,own castle. Can the heroes travel through eight various worlds and defeat this scary monster....again?

The story ingame

Game modes

Adventure Mode-The game's Story Mode.

Multiplayer Mode-Unlocked after beating World 4.The players can choose any played level and play it multiplayer.

Versus Mode-Unlocked after beating World 6.The players can battle with 100 HP in any of the played levels.

Minigame Mode-Unlocked after beating World 8.The players can compete in 2 minigames.


Minigame 1-Punch each other in the icy water in Chief Chilly 's level.

Minigame 2-You are on a stone platform,with a flamethrower.Burn the other player.

The game has just these minigames because not being a party game.

Playable Characters


Luigi has been unlocked.

  Mario-The main protagonist.

Luigi-Unlockable character,beat World 4-Boss to unlock him.

Non-Playable Protagonists

Toad-Awaits you in the castles,after defeating a boss.

Penguin-Give her baby back to him and you get an 5-Up.

Peach-You need to rescue her from Wart.


World 1-A world with a grassland theme.

World 2-Has a beautiful cave theme,with crystals in it.

World 3-A lost island,probably it's a reference to Delfino Plaza.

World 4-An icy,snowy world.Has a lot of Chill Bullies and it has a penguin.

World 5-A world in the cloudly,windy sky.

World 6-A desert full of Pokeys.

World 7-A lava world,with Bullies.

World 8-Another lava world.

World Star- It's the only Special World.It is the final world,howewer,it doesn't feature any bosses.

Beta elements

Main Article:List of Super Mario:Wart Returns beta elements

In early development,the game was intitled "Mario & Luigi:Frog Trouble".It was a Role Playing Game.Also,it was a Wii U title.





Hammer Bro

Boomerang Bro

Ice Bro

Fire Bro

Vortex Bro.



Buzzy Beetle

Bony Beetle

Dry Bones


Big Boo





Chill Bully



Bullet Bill

Banzai Bill

King Bill

Mega Bill

Torpedo Ted

Targeting Ted


World 1-Goomboss   Roll Koopa shells at him that are trown then ground pound him.Do this 3 times to defeat him.

World 2-Koopa Bros.  At the top of the stage,there are Targeting Ted Launchers.If you shoot 

the Koopas with Targeting Teds,a Koopa will fall from each other's back.When they are single ones,stomp them and you defeated them. 

World 3-King Cheep-Cheep  The battle is fought at a lake.King Cheep-Cheep will summon 3 Cheep-Cheeps,then jumps out of the lake.Do a ground pound on him 5 times to defeat him.

World 4-Chief Chilly  Same as in Super Mario 64 DS,push him 3 times in the icy water to win.

World 5-Giga-Fwoosh  He will blow Goombas at you.Avoid the wind and ground pound him 


Giga-Fwoosh in Super Mario: Wart Returns.

5 times to win.

World 6-Bowser Jr.  He will throw at you Spiny Shells.Every 10th time,he will roll a Koopa Shell

while breathing fire.Stun him with the Koopa Shell and ground pound him.Do this 5 times to win.

World 7-Bowser Same attack as in New Super Mario Bros 2,but now without a beginning fight

World 8-Wart  He is fought in his castle when eating a Giga Mushroom.

Then,he transforms into Gigantic Wart.He often runs into Mario,but he's turning around very slow.There is an electric fence surrounding the level.Wart needs to run into the fence 10 times,then he's defeated.He has three subattacks:

Throws three Koopa Shells into Mario.

He grabs his Mega Blaster,blasting Mega Bills,the largest species of Bullet Bills.

He throws out a Targeting Ted Launcher.but it disappears when Wart is being damaged.



Fire Flower

Mini Mushroom

Mega Mushroom

Cape Feather

Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Bubble Flower


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