Super Mario: The Grand Adventure for the Rainbow-Power Stars(Wii U and 3DS)

Super Mario: The Grand Adventure for the Rainbow-Power Stars is a Wii U and 3DS exclsive Mario game that is scheduled to come out in late 2015. The game features some new content, new power-ups never seen before, new playable characters with their own special abilities, a whole lot of new places to explore, and up to 4 players (5 for the Wii U) can join in on the fun!

Playable Characters in the Main Story

Character Type Description Special Ability
MP10 Mario


All Around He is an all around type. He has an equal speed, equal jump height, and equal power strength. He'll progress through levels fairly. Wall Jump
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Jump Luigi is faster than Mario but has little traction, espically on ice. But he can jump pretty high, reach places the others can't reach. Scuttle Jump
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Fly Peach is a bit slow, but she jumps a little bit shorter than Luigi and she can float for a little while, reach long distance places. Peachy Parasol Hover


Speed Toad is back! He maybe not be the best jumper or very strong to defeating enemies, but he is the fastest out of the quartet and even has a 3 second Invincidash to defeat enemies when running fast enough.  Invincidash

Playable Characters for Other Modes

Character Type Description Special Ability


Power Wario has the lowest jump ability and barely has any speed, but he is pretty strong! He can do a cool ground pound to stun enemies and have some time to attack/escape. He can also break things easier. Super Wario Stomp


Jump Waluigi has the capibility to jump as high as Luigi. Although Luigi can scuttle jump letting him descend slower, Waluigi is so graceful he can triple jump midair compared to others who can only do the triple jump on the ground. Midair Triple Jump


Speed Yoshi is pretty fast and can do his signature move, the flutter jump. This allows him to get some air time and reach other places others can't. In story mode, he's an assist character. He can allow eat his foes, too. Flutter Jump/Tongue


All Around She is an all around type like Mario. She can spin in midair and keep spinning to descend slower and she can spin to stun her enemies like Mario did in Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. Galaxy Spin


Power She's almost as fast as Yoshi, but she can't flutter jump. She can, however, shoot eggs at her enemies to kill them on ground, in the air, and underwater, too. Egg Shooter


Power She and Peach are pretty similar. Though they have differences. They both run a bit slow, but Daisy can't float; instead, she can swing her parasol at enemies. Parasol Whack


Power He's a pretty strong guy, err... gorilla. He can pound on the ground with his hands and cause a mini earthquake, stunning any nearby enemies. Donkey Kong Earthpound

Mii Characters

All Around The Miis can do several things. They can do a roll on the ground if they go fast enough. They can also do the spin jump from New Super Mario Bros Wii and U. And they jump pretty high and fast pretty fast and are pretty strong. Their outfits can be changed to match one of the characters like Mario, or non/unseen-characters like Toadette. You can do so in the Super Mii Fashion Room. Moves from New Super Mario Bros Wii and U, plus some new ones


Power-up Image Name Description Mode
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8)


Super Mushroom Lets you take one extra hit Story
1-up Mushroom

1-UP Mushroom

1-UP Mushroom Gives you and extra life Story
Speedy Mushroom

Speedy Mushroom

Speedy Mushroom Temporarily makes you go faster Super Mario Racers Mode
571px-Mega Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Mega/Power Musroom

Mega/Power Mushroom In story, it makes you stronger. In other modes, it makes you bigger. All

Propeller Mushroom

Propeller Mushroom Let's you fly straight up in the air, the descend slowly. Story
Thunder Flower

Thunder Flower

Thunder Flower Increases your speed and lets you throw thunder bolts. Story
File:Boomerang Flower.jpg
Boomerang Flower Let's you throw boomerangs at enemies and switches. Story
Magic flower

magic flower

Magic Flower Lets you shoot magic beams at your enemies to stun them. Story

Fire Flower

Fire Flower Lets you throw fireballs at you enemies; hold the power-up button to charge a big fire ball. Story

Ice Flower

Ice Flower Lets you throw ice flowers and skate on ice and water. Story/ SMR Mode
File:Tanooki Leaf K&K.png
Tanooki/Super Leaf Lets you descend slower and do an infinite tail spin. Story
Mystic Leaf

Mystic Leaf

Mystic Leaf Let's you become invisible/transparent to pass through walls and enemies, however, Boos will follow you. Story
Hammer Bros Suit

Hammer Bros Suit

Hammer Bros Suit Lets you throw hammers at your enemies. Story
Penguin Suit

Penguin Siut

Penguin Suit Lets you slide on ice and makes you a better swimmer. SMR Mode
Koopa Shell

Koopa Shell

Koopa Shell Lets you go in an invincible koopa's shell whenever you want and lets you do a double jump. Story

Super Star

Super Star Makes you temporarily faster, jump higher, stronger and invincible; lasts for a minute but is rare. Story/SMR Mode

Story and Gameplay

It's a nice day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi get an invitation to Peach's Castle for a party. Once Mario and Luigi get the invite to the castle, they start running to the castle immediately. Then it the story goes into Tutorial Fields, a level that can be replayed to get a good grip on how to play the game. It explains how to play with Mario and Luigi and how to switch your characters with the Player Panels Box in the Quick Menu. It also says that whenever you get a new power-up, a text box will appear and explain how to use it. Then the player can go through the level normally. Then at the end, the player gets to a miniboss section in with case the miniboss is taken down action style. Here's how that works: minibosses are easy to beat. There will always be a miniboss at the end of the last level of that world before the boss level. You can use items to help you, and you want to avoid any of the boss and minibosses' attacks. After Tutorial Fields is done with, the player reaches Peach's Castle and get into a cutscene and it shows that everything is going well at the party, but Bowser comes to crash it, along with the Koopalings, Bowser Jr. and his elite minions. Then they get into a boss battle which is also fought action style. After Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad fight Bowser, Bowser shows everyone the Dark Star Rod he has, and uses it to put everyone in cages except the main 4 protagonists and kidnaps everyone and puts them in his castle. He then tells Mario that he'll never get to him, and flys away. The Koopalings and Bowser Jr. go to their castles. Then, when Mario and the gang almost give up, one of the star sprites that guards over the kingdom, who has appeared in Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team, Starlo, comes and helps them get the Rainbow-Power Stars, the things they'll need to get from each world. The 5 spring into action and get the Rainbow-Power Stars. Starlo is the character that'll help you if you don't know what to do or how to solve a particular puzzle. She's basically your guidence character. The player can ask her what to do by pressing the SELECT button on the Wii U Gamepad and on the Wii Remote and the Wii U Pro Controller. The Gameplay is simple: you have your for main characters who can run, jump and break objects with ground pound and power-ups, and each character can do a specific thing. Mario can wall jump, Luigi can jump higher, Peach can float and Toad can Invincidash for 3 seconds at his max speed. Levels are in 3D plains.


World 1: Koopa Troopa Field, Home of the Green Rainbow Power Star

World 2: Deserted Ancient Desertland, Home of the Yellow Rainbow Power Star

World 3: Cheep Cheep Shipwrecks, Home of the Turquoise Rainbow Power Star

World 4: Yoshi's Tropical Island, Home of the Light Green Rainbow Power Star

World 5: Icicle Mountains/Frosty Caverns, Home of the Blue Rainbow Power Star

World 6: Samurai Guy Village, Home of the Pink Rainbow Power Star

World 7: Wiggler's Jurassic Jungle, Home of the Orange Rainbow Power Star

World 8: Bullet Bill Himalayans, Home of the Purple Rainbow Power Star

World 9: Kamek's Magic Land, Home of the Indigo Rainbow Power Star

World 10: Hot Lava Reception Land, Home of the Red Rainbow Power Star

World 11: Bowser's Fortress, Home of the Rainbow Star Generator

world 12: Dark Bowser's Dimensional Hyperspace Fortress, Home of the REAL Rainbow Star Generator


Image Type Description
Goomboss 3d


Miniboss Goomboss tends to do ramming attacks into Mario and the gang.


Boss Larry is an all around type boss. He'll occasionally jump at you or run away to escape.


Miniboss He'll try to flop down on you and can regenerate.
Roy Koopa star


Boss He'll use magic attacks alot, and he can do an that'll stun you if you don't jump in time.
Cheep Cheep

Cheep Cheep

Miniboss He'll try to inhale you and spit you out and you won't move for a while.


Boss She can shoot ring projectiles at you and can run pretty fast.
Petey Pirahna

Petey Pirahna

Miniboss He can shoot fire orbs and do a tornado attack which will make him fall and reveal his weak spot.


Boss He can throw circus balls or circus bombs at you.
King Boo star

King Boo

Miniboss He can turn invisible, send colored Boos to attack a certain player (in multiplayer), or scare you which stuns you.


Iggy He'll sometimes summon a chain chomp to attack you with.
Ninja Bro

Ninja Bro

Miniboss He can throw ninja stars at you or do a high jump attack and then a ground pound.


Boss He can pound the ground to cause an earthshake that'll stun you for a while.
Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser

Miniboss Like Dry Bones, he can throw bones at you, and the only way to defeat him is to grab the bones he throws and shoot them back at him.


Boss He can clone himself and you have to guess which is the real one and damage him. And he can run really fast, so it may take some time to hit tim.
Monty Mole Tanker

Monty Mole Tanker

Miniboss Everytime you hit him, the tank will get bigger, and he'll shoot homing bullet bills at you, cannonballs, and sky torpedo Teds at you.
Boom Boom & Pom Pom

Boom Boom & Pom Pom

Double Boss You have to fight the both of them at the same time. You can jump on the both of their heads to attack them.
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Team Hammer

Minibosses Green does throwing attacks, Red does running attacks, Blue does spinning attacks, Yellow does ground stun attacks, Purple does charge attacks, and Black can turn big and do ramming attacks. You have to face them in that order.
Download (8)


Download (8)-0
Boss He can turn platforms into lava, turn items into enemies, grow big, or do his magic ray.
Download (17)

Bowser Jr.

Boss He can hide in his shell before you can jump on him, use his paintbrush to turn into your current character and copy your moves, or use the Koopa Shell move.
Download (19)


Boss He can charge up a punch, breathe fire, do a body slam, or use the Dark Star Rod for breif invincibility.
Download (20)

Dark Bowser

Final Boss He can do basically what Bowser did, but all of his attacks give you instant death than shrinking size. He can also summon vortexs and black holes. His second phase is when he grows 1000000 times his size, and you have to climb all the way to the top of him before you can start attacking him.

Other Modes

  • Super Mario Racers: This mode allows you to play as 1 of the 12 characters in a race aorund levels, using power-ups like the Speedy Mushroom, at your disposal. There are 12 race levels based off all 12 worlds in main story mode.
  • Super Mario Battlers: This mode lets you play a Mario and Friends version of Super Smash Bros, with 12 characters. You can use their moves in battle, plus jumping. Once again, there are 12 arenas based off the 12 worlds. You can use items, like the Mega/Power Mushroom, at your disposal.
  • Challenges: You have to do certain challenges with certain characters. There are 5 types: Time Runs, Coin/No Coin Runs, 1-UP Runs, Survival Runs, and Platform Runs.

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