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Super Mario: Return To Subcon
Developer(s) Pixel Perfect Co.
Publisher(s) Pixel Perfect Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Release Date(s)
September 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario series

Super Mario: Return To Subcon will be the next installment to the Mario series. The game is set for September 2013, and is currently under developement by Pixel Perfect Co. The game will be released on the Nintendo Alpha. Super Mario: Return To Subcon will be like Super Mario 3D Land, only with features from Super Mario Bros. 2.


As previously mentioned, Super Mario: Return To Subcon will be a 3D platformer that plays similar to Super Mario 3D Land with features from Super Mario Bros. 2 (picking up enemies, turnips, etc). Like Super Mario Bros. 2, four players will be available - Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad. Once again, each player will have advantadges and disadvantadges (for instance, Toad is fast, but has medium strength and a weak jump). The game will consist of 8 worlds, each consisting of 5 levels each (except for Bowser Castle, which only has 2). Players will start out each level, like in Super Mario Bros. 2, with 2 hearts which act as health. When players have 1 heart, they will go into small form. Rare Life Mushrooms can be found in the level that add one heart to their maximum heart total. There are only 2 per level. The game will also feature two different multiplayer modes, a versus and a co-op.


  • A: Jump
  • B: Attack
  • Y: Dash
  • R: Crouch
  • R (in air): Ground Pound
  • R --> A: Backflip


Super Mario: Return To Subcon will feature a four-player local multiplayer. There is a versus and co-operative mode. Versus mode will have to different modes inside of it. There will be a battle mode, where players will enter a course, and the last man standing wins. There will also be a race mode, where players will race to finish the level first. The co-operative mode will really be nothing more than multiplayer in story mode. When players lose a life, they won't respawn until one of three things occur: 1, the midway point of the level is reached, or 2, the level ends.


Main Protagonists

Name Image Skills Description
Mario 2554998-2676523391-Mario
  • Jump:  3/5
  • Speed:  3/5
  • Power: 3/5
Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, is good to play as if you're a beginner. He's average in all areas.
Luigi Luigi NSMBOD
  • Jump: 5/5
  • Speed:  2/5
  • Power: 2/5
Luigi is slower and weaker, but he has a great jump. He can also go really far with his backflip. However, his low traction can provide issues.
Peach 288px-PeachMP8Official
  • Jump: 4/5
  • Speed: 3/5
  • Power:  2/5
Usually held captive by Bowser, Peach is joining the adventure. She's lackluster in speed and strength, but has a good jump and can float.
Toad Toad
  • Jump: 2/5
  • Power: 2/5
  • Speed:  5/5
Toad has a weak jump and isn't very strong, but the little fungus is a speedy machine!

Main Antagonists

Name Image Description
Bowser NSMBWiiUBowser The big, bad Koopa King is here to wreak some havoc! This time, he's sent our heroes to the land of dreams, Subcon!
Wart 181px-Wart3D The king of the Subcon Army has troops scattered over the land of dreams.
Birdos Birdo.. Birdos of three varieties (pink, red, green) are stuck at the end of every normal level. Red ones can shoot fire and eggs, while green ones shoot only fire.
Mouser SMB2 boss Mouser Mouser is, well, a mouse. Did we mention he can throw bombs? That's his special thing.
Tryclyde Tryclyde-SMB2-NES Tryclyde is a three-headed fire breathing snake. You can't really say much else.
Spear Guy IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE A giant Shy Guy with a spear. You'll have to throw the spear back at him to take him down.
Fry Guy Fryguy-SMAS This guy is hot! You'll have to hit him with water to cool him off. Anything else just disintegrates!'
Clawgrip 200px-Clawgrip A crab that tosses rocks. To beat him, just toss the rocks back at him!


See here.


It's the night of the Mushroom Festival at Peach's Castle. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad are all celebrating until, who else, Bowser crashes the festival! This time, though, he has no interest in kidnapping Peach. He unloads a large cannon, which shoots some dark ball. Upon hitting the wall, a portal is formed, sucking the four inside of it! When they all wake up, they realize they are in a strange land. The place is no other than the land of dreams, Subcon.

The heroes travel through Subcon before coming to the final venue, a giant volcano. Inside the volcano is Wart's lair. The four battle Wart, and upon defeating him, reveal another portal. With no choice, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad leap into the portal. This takes them back into the Mushroom Kingdom - more specifically, Bowser's Castle. As it turns out, Bowser has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. First, the heroes must face Bowser's son, Bowser Jr. After trouncing Bowser Jr, the four get to fight the Koopa King himself. The fight is difficult, but Mario and co. eventually pull through.


Name Description Boss
World 1: Green Grasslands The first world of the game. This world is pretty easy and straightforward. Mouser
World 2: Subcon Sands Subcon Sands is littered with pyramids and quicksand. Just watch your footing! Tryclyde
World 3: Shimmering Sea The beach world. Watch out for flying fish! Clawgrip
World 4: Snowy Mountain An icy terrain makes for tough platforming. Fryguy
World 5: Creepy Cave The caves are full of bats and beetles. It's also a little tough to see where you're going. Spear Guy
World 6: Dreamy Skies Better not fall! It's a looooong way down! Mouser
World 7: Flaming Volcano Is it hot in here, or is it just you? This world is littered with lava! Wart
World 8: Bowser Castle The final venue, Bowser Castle! This is where it ends! Bowser


Name Image Description
Coin Coin NSMB2 The form of currency. Collect 100 for an extra life.
Red Coin Red CoinSMWWii A special coin that allows you to use the slot machine at the end of the level.
Mushroom SuperMushroom Restores your health meter.
Life Mushroom LifeShroom Boosts your maximum health for the current level.
Star Coin StarCoin Five of these collectible coins are found in each level. Getting them helps in the goal of clearing the game 100%.
Fire Flower Fire Flower NSMB2 Allows players to shoot fireballs. Deactivates upon taking damage.
Starman Star Provides brief invincibility.
Aqua Flower Aqua flower Allows players to shoot bubbles that can trap enemies.
Grass Vegetable2 If you see three blades of grass above ground, press B to pull it up! You never know when it might be something really useful!
Hawkmouth Hawkmouth These bird-shaped gates mark the end of a level.


Super Mario: Return To Subcon got mostly positive reviews. IGN rated it a 9.2, saying that it was great to have old features put into a new format. GameSpot only gave it a 7.9, claiming that the SMB2 style did not fit too well into a 3D Mario game.

References to Other Games

  • Donkey Kong: Mario first appeared in this game.
  • Mario Bros.: Luigi first appeared in this game.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Peach, Toad, Bowser, and some of the items debuted in this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: Multiple items, enemies, and gameplay elements originated in this game.
  • Super Mario 3D Land: Some of the gameplay elements originate from this game.


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