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Super Mario: Tournament Fighters, or Super Mario Hero: Tournament Fighters in Japan, is the fighting game produced by Nintendo and Konami for Nintendo 64 and released in 2000 right after Paper Mario in Japan. Both Nintendo and Konami produced a fighting game based on the series, featuring a cast of characters.


A tournament has been organized and many fighters have entered, Bowser being one of them. The Mario Brothers decide to participate in order to stop Bowser as well as proving their strength in the tournament. At the same time the Koopalings kidnaps Princess Peach.

In addition to the main and versus modes, there is a story mode in which the Mario Brothers must rescue Princess Peach. The Mario Brothers must travel across the Mushroom Kingdom in their hot air balloon, defeating other fighters and collecting information. Only the two of them can be playable whereas the other characters (as well as a plumber clone) are the opponents.


The game features 10 playable characters and one boss. Aside from Mario and Luigi, these characters are also available:

  • Styla, a little fairy.
  • Little Mouser
  • Princess Alicia, the princess of the Sky Planet.
  • Bandit
  • Koopatrol
  • Mr. Jack, a Wario impersonator with wildly exaggerated features, including a big gut.
  • Gabugon, a red dragon.
  • Yoshi

The boss is: