Super Mario: The Wrath of Bowser is a 3D Platform game for the Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS.

Release Date:

June 14, 2014


Published by:





  • Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Whomp's Fortress
  • Jolly Roger Bay
  • Cool, Coll Mountain
  • Big Boo's Haunt
  • Hazy Maze Catsle
  • Leathal Lava Land
  • Shifting Sand Land
  • Dire, Dire Docks
  • Snowman's Land
  • Wet-Dry Land
  • Snowman's Land
  • Wet-Dry World
  • Tall' Tall Mountain
  • Tiny-Huge Island
  • Tick Tock Clack
  • Rainbow Road
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Bianco Hills
  • Ricco Harbor
  • Gelato Beach
  • Pinna Park
  • Sirena Beach
  • Noki Bay
  • Pinata Village
  • Corona Mountain
  • Good Egg Galaxy
  • Honyhive Galaxy
  • Sweet Sweet Galaxy
  • Space Junk Galaxy
  • Battlerock Gallaxy
  • Rolling Green Galaxy
  • Hurry Scurry Galaxy
  • Beach Bowl Galaxy
  • Ghostly Galaxy

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Easter Eggs

  • In the Opening Cutscene where Mario is Walking to Peach's Catsle, Sonic and Tails can be seen sitting on a bench Playing a Game Boy Color.
  • In the Cutscene where Mario arrives at Isle Delfino, Banjo and Conker can be seen in the backround on the Right sitting on a bench reading Nintendo Power in the Backround.
  • In the Cutscene where Mario enters Jolly Roger Bay, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon can be seen running acros the sand.

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