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Super Mario: The Ultimate Collection is an upcoming game for the Wii. It features all of the past Mario games, music, secrets and other stuff. They have bios of everything. The release date is yet to be announced.


The game's gameplay is like Super Mario All-Stars, but unlike the game, Super Mario: The Ultimate Collection had more games and features than any other compilation.


Image Game Description
250px-Donkey Kong NES Cover Donkey Kong The first game in the Mario series. Mario (known as Jumpman in-game)'s girlfriend Pauline has been kidnapped by the giant ape Donkey Kong. He takes her to the top of a construction site. Jumpman has to go all the way to the top of the construction site and rescue Pauline. Please help Mario save Pauline!
NoImageAvailable Donkey Kong Jr. After the events of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong has been captured by Mario as revenge for kidnapping his girlfriend and Donkey Kong Jr. has to save him. He will travel through four stages from the jungle to the big city to get his father back, climbing vines, avoiding enemies and jumping on platforms along the way. However every time Donkey Kong Jr. gets close to freeing DK, Mario just pushes him further away.

Finally in the big city, Mario is on top of a sky-scraper similar to 100m from the last game and Donkey Kong Jr. has to put six keys into their keyholes to free his dad and make the platform they're standing on disappear. Donkey Kong and Mario both fall down and Donkey Kong Jr. catches Donkey Kong but Mario just hits the ground. Donkey Kong Jr. carries his dad off-screen and then Mario gets up and runs after them, only to be punched right back out by Donkey Kong.


Image Name Character Bio
MarioCrossedArms Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is Nintendo's mascot. He is the main character and stars in the series with his own name. He did many jobs; more than anyone else! He was a doctor, referee, athlete, and many other jobs. He always saved the day. He appeared in every Mario game so far.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi The younger brother of Mario. Luigi is Mario's brother and he is in love with Princess Daisy, while Mario is in love with Princess Peach. He tends to be in Mario's shadow a lot of the time. He's scared of enemies and bosses, such as Boos. Luigi first appeared in Mario Bros. as a playable character. There's also a female counterpart of Luigi named Luise.

more coming soon

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