Super Mario: The Chronicles
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Author APs-Boo Productions
Release Date(s)
Chapter I: August 2013
Genre(s) Action
Chapter(s) I: The Death Match





Sequel(s) Super Mario: The Chronicles II
Super Mario: The Chronicles is a 5 chapter fanfic by ApsBooProductions. Please do not edit this except for categories or spelling mistakes.


Mario and Luigi are have just saved Princess Peach for the 250th time, and they're having cake to celebrate, When suddenly a blue-glowing silhouette appeared out of the sky and took Mario and Luigi into a strange warp hole.


Characters in the series

Mario The hero of the Mushroom World sucked into the arena as "The Prize Contestent"
Luigi Mario's brother and is taken to the arena, nicknamed "The Dark Potential"
Guardian The person that brings contestants to the arena. He is 2nd in command of the tournament
Vuudax The supernatural person in charge of the arena
Bowser Mario's normally arch-nemisis who becomes his ally for the tournament. Nicknamed "The Unstable One"
Shonen The blonde 12 year old boy that insulted Bowser. He looks normal but has the power to control fire.

More characters coming soon.

Chapter 1: The Death Match

Waking up in a pitch black room, Mario takes a look around. "I can't see anything," he said, as suddenly, a blinding electric-blue light lightened what looked like a screen. The screen was in some sort of unreadable text, then was suddenly changed to English. The screen read the following:

Welcome Mario Mario to the Universal Tournament of the Powerful. You and 2 others of your galaxy have been chosen to battle in this compitition. You will face against the most powerful figures in the universe. You will have two days to make a 5 man alliance, then you will start in the compitition. In one day, there will be 5 battles, then a 1 hour break, then 5 more battles. Then you will get 10 hours of your own time to do what you please.

If you quit, you will automaticly be sentanced to an eternity as an audience member in the tournament, and all the rest of them to come. Choose wisely.

After he was done reading the board, Mario reread it several times. 'An eternity as an audience member?' Mario thought, 'I guess they're is no backing out.' As soon as he thought that, the screen disapeared, and the glowing silhouette that brought him to the Tournament appeared. "You!" exclaimed Mario, "I demand to know where my brother is!"

"Silence!" said the glowing shadow, "You may relax mortal, for I am not here to harm you. I am Guardian, the one who is second in charge of this tournament. And I assure you that you're brother, the Dark Potential is fine. He has also just accepted joining this tournament." It took Mario a minute to figure out what Guardian was saying. "The Dark Potential?" said Mario, questioningly. "Yes," said Guardian. "For many years your brother has been prophecized to be the bringer of the apocolypse, and is just barely keeping it under control. I assume you remember your incounter with Dimentio?" 'Unfortunately, thought Mario'

"Yes it is quite unfortunate." said Guardian. "Hold on, you can read my thoughts?' asked Mario. "Yes," explained Guardian, "I am a being not from your universe, I have the power to read the thoughts of the lesser. Well it is time you shall be going to find your allies. Good luck in the tournament, Prized Contestant." Mario looked with confusion as Guardian disappeared in a flash of blue light, as a door appeared that took Mario to the room with the other contestants.


Mario looked in the room as the doorway dissappeared behind him. It had tan painted stone walls and a cold, gray stone floor. There were at least 100, rather uncomfortable looking, three layer bunks with gray sheets and one thin bluish blanket and a lumpy pillow. The place was crowded and loud, with at least 300 people. 'They must be the other contestants' thought Mario.

"Mario! It's a good thing you're here, bro!" it was Luigi. Dispite being forgotten alot when helping Mario, Luigi has always been a very kind younger brother. "Thanks Luigi, hey, do you want to be on my team?" Mario asked, "It would be alot easier to have my partner here to help me out." Luigi thought for a moment. He didn't know what would happen if his team won. Would he have to fight Mario and the other members of his team? "Sure Mario, I'll always be on your team, bro." Suddenly, all the other voices grew quiet when there was a familier, low shouting. "WILL ALL OF YOU RUNTS BE QUIET AND LISTEN TO ME?" 'Well,' thought Mario 'I guess this is the other contestant Guardian was talking about.' "Now, which one of you want to be on my team. I won't except weaklings. Nothing but the best for me, King Bowser Koopa, a grade-A final boss."

A blonde kid near Bowser that Mario couldn't quite make out raised his hand. "Yeah, why do we want to be on your team? You're just an overgrown lizard man." Bowser looked like he was about to kill the kid when another voice came out. "The kid's got a point!" Then, the crowd broke out in talk again. Bowser went to the back of the room near Mario and Luigi. 'What's the point?' thought Bowser. 'Unless I'm on a team of people that fear me, how will I be a team leader?' "Hey Bowser! You want to be on our team," Mario shouted. "MARIO ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!" shouted Luigi. "Shhh! Luigi, Bowser could be a powerful ally! He's stronger than both of us!" said Mario, and Luigi nodded in aggreement. "I guess so, but as soon as we get back to the Mushroom kingdom, we're enemies again. Agreed?" Said Bowser. "Agreed." answered Mario and Luigi together.

'Well,' thought Mario. 'I only need to find two more people for my team.' They looked around the room. No one seemed to stand out to them. "Mario," said Luigi. "I have to find the bathroom. I'll be right back." As Luigi walked around, looking for the bathroom, he saw small, multiple chips of wood fly into the air and catch on fire. 'That can't be Bowser, can it?' thought Luigi. 'He would probably start someone's hair on fire before he could do that.' Luigi walked toward the strange fire, and he saw the same kid that insulted Bowser. Getting a good look at him, Luigi saw that he looked rather normal for a powerful hero or villian. In fact, if Luigi didn't see him shoot fire through his fingers, he would of asked him why he was here. "Sup gramps?" The kid said, seeing Luigi looking at him. "Oh, uh, sorry kid." said Luigi. "I have a name, old-timer." said the kid. "Um, I was just looking for the-" but when Luigi looked back the kid was gone.

"So... Bowser... how have you been recently?" Mario said, akwardly. "Umm... okay I guess. Ludwig just fixed my leg with a magic spell, since the last time you broke it..." Bowser said. "So... how has that leg been working for you?" said Mario. "Umm..."

"Hey Mario! I saw the strangest kid just now. He could control fire!" it's a good thing Luigi came back. "Did you ask him if he could join our team?" asked Mario. "Well, no." Said Luigi. "He was gone before I could say anything." "Oh," said Mario. "So guys! What do you think is for dinner?" asked Bowser. "Do we even know what time it is?" said Mario. "Hold on I'll ask." said Bowser. "HEY! DO ANY OF YOU MISERABLE CREATURES KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!?"

The same boy from earlier shouted "Probably time for your nap!" Bowser looked angry. "THAT'S IT YOU LITTLE RUNT!" Bowser came running toward the kid, but at the last second, the kid dissapeared into thin air, making Bowser hit his head on the wall. A few seconds later he reappeared on top of Bowser, and said to him, "Maybe you should try thinking next time lizard breath. And for anyone that wants to know the time," he looked down at his watch. "It's half past nine. We have three hours untill tomorrow, so I suggest we all go to sleep. Mr. Turtle Brain here has already hit the hay, or the wall in his case, so I suggest we do too."

Mario picked a bunk far away from Bowser. Realizing the kid must be crazy to have done that to Bowser and pick the bunk right next to him, Mario wanted to stay as far away as possible. "Do you think we should have that kid on our team Mario?" whispered Luigi, who was in the bunk on top of him. "I don't know Luigi, I think he'd kill Bowser before we would even start fighting, but we can ask in the morning.'" whispered Mario