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There are several easter eggs that are seen in either the course, missions or the world itself, here are a list of Easter Eggs below

  • If Mario waits for a while in 1st World, he will make a noise which sounds like Donkey Kong grunting from Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • If you look closely in the artifacts carved at the wall of a cliff, it has somehow Rayman in the carvings with Necrodeus in the Carvings ontop of it
  • If Luigi waits a while in some worlds, he will say something else like : Does anyone know something about a Donkey and a Ogre?, it is a reference to Shrek, Luigi will say something else like : I'd like to play my 3DS and play Paper Mario : Sticker Star, it is referencing Paper Mario : Sticker Star
  • If the player looks closely in the 3rd mission in 3rd world who is next to a vase, it has some words carved on it in japanese which translates : Want some goods?, come buy some -- Crazy Dave, it is referencing Crazy Dave from Plants Vs. Zombies
  • During the 4th mission in the 2nd world, as a cutscene begins as mario talks, here are quotes : Mario : Ok, Were in the target's base, what should we do?, Luigi : Try to bust through the door or something like use a Tardis to travel in the Target's base, it is referencing the British Show, Doctor Who
  • In the 2nd world, you would see Dixie Kong's Hair at the 2nd house porch

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