A new fanfic by User:SilverskyC. This fanfic will follow Mick who is Mario's son.



Mario's son who was born in 2010 and is 20 years old in the story. He hates his life because his town is practicly destroyed, and his parents are very strict. His best friend is probably his pet Yoshi. He thinks of everything in a dark way.


Mick's well known father who is now just a plumber. He never told Mick about his life as a hero. His best friend is probably his brother Luigi. His wife is Peach.


Mario's strict wife and Mick's mother. She does not appear that often.


Mario's brother who owns a mansion and has a son, Lenny. Luigi is very nice and warmhearted.


Luigi's son and Mick's cousin. He is a punk kid and loves rock n' roll.


Super Mario Next Generation: chapter 1: Mario's son

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