Super Mario: The Path Of Destiny is a action/adventure game for the Wii U that follows Mario on a quest to save the universe from a time destroying beast

Act 1


Since the very begining of time itself a time protector known as Temporodox has tried to stop each Bowser of each alternative timeline from unleashing a deadly time destorying beast known as Vortoisis from it's prison in the Time Hole a place that has no time or space what so ever it's just a white empty place with no life expect for the being Vortoisis who is traped in there forever. Bowser's of each timelime have tried to unleash it from it's prison which exist in all timelines each Bowser has failed so far because of Temporodox stoping them. It seems as Vortoisis will never be unleashed or so it seems that way for now that is.....

Bowser's Great Plan

The story begins with Princess Peach at Mario and Luigi's House having a relaxing picnic until Bowser comes and kidnaps Princess Peach and take her to his castle. Mario and Luigi then follow Bowser to his castle to get Peach back. Arrving at Bowser's Castle the Mario Bros. make there way to the Throne Room where they began there fight with Bowser.Mario and Luigi defeat Bowser get back Peach and make there way back to Mario's House. Bowser who regains consciousness becomes angry because he was defeated by the Mario Bros. once again but he says that it was time for him to unleash his new weapon and start "Opeartion: Time Beast". Bowser unleashes the Time Gun a creation he has be working on since his was defeated by Mario when he stole the Star Rod from Star Haven. Using this device he travels back in time to not kidnap the past Peach but instead the past Mario where then using a spell from one of Kamek's Spell Book to open a portal to the Negaltion Dimension a dimension where lost or forgotten character's end up over time there the negative infulence takes over the character's personality in which the character becomes twisted and evil only one way in and no way out. Bowser laughs in an evil matter and begins phase two of his opeartion.

Temporodox And The Time Destiny Items

On a cliff far away from Bowser's Castle a flash of light appears afterwords the interdimesional time protector Temporodox appears and senes that something about this timeline is not right and decides to see what is going on. Mario and Luigi arrive back at there house with Peach and countinue there picnic but before they do Temporodox appears and asks Mario to come with him. Mario doesn't know what to do but Temporodox then says that if he doesn't come with him the entire universe will be destroyed when Mario hears this he agrees to come with him and they both teleport out of there and end's up in the Negaltion Dimension. Mario then asks what is going on and Temporodox explains everything he tells him about his loaction, why he was brought here, what was going on, and tells about Vortoisis. Once everything is explained Temporodox then says that usally each Bowser travels to this dimension and tries to unleash Vortoisis from it's prison by collecting the Mystic Gems Of Time that are found in this dimension and use there powers to unleash Vortoisis from it's prison but each have failed because of him but when he arrived here he sense that something was already wrong and instead of Bowser coming to this Dimension to collect the gems he went back in time and trapped the past Mario in here which the other Bowser's did not do and Temporodox worries that this timeline may be the one where Vortoisis is unleashed but Mario says that he will do whatever it takes to stop this monster from being unleashed and asks Temporodox for the plan. Temporodox then reveals the plan the plan is to collect the Time Destiny Items of which were created before time itself even started and each item says to contain unlimted power. Mario asks how many there are in total and Temporodox says there are five in total and when all are found they combine together to form the Mega Omnipotent Time Weapon and use it's powerful move the Omega Destiny Strike. Temporodox says that the items were created incase Vortoisis would be unleashed and the items exist in the Negaltion Dimension in all timelines and are scattered throughout the dimension and Mario must find them. Temporodox lists all the items the Sacred Hammer, Anicent Ax, Neutron Shell, Big Bang Bazooka, and the Particle Bat. Mario and Temporodox then set off for the Time Destiny Items while a old enemy watches from afar.

Destiny Map Of Subcon

Temporodox tells Mario in order to find the Time Destiny Items and past Mario they need to find the Destiny Map located in Subcon. Mario remember's Subcon from a long time ago when he saved the land from the evil king Wart. Temporodox tells Mario that the Negaltion Dimesion is made up of old loactions from the past. Mario and Temporodox then make there way to Subcon as they appoarch the enterance to Subcon, Mario remebers that the land is inhabited by Wart's Army and they must be careful Temporodox isn't worried though and he says that Mario shouldn't worry either because he already defeated Wart and his army once before. Along the way Wart's Minons attack and they are much more powerful then he remembered Temporodox states that it is because of the negative influnence the dimension has it makes a person more powerful and more evil as well. After battling their way through they make it to Wart's Castle as they approach the door Mouser drops down wanting revenge on Mario begins to fight Mario and Temporodox. Mouser now attacking with electric steel boxing gloves and subombs which are giant negative bombs has the upper hand as our heroes are outmatched for him but just before he can finish them off the bridge collapses. Mario and Temporodox manage to get inside the castle before the bridge collapsed but Mario says that how someone like Mouser could be so powerful and that he felt weak, Mario then says "I want to be stronger" Temporodox says he will become stronger in due time. Making there way through the castle Clawgrip attacks throwing exploding barrels not to mention having a iron claw and spitting acid at our heroes Mario is outmatched by Clawgrip just like he was by Mouser but at the last second Temporodox gives Mario a special ability known as Motion Out which makes enemies move slower using this Mario sends the acid right back at Clawgrip's face killing him. After making it through two more rooms Fryguy appears sending out huge fireballs, molten lava and pyrobombs which are large flaming bombs. Mario even with using Motion Out is still outmatched but like before Temporodox gives Mario a new command called Instant Power-Up which allows him to use his Power-Ups without the use of items like the Fire Flower with this Fryguy is defeated. The next room over Hawkmouth attacks sending out huge lasers from his mouth and eyes and summoning eagles to attack Mario even with his two new moves Mario is still outmatched until once again Temporodox gives him another command Magi Stats allowing him to summon a Giant shield to protect him from Hawkmouth's attacks killing him. Before going to the next room Mario asks what these new powers he is being given are. Temporodox explains that these things are called Destiny Commands there are six in total, Basic Attacks which allow Mario to attack with basic attacks such as jump,kick,punch,dodge roll and hammer Mario says he doesn't have a hammer until Temporodox gives him one. The next command is Abilities there are six abilities in total Mario already got one and will receive one each time he collects a Time Destiny item. The third is Instant Power-Up which can use Power-Ups without items Mario will be able to use more of his Power-Ups as his adventure continues. The fourth is Magi stats which temporally will increase either his strength,speed or defense. The fifth is Potential Peak which when Mario is at critical health will unleash a powerful attack each attack will vary and Mario will gain these attacks over time. The last one is Item Scanner which will alert Mario when items,gear and shops are near bye this command also stores items Mario collects. With those explained the next room appears a 50 foot tall giant snake which turns out to be Tryclyde now bigger and tougher and one of Wart's most powerful minions with new attacks like breathing Fire, stretching it's tongue to grab its opponents, creating a cyclone with its tail, using its Iron Headbutt technique and using its toxic fang to Poison it's enemies it seems at first Tryclyde has Mario on the ropes but Mario manages to trick Tryclyde into tying itself in a knot which allows Mario to attack him freely and beating him. Finally making it to Wart's chamber wart attacks in his Robo-Toad 3000 that fires multiple large bubbles,poison shots and can jump super high stomp on its enemies and can create massive shockwaves. During the battle Wart has the upperhand until Mario finds a weakness on the robot causing it to malfunction and explode which then Mario fights Wart himself. Mario is able to defeat Wart and get the Destiny Map using it to locate the first Time Destiny Item located in Guilty Acres.

Guilty Acres:Particle Bat And The Five Castles Of Misery

As Mario approaches Guilty Acres, Temporodox warns Mario that it is a dark and eerie forest with a powerful being known as Pycore living there and where Pycore lives is where the Particle Bat lies. Mario takes Temporodox's warning seriously and tries to be as careful as possible. They both battle their way through the forest and make it to Guilty Castle where Pycore resides. As they approach the gate they see it is locked and that they need five keys to open it. Temporodox says they need the gather the keys from the five surrounding castles known as the Castles of Misery once they have gotten all five keys they can enter Guilty Castle. The first castle is Sorrow Castle home to the Bone like creature Sixtrix after making their way through the castle they find Sixtrix and begin the battle. Sixtrix attacks Mario with Bonearangs, Spinning Around like a Tornado, Eye Lasers and his powerful Dark Boom Banger attack but Mario and Temporodox manage to defeat him and get the first key. The second castle is the Agony Castle where the Holy Reaper resides. Once they make it to the top floor they begin the fight with the Holy Reaper who attacks with a Mouth Cannon attack, his Flying Death technique, his Grinder Gun, and a powerful Body Slam but nether the less he is defeated and Mario and Temporodox gain the second key. The third castle is the Fear Castle home to Mortis. Once reaching the final floor of the castle Mario and Temporodox fight Mortis who proves to be a powerful opponent using attacks such as the Crusher Grip with the hand on his tail, His Deadly Look technique, the Red Atomic Blast, and the Parabolic Hydro Cannon his most powerful attack he is defeated like the previous bosses. The Fourth castle is the Killer Castle home to Hinorg. Once reaching the top Hinorg appears and is actually a giant face Mario and Temporodox are freaked out by this but still fight. Hinorg using attacks such as his Giant Bite, Clockwise Spin, Horn Pound and the Almighty Beam but it is defeated nether the less. The final castle is the Torture Castle home to Wroth who uses attacks like the Shadow Surprise attack, The Angry Vengeance attack, Soul Eater, and the Cloak Of Shadows he is defeated as we'll no surprise their. Mario and Temporodox finally have all five keys and enters Guilty Castle where once inside three glowing red eyes appear for a split second. Mario rubs his eyes and no longer sees anything he shakes it off and moves on. After making their way to the top of the castle Mario and Temporodox see the door to Pycore's chambers, as they approach the door three figures appear before Mario and Temporodox they happen to be old foes of Mario. The three villains are Boomer, Jr. Troopa, and Cackletta who have pledged their allegiance to Pycore and are now his loyal minions and begin their fight with Mario. They all have new attacks and are much stronger then before like Boomer summoning Meteors, Expanding his Sword, creating massive explosions, and throwing a giant Bomb. Jr. Troopa throws shurikens, creates psychic blasts, summons many Koopa Shells, and halving the damage done by Mario. Finally Cackletta who creates a psychic barrier, expands his claws, making a Supermassive Black Hole and attacks in a massive fireball. Mario manages to defeat all of them and makes it to Pycore's room where he appears before them and begins his fight using a device known as the Dark Star Rod he unleashes a huge star storms, makes multiple comets, makes A Dark Flash, creates a huge Star that unleashes a massive energy blast, make himself invisible, creates mini earthquakes, breathes huge amounts of fire and creates a Mega Dark Twister. Mario manages to beat Pycore although he gave Mario a rough time, the Dark Star Rod turns out to be the Particle Bat in disguise and Mario takes the Particle Bat learning a new move Grand Slam which will make a huge dark Bat for Mario to attack his foes with and a Potential Peak attack called Plumber's Fury which will create a Giant toilet for enemies to be sucked in to which then Mario with create a Giant Plunger and attack the enemies with that Plunger. Mario then learns that the Sacred Hammer is in Goomba's Grounds.

Goomba's Grounds, Sacred Hammer, and Toomba

Upon Arriving in Goomba's Grounds, Mario and Temporodox see nothing but a vast desert-like wasteland. Temporodox says that the Destiny Map stops here but Mario thinks it is wrong but it is never wrong as they continue to argue the ground begins to shake and from it a large army of Goomba's lead by Goombella. Mario recognizes Goombella and asks her what she is doing, she tells Mario that she is the General of the Toomba Army of Goomba's Grounds, Temporodox says that she may have been Mario's friend in the past but the Negaltion's Dimension's negative influence has made her a enemy of Mario. Goombella commands her army to attack Mario and they begin to fight, Mario has the upperhand at first but then their are too many for him to handle but at the last moment Mario is able to use his Plumber's Fury attack to end the battle. Goombella is force to retreat back to her master at Goomba's Grounds. After she leaves Temporodox finds a shiny Badge on the ground to which he picks up then a giant version of that badge arises from the ground and in the middle of it a pedestal which is in the shape of a Bat. Mario then places the Particle Bat in the pedestal and the ground begins to shake and buildings and castles begin to appear before them revealing that Goomba's Grounds was hidden the entire time, Mario and Temporodox then head towards Toomba's Castle located at the end of Goomba's Grounds. As making their way to the castle they keep getting ambushed by more and more Goomba's making little progress to getting to the castle. Needing a way to get their faster and avoid getting into battles with the Goomba's, they happen to find a carpet which they wish was magic but it turns out it is a magic carpet and takes them in the sky where they now can get to the fortress much faster now. Along the way though the carpet stops and then flips over plummeting Mario and Temporodox to the ground, however Temporodox is able to protect them from taking any damage afterwards the Magic Carpet reveals to be Carp a minion to Toomba he begins his fight with Mario using his attacks like the Shocking Spine Touch, Metal Jabber, Sandstorm Rampage, Lighting Combust, and the Wind Wave he is defeated by Mario. Mario and Temporodox manage to make their way to Toomba's Castle, where their Goombella warns Toomba that Mario is here, Toomba then sends Stomper to deal with them. After making their way through many floors with traps including a giant maze filled with Goomba's and a huge Dugeon filled Goomba's and Chain Chomps, Mario makes his way to a floor filled with Spikes where their Stomper appears and begins to fight Mario with a variety of attacks like his Cleet Clobber, Spiky Stomp, Foot Phaser, and Kick-Kick attack, but is defeated by Mario in the end. After learning of Stomper's defeat Toomba sends Goombella to deal with them. Once Mario and Temporodox make it to a room filled with books Goombella and challenges the heroes to a battle using new and old moves to attack with like the Headbonk, Multibonk, Rally Wink, Charmed Kiss, Megabonk, and Intelligent Gun but is defeated in the end. After the battle Goombella comes to her senses and apologizes for what she had did and then let's Mario go to Toomba's chambers. Toomba himself appears and is revealed to be a spiky two-headed Goomba who has the Sacred Hammer in his possession and begins to fight. Fighting with a variety of attacks like the Spiky Slicer, Mallet Masher, Super Spin, Mega Chomp, Pin Rocket, and Sumo Striker he manages to get the upperhand on Mario until Goombella uses her Megabonk on him allowing Mario to finish him off where then Goombella gives him the Sacred Hammer learning a new move Hammer Crash where Mario combines the power of his hammer and the Sacred Hammer to create a more powerful hammer and then unleash a power strike on his foes and he also learns a new Potential Peak attack called Mustached Grabber where Mario extended's his mustache to grab and throw enemies, Mario learns the Ancient Ax is in Renaissance Kingdom.

Renaissance Kingdom:Ancient Ax And Exclair

Arriving in the Renaissance Kingdom, Mario and Temporodox notice it looks like a town from the Medieval era of the Mushroom Kingdom. Arriving in the town's square their king Exclair makes an announcement, declaring a new law that any person who sneezes will be executed, a citizen then sneezes and is taken away by Exclair's minions. Mario then says to Exclair to stop and let him go, Exclair is enraged by this and orders his guards to attack Mario. Him and Temporodox manage to fight them with ease at first but then too many appear for them to handle and they are forced to retreat but manage to take the citizen who was being taken away to be killed with them. They manage to hide in the sewers where they are safe for the time being the citizen they rescued thanks them and then Mario asks who was that guy earlier, he tells them that, that is their fearsome king Exclair who along time ago took the throne when the king died without a heir the people thought at first he shouldn't be king just because he says he wants to so he tried to take the throne by force we had tries to stop him but he had a powerful item known as the Ancient Ax in his possession and had no choice but to declare him king. Mario and Temporodox realize that the Ancient Ax is the next item their looking for and ask the citizen where he has item with him, he says he keeps in Renaissance Castle. Mario and Temporodox then plan to break into the castle but the citizen warns that the place is heavily guarded and their is only way in and one way out. Mario thanks him and tells him to stay in the sewers until Exclair is out of the picture. After exiting the sewers Mario and Temporodox see guards everywhere and that Exclair put a bounty on their head, Mario and Temporodox realize that they will need a disguise and they knock out two guards and take their uniforms posing as guards. They manage to get into the castle and as they plan to make their way to Exclair's chamber the Axem Rangers appear who we're once old foes of Mario, now faithful servants to Exclair have been assigned to find the fugitives as Mario and Temporodox then continue on the Axem Rangers tell them to stop and they say that their is something different about these guards just then Mario's mustache pokes out of the helmet and the Axem Rangers unmasked him and orders the guards to seize them. They manage to take out the guards but they have to fight the Axem Rangers and they use moves such as Ax Swinger, Steel Slice, Breaker Beam, Unite Slash, and Amazing Ax Aerial Attack. After being defeated Mario and Temporodox make their way into the castle their Exclair watches them beat up his guards then Exclair's top minion Dimentio another old enemy of Mario suggests that they should place a trap for Mario to send him to the dungeon to be devoured by the dragon. Soon Mario and Temporodox arrive in a room where they see the Ancient Ax lying in the middle of the room but as he pulls it he and Temporodox fall into the dungeon and Temporodox looks at the ax and sees that it is a fake, just then they hear a roar and the dragon Fracktail appears before them. Mario and Temporodox begin their battle with Fracktail using new moves such as Dragon Fissure, Flaming Fireball Fury, Macho Mega Bomb, and Rampaging Claw but is defeated anyways and they manage to escape the dungeon Exclair furious tells Dimentio to take care of them. After reaching the top floor Dimentio appears before them and they begin to fight with Dimentio using attacks such as Dimensional Illusion, Supreme Magic Snap, Terrifying Jester Blast and his ultimate attack Enchanted Pyrokinetic Anilahator but is still defeated. Exclair appears then and they battle he has the lead with him using attacks like the Sound Break, Razor Cut, Hypernova Beam, Horn of Darkness, Edged Wrath, X Cross, and his most deadly attack Gigaton Ax Fury but he is defeated and they gain the Ancient Ax learning a new move Multi Instant Cuts where he charges head first at an enemy then unleashes super fast attacks using his ax he also learns a new Potential Peak attack called Brotherly Love where he creates a holographic version of Luigi and he uses Luigi's courage from inside his body and transforms it into an energy attack to fire at enemies after that peace returns to the Renaissance Kingdom as the people cheer with joy. Mario and Temporodox then learn the Big Bang Bazooka is in the Bug Fields.

Cellzor and the Big Bang Bazooka


New Bosses







Flare Rider











Pre Bowser




Steel Horn






T- Wreck

Holy Reaper




Bullet Head

Heavy Lift

Brain Power








Cyclone Wrath

Phantom Frost


Dead Clath


Pharoh Stiker


Great Chimera



Old Bosses






Shadow Queen

Macho Grubba



Dark Bowser

Boom Boom

Pom Pom

Raphael the Raven




Mount Pajamaja


Princess Shroob


Axem Rangers






Kammy Koopa




King Boo

Whomp King

Chief Chilly


Gooper Blooper

Petey Pirhana



Motley Boss Blob

King Ka-Thunk

Prince Bully





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