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These are the bosses in Super Mario: Storybook Legend.


 Any Koopa appears as the Mini-Boss in each world, always having a different tactic.

Name World
Kammy Koopa's Barrel Havoc World 1-3 TBA
Kammy Koopa's Krazy Statues World 2-3 TBA
Kammy Koopa's Kolossuss Kannon World 3-3 TBA
Ludwig Von Koopa's Rise To The Sky World 4-3 TBA
Giga Boom-Boom World 5-3 TBA
Petey Pirhana World 6-3 TBA
Boom-Boom and Para Pom-Pom World 7-3 TBA
Bowser #1 World 8-5 TBA

Main Bosses

Image Name World
Bowser Jr. #1 World 1-5
Wendy O. Koopa World 2-5
Larry Koopa World 3-5
Roy Koopa and Lemmy Koopa World 4-5

Kammy Koopa and Bowser Jr.

World 5-5
Iggy Koopa World 6-5
Morton Koopa Jr. World 7-5
Bowser Jr. #2 World 8-1
Ludwig von Koopa World 8-3
Bowser Jr. #3 World 8-4
Dry Bowser World 8-9
Bowser #2 World 8-10

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