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It all started in the mushroom kingdom they where celebrating peach's birthday when suddenly mario and luigi hear a strange noice coming from outside it appeared to be some kind of dark clowd so they walked outside to see if it actually was a dark clowd the dark clowd quickly disappeared and took mario and luigi and everyone in the mushroom kingdom to different demensions.




Mario is the main protagonist and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.




Luigi is Mario's younger brother and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Peach MKTT
Peach is Mario's wife and the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Yoshi NRI
Yoshi is a green dinosaur, ally and hero of the mushroom kingdom.     

Unlockable characters


Toad is Princess Peach's faithful servant and hero of the mushroom kingdom.


Wario MKTT
Wario is Mario's main rival.




Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland and Peach's best friend.




Rosalina is the princess of the stars who looks after the Luma's in the Comet Observatory.


World 1 Bob-omb Battlefield:This is the first world of the game in this world you must complete 3 stages in order to unlock toad.

World 2 Spring valley hills:This is the second world of the game in this world you can unlock a new power-up which is the fire flower.

World 3 Pipe world:This the the third world of the game.

World 4 Spooky mansion:This is the fourth world of the game.

World 5 Snowman's land:This is the fifth world of the game in this world you can unlock the ice flower also you must complete 5 stages then the mini boss then you can unlock daisy and you must complete all the stages in order to unlock wario.

World 6 Jolly roger bay:This is the sixth world of the game in this world you can unlock mini game mode.

World 7 Cloudy lsland:This is the Seventh world of the game.

World 8 Bowser's castle:This is the Eighth world of the game ,luigi,daisy,and peach are unlockable and can be unlocked if you defeat bowser!

World 9 Dark realm of terror:This is the final world of the game and the most difficult and tricky one also all of mario's friends are unlockable in this world so only mario can be playable in this world,Luigi can be playable again once you finish defeating the first mini boss of the world,Yoshi can be playable once you finish defeating the second mini boss of the world,Peach can be playable again once you pass the 3 stage,Wario can be playable again if you redo all of world's 1 2 3 4 5 And 6,Daisy can be playable again if you finish all of the mini bosses 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 from this world,Now toad is a very diffucult and tricky character to unlock Firstly you have to redo all of the worlds of the game except for this one then you must figure out the secret code of the Realm of darkness in order to know this if it's even possible you must require a certain amount of deaths meaning how many times you've died throwout the whole entire game,still thats not all you must find the golden hammer of lord darth's spooky mansion and if you don't find it then the whole entire game will restart and you have to start the game all over again so just make sure you don't find the wrong golden hammer it is very tricky actually if you can't find it there then you must search all of the worlds every stage but it is very tricky because all of the golden hammers look exactly the same but only one of them is the real one,Once you have completed all of that you will now be summend into the last stage where you will fight you're final boss the dark realm of terror once you fight the final boss you will be summened back at the first world meaning that you will have to do the whole entire game all over again but that's if you walked on the wrong door there are seconds in the game meaning that the game times you for a certain number of time without you even knowing the odd numbers are incorrect the even numbers are correct but it is randomly chosing once you start playing so it may not be the even numbers but it is randomly chosen so it may seem odd,Once you defeat the final boss all of the characters have to run out of the realm so basically the characters have to try to escape out of the realm you have either 3:10 minutes or 10:23 minutes depending on what it randomly chooses once they escape the characters find a golden-whiteish portal then the portal speeks softly then the characters enter the portal then comes the ending then the credits then the game ends,after the credits you can unlock rosalina also 2 bonus worlds as well!

Bonus worlds

Rainbow world

rocky hills


World 1 Boss 1:King-bob-omb

World 2 Boss 2: King goomba 

World 3  Boss 3:Lemmy koopa

World 4 Boss 4: King boo

World 5 Boss 5: King snowman

World 6  Boss 6:Dark phazon wizard

World 7  Boss 7:Bowser jr

World 8 Boss 8:Bowser

World 9 Boss 9:Dark

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