Super Mario: Space Dimension is an all-new, high-tech game that takes place in the Space Dimension (SD), with SD Mario chasing SD Bowser through the vast regions of space. Will he defeat SD Bowser???


We start in the Mushroom Kingdom. We fly past Peach's castle, then Bowser's and come to a wormhole. We enter it and fly through, and end up in the Space Dimension. We hear the scream of SD Peach being kidnapped. Out of nowhere, SD Mario shows up and starts chasing SD Bowser. He chases him through many planets and galaxies, each one inhabited by a boss he has to face. In the end, on the Planet of Fire, he destroys SD Bowser by sending him into a pit of magma.


  • World 1- Mushroom Planet
  • World 2- Metal Planet
  • World 3- Cloud Planet
  • World 4- Pipe Planet
  • World 5- Planet of Lava
  • World 6 (Bonus world- all Star Coins gained) Starsteroid



Several enemies appear in the space dimension. Some are new, most are old ones altered.

New Enemies

There are a few new enemies in SMSD. They include:

  • Magma Bro.- In SMSD, Fire Bros are replaced by Magma Bros. They work in the same way, throwing balls of magma at Mario. However, Magma Bros. appear to have volcanoes on their heads which the magma comes from.
  • LazrBot- LazrBots (or just LBs) are robots resembling Goombas that zap Mario with lasers if he gets too close.
  • Comets- Similar to Stone Spikes, Comets throw, well, comets at Mario.
  • Whomperoid- Whomperoids are basically Whomps that fall from the sky like meteors to crush Mario, but they are round(ish).

Returning Enemies

Almost all of the returning enemies in SMSD are altered to fit the "futuristic spacey" theme.

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