Super Mario Time Warped is a crossover game for New Super Mario Bros. and Kirby 2D Games.


Pop Star is being sucked into a black hole that comes every 1000 years! Kirby must recieve a gold star to save it. So he goes the Mushroom Kingdom to ask for help. But, Kirby's Warp Star was shot down by Bowser! Kirby soon meets Mario after 1-1 (who is off to save Peach from the clutches of Bowser) for help. And so, the quest to save Pop Star and Princess Peach begun. Bowser and his 7 koopalings (and Bowser Jr.) heard about the black hole and that Mario and Kirby is off to save Pop Star and Peach. So, the decided to stop them.

In the grasslands' tower, Mario and Kirby encounter Iggy and battle him. After losing to Mario and Kirby, Iggy ran to the airship and waited for them to come. Soon enough, Kirby and Mario see the airship and try to stop it. Kirby had a plan. He and Mario hoped on the Warp Star and bash into the ship's deck. The two enter a duo of Reznors and defeat them. The two saw Iggy escape into the castle and jump into it. The quest to Iggy in the castle didn't take too long when the two heroes meet up with him. The fight was short and Mario and Kirby won. They soon move on to the desert. Back in the castle, Luigi saw Mario and Kirby on their adventure and wonder what it could mean. Just than, Morton grabs him!

Mario and Kirby's quest continues in the desert as in search of Morton's tower and battle him too. When they reach the tower, Morton begun to wait to see them and get them for what they done. But, again he lost. Morton escaped into the airship as Mario and Kirby watch. Right than, The two jumped on the airship as Morton could be at the end. A surprise, Boom Boom was at the end of it. After winning, the two saw Morton jumping out of the airship and head to the castle. The three didn't take long to meet again, and the tornado from the desert caught up. After Morton's defeat, Mario and Kirby saw Luigi in a cage and free him. Now there are three. Mario, Kirby, and Luigi move on to the next world. On the Halberd near Pop Star, Meta Knight sights the black hole and ties to stop it. But, Lemmy grabs him!

Mario, Luigi and Kirby advance to the jungle closer to save Pop Star. In the tower, the three encounter Lemmy and he tries to stop them. But, he was defeated. To escape the three, he hides in the airships. After more levels, the three encounter the airships and jump on them. The Shocker, a new mid-boss, was at the end of that pack of airships. After that battle, the three manage to corner Lemmy as he jumps into the castle as the three look upon it. Not that long later, the last battle between Kirby and the others against Lemmy (and Chain Chomps) took place. After the big battle, Lemmy was defeated once again. The three saw a cage with Meta Knight in it. They free him and the four move on. Meanwhile 3 hours ago, Blue Toad worried about Mario and Luigi and decides to help them. But than, the airships arrive. Bowser was here to get Peach. Blue Toad tries to stop him, but Wendy grabs him and jumps back to Bowser. The airships left with Peach and Blue Toad captured.

The four of them advance to the snow world where it's really cold. They are getting as close to Bowser's Castle and Pop Star. In the tower not that far from there point, they were stoped by Wendy. When they defeated her, she hides into the airships. Across the snow plains, the three to catch up to the airships and soon enough, they got on them. At the end of the pack, the meet up with the Giga Frosty, anouther new mid-boss. After a cold victory, they come upon Wendy again as she jumped into the castle where the freezing battle tooke place at. The ice filled castle ends with the fight against Wendy in a snowball. However, there were more than one snowball. They had to find the right one, the one that looked different from the others. The battle came and gone and soon, the Blue Toad was freed! The five than moved on to the next location. Meanwhile, somewhere else in the snow plains, King Dedede was planning a plot to destroy Kirby. But just when he finished his Mecha Dedede, Ludwig grabs him!

The team of five made it to the beach world. Only 3 worlds to Pop Star. After the stuggle in the tower, the five battle and win against Ludwig. He escapes into the airship and got away. In the ghost house, the five get a spooky sight from the king of boos, King Boo! The defeat of King Boo, leads to the five moving on. The five encounters the airships of the beach world. At the end of the airships, they meet up with Mecha Dedede made by King Dedede. After beating it, they encounter Ludwig escaping into the castle. In the castle, they meet up with Ludwig once more. Water started to fill up the room and it was hard to hit him. After Ludwig was defeated, Kirby frees King Dedede. The six of them advance to the next area of the game. Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom, Yellow Toad look upon the black hole near Pop Star and decides to do something about it. But than, he was captured by Larry.

The six go up to the cliff world. This world has a lot of Bullet Bills and Bullet Blasters. In the tower, the six meet up with Larry and they battle him. After he was defeated, Larry jumps into the airships as the six watched as he escapes. In the HQ Mountain of Bowser, the six destroy it and were shot into the ghost house. At the end, King Boo returns. The battle ends and the six move on. In 6-7, the huge rock that was falling for some time finally caught up with the mountains. The six somehow destroy the rock heading for the airship. Inside the airship, there was Bowser Jr. preparing to battle. After winning against Bowser Jr., the six watch closely as Larry jumps into the castle. Another castle gone and Larry's battle was close to come. This time, he jumps into a metal robot version of himself. After he was defeated, the six free the Yellow Toad. As the seven jump into the clouds to the next location. Meanwhile, Waddle Dee started to have an adventure on his own. But his adventure didn't last too long that Roy, the only koopaling left, grabs him.

More to come...

Playable Characters

Name Abitity How to Unlock
Mario The basic fighter. Start
Kirby Can float in the air. Start
Luigi Jumps the highest. Beat World 2
Meta Knight Can float in air, has a powerful sword Beat World 3
Blue Toad Jumps the farthest. Beat World 4
King Dedede Can float in air, has powerful hammer. Beat World 5
Yellow Toad The fastest of the bunch. Beat World 6
Waddle Dee Has a powerful spear. Beat World 7

New Power-Ups

With the Mushroom, Fire Flower, Leaf, Toonkie Suit, Ice Flower, Freeze Flower (SMG's Ice Flower), Gold Flower, Frog Suit, P Balloon, Propeller Mushroom, Wing Cap, Metal Cap, Invisible Cap, Hammer Suit, Mini Mushroom, Red Flying Star, Mega Mushroom, Boo Mushroom, Shell, Cloud Flower, Rock Mushroom, Bommerang Flower, Bee Mushroom, Spring Mushroom, Arcorn Mushroom, and Cape Feather all returning; these are the new power ups.

Power-Up Summary
Gravity Flower With this, you can suck up a foe and toss it at the wall to crush it!
Light Mushroom With this power-up, you can light up some dark places in the level and can shoot out lightbulbs.
Kirby Suit If you're not Kirby, this suit can make you more like him. You can inhale foes and get their abilities sometimes.


World 1
Level Level Type Boss W1-Castle Castle Iggy Battle #2
W1-1 Overworld None
W1-2 Underground None
W1-3 Sky None
W1-Fortress Fortress Iggy Battle #1
W1-4 Overworld None
W1-5 Underwater None
W1-6 Overworld/Sky None
W1-Airship Airship


rE Reznor


  • World 1-Grasslands
  • World 2-Desert
  • World 3-Jungle
  • World 4-Snow Plains
  • World 5-Beach
  • World 6-Cliffs
  • World 7-Sky
  • World 8-Lava(First Half)/Pop Star's Fate(Second Half)

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