Super Mario: The Impossible Levels
Developer(s) dawnoftheplants
Publisher(s) dawnoftheplants
Platform(s) Wii u
Series super Mario
Cost 40
 Super Mario: The Impossible Levels is a Mario game released for the wii u. It is significantly more harder than Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Much harder than your average Mario game, many significant changes have been made to ensure the player gets a challenge.


List of changes

  • Bosses in an arena of a higher difficulty require more hits than the average Mario boss.
  • bosses like the Koopalings can appear on normal stages, requiring 3 hits to be defeated.
  • Every world now ends an airship.
  • There are now two three or four towers in every world.
  • bosses are now most the time fought thoughter 


Playable Characters

Mario Luigi Nabbit`

Non-Playable Characters

Character Role
Toad Sells items; shop owner
Peach Bowser's captive; main objective is to save her
Bowser Main antagonist; kidnapped Peach
Fawful Six coin  Challenge
Bowser Jr. Bowser's son; accomplice
Koopalings Occasional  bosses and enimies
Master enemey Stronger version of enemy (e.g. Goomba) that may appear as a boss
Starlow Offers the player tips
Wario Appears as a boss alongside Waluigi
Waluigi Appears as a boss alongside Wario
Yoshi Rideable character; able to jump higher and further


Goomba Koopa Troopa Shy Guy Paratroopa Fly Guy Chain Chomp
Hammer Bro. Para-Hammer Bro. Boomerang Bro. Blooper Bob-omb Bullet Bill
Banzai Bill Sniper Bill Dry Bones Lakitu Buzzy Beetle Spiny
Piranha Plant Lava Bubble Fuzzle Cheep Cheep Thwomp para hamer bro
para boomerang bro


the worlds many conesset of 12 levels ensted of 6 puls 2 or 3 towers and an a casle and airship

the bosses of world 1 is larry and master goomba there fought  thoughter  at the end of the.It is a grass world, the enimeys are para troopa, buzze buttle, para hamer bro,thomp  

the bosses of world 2 is master koopa and mortion fought at thougter at the end of the world. the airship boss is boom boom,every other eneney is now acouted for. the world desert theamed.

the bosses of world 3 is master buzzle bettle and wenddy are the bosses the are fought thouger at the end of the world(you guys get the point). the airship boss is pom pom.  it is a water world 

the bosses of world 4 is master spiny,iggy and larry and boom boom will remach you in the third tower however there are not thought at the end of world. the airship boss bower jr. it is the first world with 3 towers. it is jungle theamed. NOTE: when iggy is fought the second time we uses a chain chomp

the bosses of world 5 is master lakiu,roy,and the rezniors will the try to take you down on the third tower there also fought on the airship with iggy and his chain chomp. it is ice theamed

the boss of  wold 6 is master blooper(i know what your thinking i wanted it to be in same order as in orangial super mario bros inpossters)lemmey who can now shoot spikey balls and his owen projecties, boom boom and pom pom are fought thoughter. bower jr and the renziors are the airship boss. it is sky theamed

Now be ready to hear this

world 7 has 4 towers ludvin who now has the powers of every other koopailng is the boss this world a long with master hamer bro,  larry iggy and weddey are thought in the third tower and boom boom pom pom and morton are thought the fouth. the airship boss is pettey pirnta. it is moutian theamed 

the bosses of world 8 are  fire pirnta as the first boss, mega boom boom as the second boss, pink gold peach as the third boss shes like the replacement of kamik only she can't sumon any enimeys, wario and waguigi is the fourth,the airship conested a boss rush with i and bowser appears as the fianal boss. it is lava theamed.  you unlock nabit once you beat bowser

world 9 has maney chailanges like 6 coins and boss bliz(with fawfull) also 9 new levels will unlocked once you get the star coin in world incudeding world 9 


  • its is the very first game by dawnofplants
  • a second game is being made 


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