This is a fanon game made by NastyNinja07.


Mario, Luigi, and Toad were journing back to Peach's Castle. Once they got there, they noticed Peach, Daisy, Toadsworth, and a few toads looking at a map they reveived from the mail. They rushed over to see the map. The map showed the locations of the 8 super coins. None of them knew what it was, but Mario wanted to find out. So Mario, Luigi, and three toads went off to find the coins, while peach, toadsworth, daisy, and a few other toads stayed. Mario and the gang looked and followed were the map lead them, and the adventure begun!

Playable Characters

  • Mario
  • Mario SSB3M


  • A Red Toad
  • A Blue Toad
  • A Yellow Toad
  • Raphael (unlockable by finding a key and saving him as well as the fourth super coin)
  • Yoshi (unlockable by finding a secret golden yoshi egg, which he will hatch from)

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