Super Mario: Peach of Revenge is a pseudo-game-fic made by Sorastitch.

It was suggested by a bunch of RosalinaxMario shippers. They also suggested that Peach turns evil.Sorastitch thought this was prime material and got to writing it.

But... got stuck on the name.



Peach is once again kidnapped by Bowser. Honestly, this should be a big suprise. Will Mario save her?

Well, at first he does, but then he realizes nobody's on his side for this. Not only that, but the sudden realization that he's spent nearly a eternity doing this completely breaks him down. He decides to go ahead and stay at the Mushroom Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Peach is suddenly forced into marriage with Bowser. Mario doesn't stop them, so they get married and Peach now gets to wear a sexy black dress. She is also slowly resorts to villainy.

Meanwhile, Rosalina decides to visit the slowly declining Mushroom Kingdom and finds Mario there. When she asks about Peach, Mario decides to tell her she wasn't worth rescuing for the millionth time. Rosalina and Mario share a private moment at the Mushroom Kingdom garden. They decide that it would probably be better to power Rosalina's ship again so they can live at the edge of the universe together. Nothing beats universal conquest with your girlfriend!

Peach finally turns entirely evil and starts to care for the Koopalings. She also finds out Mario is dating Rosalina and goes after them so she can kill Rosalina and Mario.


Mario and Rosalina go out to collect stars.

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