Super Mario: Storybook Legend is an upcoming 2.5D platformer for the Wii U. Unlike other Mario 2D platformers, the worlds are based of stories.


Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom, a toad that oddly looks like Kammy Koopa went to Peach's Castle to give Peach a mysterious book. The toad gives it to Peach and strolls away. Peach likes the gift the toad gave her and decided to invite Mario and Luigi to check out. Mario and Luigi came and looked at the books's cover. Toad decided to look at the book as well. Peach read the title, "The Magical Story", and the book suddenly opened on its own. Mario read the first sentence, "Ready to experience the Magical Story"? The booklights up and sucks up the team. Kammy Koopa appeared and laughed as Bowser came by and snatch the book. Bowser then laughs because he will finally conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and the gang were on the ground uncouncious. Then, a Beezo came and saw the gang. The Beezo then used his healing magic to help them. The gang got up and thank the beezo who healed them. The beezo states his name, "Nice Guy", the mayor of Storybook Town. Peach told Nice Guy that an evil group called the "Koopa Troop" trapped them in this storybook. Nice Guy then states that there is evil inhabitants happening in Storybook Land. The gang decided to help Nice Guy as Nice Guy decided to help them go back to their homeland. Finally, Mario and the gang (including Nice Guy) jump up and high five eachother.


  • Story Mode (1-4 Players)- Help Mario and his friends to defeat the almighty Bowser and save Storybook Land.
  • Challenge Mode (Solo)- Do you like challenges? Well, come here to overcome 30 great challenges!
  • Coliseum Mode (1-4 Players)- Defeat all the enemies you meet face to face with a certain power-up! Defeat the most enemies to win, just be careful not to get hit three times!
  • Bumper Madness (1-4 Players)- Bump your opponents of the track to score points!
  • RPG Battle (1-4 Players)- Join your allies to defeat a wave of enemies that are getting in your way!
  • Wifi Time! (Single Players)- TBA


Story Mode

The game plays like the New Super Mario Bros games and Super Mario Bros 2. When entering a level, the player (s) have to choose which character they want to play as in the level. The game also has a health system like Super Mario Galaxy. If someone gets hit three times (six times if they get a Life Shroom) by an obstacle or enemy, they will lose a life. Also, in every world map, there is a world hub. In the world hub, you can buy power ups, play minigames, and many more!

Challenge Mode


Coliseum Mode


Bumper Madness


RPG Battle


Wifi Time!


Playable Characters

Unlike some Mario platformers, you can choose which character you want to play as (except for Nice Guy unless you are playing 2-5 player)

Image Name Description Attribute(s)
MarioNSMBWii Mario Mario is back and better than ever! It's not natural leaving out Mario in this epic quest! Mario is balanced out of all the playable characters.
2.Luigi Luigi Mario's not-so known brother joins Mario yet again to stop Bowser and his evil army! Luigi may be Mario's shadow, but he's still loyal and brave. Luigi jumps higher, but he is very slippery to control.
3.Peach Peach The lovely princess of the Mushroom Kingdom finally supports Mario again in his new quest! She had enough kidnapping for once and decided to help Mario on this big quest. Peach is not as powerful, but she can float safetly with her parasol.
277px-NSMBW Toad Toad Toad is Peach's special assitant and a friend of Mario. Despite his baby-like looks, he is very brave. Toad's jumps are very low, but he's very fast.
Beezo Nice Guy Nice Guy is the mayor of Storybook Land and a helper for Mario and his friends. Who knew Beezo's could be friendly? Able to do special things like to enemies (turning them into bubbles; stun enemies; defeat enemies) by simply draw a certain shape.

Supporting Characters

Image Name Description
329px-Yoshi FS Yoshi He may not be playable all the time, but Yoshi can be very helpful on some parts in the game. Yoshi can swallow enemies, turning them into eggs in which he can throw. Yoshi can also do the traditional Flutter Jump. Yoshi can even use different power-ups he can use to help him.
Terryduhkoops Terry the Koopa The magical koopa decided to help Mario and the gang after Bowser sucked him inside the Storybook! He sells power-ups in each world and is the super guide of the game.
Shy Knights TBA
Toadsworth and Toad Pals TBA
Astuce Astuce Astuce is a boo who likes pulling pranks and to race against other people. You can ask him to race against you on a certain level, although he will do something very sneaky! If you win against him, he will give you some rare items, but if you lose, he will take five or rarely TEN Star Coins from you.
Carpet Kids TBA


Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World1

Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World2

Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World3

Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World4

Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World5

Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World6

Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World7

Super Mario: Storybook Legend/World8



Image Name Form Description
Super Mushroom Super Mushroom None When the Super Mushroom is gained, it will regain your characters health bar by one if you have been damaged by a certain obstacle.
LifeShroom Life Mushroom None When the Life Mushroom is gained, the character's health goes up to six.
1-up Mushroom 1-UP Mushroom None When the 1-UP Mushroom is gained, the player gets an extra life.
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower 640px-NSMB2 Fire Mario When the Fire Flower is gained, it allows the character to hurl fireballs at opponents.
Ice Flower2 Ice Flower 150px When the Ice Flower is gained, the character can now hurl ice balls to freeze enemies.
NSMBG-GravityFlower Gravity Flower NSMBG-GravityMario When you get the Gravity Flower, you can press up to be on top of the surface and you press down to go down.
150px Mini Mushroom NSMB2 Mini Mario When the Mini Mushroom is gained, the character shrinks his/her size. In this form, the character can now jump high and run on walls and water.
Whip Flower (NEW)                TBA When the Whip Flower gained, the character can now use a whip as a weapon.the player can even reach far away items!
FrogSuitSME Frog Suit FrogMario You know it.
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3 You know it.
Lion Suit (NEW) TBA TBA



Super Mario: Storybook Legend/Enemies


Super Mario: Storybook Legend/Bosses