Super Mario: The Underground is a remake of New Super Mario Bros: The Underground. Created by the succesor of Phoenix Circle, Overclocked, this remake beckons back to the open world designed levels featured in Super Mario 64 with elements of Super Mario 3D World.


Unlike most Mario games, this one has a deeper story. Mario is sent a letter by the Toad Brigade captain about Princess Peach being kidnapped and to come over to the castle as soon as possible. Mario arrives at the castle and is greeted by the Toad Brigade captain. He tells him that Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, who must have been using some kind of new power-up.

After arriving to Bowser's castle and defeating a reluctant Bowser, Mario discovers that Bowser wasn't the real kidnapper... but then who was? It was... Devili Koopa, Bowser's brother!

Mario and the brothers follow Devili Koopa to an underground passage and then proceed to lose him nearby a very protected fortress. After being captured, Mario and the others meet the Princess of the Fortress, Princess Lily. Lily tells them about Devili and then joins them on their quest.

After finding out where Devili took Princess Peach to, they head down a path underground to the Dimensional Nexus.


Gameplay is much like Super Mario 64. The game uses the Wii U Gamepad but can also be played either in classic style, with the Wii Remote held horizontally, or in Nunchuk style, with the Nunchuk used for movement. Some actions, such as jumping is used with 16px-Wiimote A and attacks are performed with 19px-Nunchuk Z or 12px-Wiimote B with the nunchuck. Others, like spinning in midair and picking up other players, are performed by shaking the Wii Remote.

Playable Characters

Character Name Description
MarioAssemble Mario Mario once again, has to save Princess Peach. This time, it's slightly different. His special move is to spin 360, knocking any weak enemies in the way.
Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Luigi Mario's twin brother may be a scaredy cat, but he's willing to help or save Mario at any time. His special move is to jump higher, however, this makes up for his lack of speed.
BlueToad Blue Toad He may be a Toad, but he's no sissy. He's been on Mario's adventures before with his brother, Yellow Toad. He can throw his Mushroom Hat as a weapon, which can hit an enemy or jam a door. However, this attack is very weak.
YellowToad2 Yellow Toad He is Blue Toad's younger brother. He's been on Mario's adventures before, with his older brother. He can leave behind poison mushrooms that last for about five seconds. However, they can harm players too.
Princess Lily Princess Lily This new character may be a princess, but she's very useful in combat. She can swing her light sword at enemies. However, it has a small range.

Unlocked in World 2 at the start.

ToadetteMP8 Toadette Toadette may have not gone on any Mario's adventures, but she thinks she can handle it. She can run much faster than anybody, except she can't stop very easily.

Unlock her by beating World 2.

MarioPEach Peachiro Peachiro is a character that oddly looks like Mario and Peach. Her special ability is throw fireballs without a power up.

Unlocked at the start of World 3.

WarioGoodQual Wario Wario is looking for treasure in World 3, little does he know of his eviler selves from other dimensions...

He can preform a charge by shaking the remote.

Unlocked in the middle of World 3.

KirbySSB4 Kirby Kirby can suck up enemies and use their powers. He can jump 5 times in the air, although the jumps are low, and his speed is poor.

Bought in World 3 for 900 coins.


Character Name Description
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Goomba A normal goomba. You know the drill, either spin into them or stomp on their soft, mushy heads.
KoopaSM3DL Koopa Troopa These shell-freaks can be stomped on too, but they'll leave behind their shells which you can use to dish out even more punishment to.
Scoot Blooper Scoot Bloop A blooper on land! It wiggles around a lot, making it impossible to get a good jump on it. You'll want to attack with a weapon or power-up.



World 1: Road to Bowser

Heading to Bowser. Level themes aren't really all that different from previous titles. Ends at Bowser's Castle. Doesn't have a ton of hard enemies...

World 2: The Underground

A underground world. Used as a shortcut to get to Devili's palace. Less and less of Bowser's minions show up, being replaced by Devili's.

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