Super Mario: The Minus World is a game for the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS.

The story

The game would start with Mario and Luigi about to face off with Bowser, Mario was to charge at Bowser, and then Bowser was to say: "Mario, you will NEVER win!!!!" And Mario stopped. Mario looked at the sky and saw a machine... He got zapped by this machine, and dissapeared... Luigi, even more determined, run past the machine, about to bring a bit off his old fashioned "Thunder." Luigi shot an enormous thunder attack no one ever saw in the game where Luigi was to use thunder. After the flash of blue all over the TV/Console, Luigi was shown panting, tired from the attack. Bowser was shown on his throne like at the start of the game, pointing a "Zstar rod", which was still on fire from Luigi's attack. "You too Luigi... You will never win." A lot of sweat rolled down Luigi face, And Bowser pointed the "Zstar rod" at him again. He faded away, (not saying he died, he litteraly just turned transparent...) Bowser stared at his star rod in confusement. "Why isn't it glowing? I could tell it worked..." Luigi returned, behind the lever that made made get sucked into the teleport. He pulled it with all his might, which was pretty weak from using all his power-- But he was still able to make it budge. It pulled to the "teleport option". Luigi grabbed Bowser, turned transparent (turning Bowser transparent too) and reappeared at the teleporter. Bowser and Luigi where in a dark, ghastly forest, and where able to find Mario, looking like he was about to cry-- a couple feet away. Luigi walked up to Mario, and poked him. He was relieved to find his brother alive. Luigi said: "Mario, if we're getting out of this land, we are teaming up with Bowser!" Mario gasped. "Yes Mario, c'mon." Bowser was disgusted. "Yes Bowser. You are coming with us, even if your plan is to stop us on the way." Bowser grunted at Luigi. Luigi screamed. "Behind you!!" Bowser turned around. He saw King Boo. Bowser blew fire as weak as he could. A bit of fire could get a ghost. "He's still there. there a light, to our left!" They turned on the light. King Boo disappeared. The game starts here.



Speed: 3 Power: 3 Jump: 4 Traction: 5


Speed: 4 Power: 3 Jump: 8 Traction: 4


Speed: 3 Power: 10 Jump: 3 Traction: 8

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