Super Mario: Super Worlds is a game for GameCube 290 XT. It is very big and expands to many lands. It has planets which act like worlds. It is like NSMB and its


One day Peach decides to make special worlds for all her friends. She creates Mario Land Luigi Land Toad Land Wario Land Waluigi Land DK Land B Toad Land Y Toad Land and Yoshi Land. Then she invites everyone over for a party. Everyone but Yoshi who was at Yoshi Island came. In his Mega Koopa Clown Car the Koopalings, Bowser Jr, and Bowser crash the party kidnapping everyone and placing them in their own lands guarded by bosses. He inhabits Yoshi Land which was the only land free. Yoshi comes back and is surprised all his friends are gone. He finds a letter along with an explanation from Toadsworth and decides to save his friends from the clutches of Bowser. When you rescue Peach you learn she had forgotten she had made Daisy Land and so forgotten to invite Daisy. Mario learns from a nice Para Gomme that Dry Bowser came and kidnapped Daisy keeping her in Daisy Land. You beat Dry Bowser and rescue Daisy. Suddenly Lubba comes and said a Dark Luma came and possessed Bowser making him kidnap Roselina and place her in Deep Space Land. Mario goes and rescues Roselina defeating the Dark Luma too.


Gameplay combines New Super Mario Bros Wii's spinning and picking up with new power-ups and 3D platform land like Super Mario 3D Land but without the choice of turning to full 3D. It also re-introduces Warp Zones along with Cannons.


(In order of unlockableness)


Mario-Rescue in Mario Land

Luigi- Rescue in Luigi Land

Wario- Rescue in Wario Land

Waluigi- Rescue in Waluigi Land

Toad- Rescue in Toad Land

Donkey Kong- Rescue in DK Land

Blue Toad- Rescue in B Toad Land

Yellow Toad- Rescue in Y Toad Land


Peach- Rescue in Yoshi Land

Daisy- Rescue in Daisy Land

Roselina- Rescue in Deep Space Land

Toadsworth- Gives Advice From Beginning Of Game

Toadbert- Gives Power-Ups in Minigames


The game did well and is ordered a sequel New Super Mario: More Super Worlds.