Mailtoad by Tom Mailtoad

Mailtoad is the guide of the game. He can give you messages from Bowser, Peach, and many other characters.

Price: None
YellowToadOmega Sleeping Toad

Sleeping Toad falls asleep most of the time. He can generate Dreams while sleeping.

Price: 50 Dreams
NSMBWiiUToad Toad

Toad is the captain of the Toad Brigade. He can stomp on enemies and shoot light at them.

Price: 150 Dreams
BlueToadSML3D Yvan

Yvan is the smartest Toad in the Toad Brigade. He can hypnotize enemies to work for the Mushroom Kingdom, but he is vulnerable while hypnotizing.

Price: 100 Dreams
GreenToad Banktoad

Banktoad is a weak Green Toad that throws coins at the enemies. When he is not fending off enemies, you can go to his shop.

Price: 75 Dreams
100px Yoshi

Yoshi is one of Mario's friends. He can jump high to defeat enemies such as Waddlewhoppers. He is easily defeated by Doom Bones.

Price: 175 Dreams

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