Mario goes to Peach's castle for a royal family reunion dinner. When he gets there, you must play as him and set up the dinner tabel. After a long day of work, Mario goes to sleep. The next day, he meets Toadsworth out in the fields, where he is taught how to use an old friend, F.L.U.D.D., who is now upgraded with a water rocket launcher nozzel. After all tasks are complete, it is night. That night, you go over to the dinner room. All the deserts are stolen! If you talk to blue Toad, who is by the entrance, he will say "Master Mario! Someone stole the deserts!" While Toadsworth tells you how worried he is about Peach, Peach enters the room, where a puddle of chocolate rises and shapes into a Mario shape. Chocolate Mario runs and grabs Peach. He breaks through the window. After saving Peach with the F.L.U.D.D., he melts away. The next morning, the day of the reunion, yellow toad is waiting by your the bedroom door. he tells you Peach was kidnapped! Go outside, and Peach and chocolate Mario are on a far away hill. Peach yells "Mario!" and she is taken away. They go on a boat to a disitant island, where the adventure starts. After beating level 8 of "The Tropical Island," She will be taken to Pound Cake Mountain, where King Kaliente dwells. The game is similar to Sunshine, you must beet many levels to get there.


All the enemies are similar to the normal ones, but made of candy. So far the only enemy known is Goomdrop, a gumdrop goomba.





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