This is a list of enemies that appear in the game Super Mario: Return To Subcon .


Name Image Description
Shy Guy ShyGuy Shy Guys are the basic staple of Wart's army. They have a blue variant that won't walk off of ledges, and a purple variant that chases you.
Goomba Run Goomba Run Art Goombas will chase you down, but picking them up and throwing them isn't even necessary. Just bounce on their heads.
Fly Guy FlyGuy Fly Guys are simply flying Shy Guys. Like their grounded counterparts, they have blue and purple subtypes. The purple one still chases, but Blue Fly Guys can breathe fire.
Snifit Snifit Snifits are special Shy Guys that can shoot bullets. Blue Snifits fire two bullets and Purple Snifits chase you before firing two bullets.
Koopa Troopas GalaxyKoopa Koopas, when jumped on, will retract into their shells, which can then be picked up and thrown. They have flying variants, which, well... fly.
Buzzy Beetle BuzzyBeetle They're mainly like Koopas, only fire resistant.
Ninji Ninji 3D Ninjis are speedy little guys who will chase you around. Some of them stand still though.
Hoopster Hoopster3D Hoopsters can climb up and down vines, which can provide a challenge.
Cobrat Cobrat3D These snakes will sit in place and jump, while shooting fireballs.
Tweeter Tweeter3D Similar to Ninjis, but much slower.
Porcupo Porcupo3D Might not want to jump on these! Those spikes will give you a good stinging.
Pidgit Pidgit3D A bird on a magic carpet, which seems unnecessary, considering birds can fly. If you defeat him, you can hijack his ride.
Flurry Flurry3D An annoying enemy that chases you and slides around on ice.
Bro. Team HammerBroNSMBU There are five types of Hammer Bros. Standard Hammer Bros, Boomerang Bros, Fire Bros, Sledge Bros, and the new Shell Bro. These enemies only appear in Bowser's Castle.

Artwork Credits

  • T'S: Ninji, Hoopster, Cobrat, Tweeter, Porcupo, Pidgit, Flurry. Thanks, T'S! :D

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