Super Mario: Multicolored Mayhem is the 7th 3D-platformer Mario Game for the 3DS. 


One day at Princess Peach's Castle, A Green Grand Color Star crashes in the Castle's front yard. Two Toads come to pick it up and Princess Peach orders Mario and Luigi to come over. Mario and Luigi emerge from the pipe in the ground and head to the Castle Moat. Meanwhile, Wario comes out of his house on one of the hills. He spots Mario and Luigi and decides to follow them. When they're all together, Peach shows the gang the star. When Mario touches it, it starts to glow and blast away with a glowing trail. The four of them follow the star to a area in the sky called the Sky Kingdom and the ruler of the kingdom is Princess Skyla. Skyla informs Mario that Bowser's army attacked the Sky Kingdom for the Grand Color Stars of yellow, green, red, blue, orange and purple. In desperation, Skyla scatters the stars throughout the land and eventually found the yellow star. Each Grand Color Star powers the two-hundred color stars depended by color, and without the Grand Color Star, the other stars of its color would be drained of it's power and become invisible in it's hiding place. The normal color stars power the Sky Kingdom and without them, the kingdom will fall from the sky. It's up to Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario to take the other four Grand Color Stars from Bowser's clutches to power the other Color Stars and save the Sky Kingdom.


The game is similar to Super Mario 64, where you must collect power stars to progress. The catch this time is that you can only collect certain power stars at certain necessary times. For example, when you collect the Grand Green Star, the green stars will be available in previous levels. When you play a boss level (Bowser's Airship Ambush, Bowser's Frosty Fortress, Bowser's Dimensional Core) You will get a Grand Golor Star.

The game also includes Multiplayer. Up to four players can play at once with Single/Multi card play and control either Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Wario. They have the option to play in the Main Game or Shine Battle. Each playable character has their own stats and Special Ability, Key for beating the game, or competitive play. For example, Mario is balanced has the Heavy Spin which is more powerful than a Normal Spin, and Wario is heaviest and slowest and has the Mega Slam that can crush anything like giant objects.


All levels in the game. (Y)-Yellow Star (G)-Green Star (R)-Red Star (B)-Blue Star (O)-Orange Star (P)-Purple Star
Level Stars Bosses
Fungus Hill

1. The Big Fuzzler (Y)







8. The Road of 8 Red Coins (Y)

*Big Fuzzler
Sugar Cookie Road 1. Spinning Cookie Sensation (Y) N/A
Cloudy Canyon

1. Heavy Mallet in the Sky (G)


3. Jingle's Flying Test (G)

*Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro
Beehive Works 1. Sticky Red Sweets (G) N/A
Yoshi's Tree Town

1. Yoshi's Fruit Punch (Y)

Wind Temple 1. Granting the Power of Flight (Y) N/A
Rickety Steppe
Wet Coral Cove
Tiki Tumble Island
Bowser's Airship Ambush
Bustle Mole Mines
Freezeflame Cave
Winter Chill Workshop
Bowser's Frosty Fortress
Galactic Factory
Bowser's Dimensional Core
Ghastly Railway
Peach's Castle Trials
Skyla's Castle Trials


Playable and Abilities

Playable characters in the game.
Character Powers/Weaknesses

*(Special Ability) Heavy Spin (Can destroy bricks and enemies and can bounce off spikes, but can't jump as high. Spin circle pad to use it.)

*The more balanced of the four

150px-Luigi MP10



*(Special Ability) Double Jump (Can jump in midair a second time with slow descension)

*Fastest of the four

*Smallest traction of the four

180px-Peach - Mario Party 10



*(Special Ability) Heart Shield (Can deflect enemies and spikes and can last 4 hits during its use, Press R to use it)

*Lightest of the four


*(Special Ability) Mega Slam (Can smash heavy objects/enemies and create shock waves the higher Wario is when used. Press R in midair to use it)

*Heaviest of the four

*Slowest of the four

Supporting Cast/Rivals





Princess Skyla

Princess Rosalina


Enemies and Obstacles








Big Fuzzler

Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.


Main Transformations

All power-up transformations in the game.
Power-up Transformation Description
Fire Flower


Fire Mario

Fire Mario - Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

Shoots 2 fireballs at a time when B is pressed. It's power runs out after a certain amount of time.
Flying Star


Flying Mario


Allows Mario to fly when B is pressed. It's power runs out after a certain amount of time.
Magic Flattener

Magic Flattener

Flat Mario

-Currently Unavailable-

Double Cherry


Double Mario


Makes an extra Mario appear to help get through mechanisms like elevators and split switches. If one of the Marios is hit when there's more than one Mario, that Mario will vanish.

Yoshi and Fruits

BAll power-up transformations in the game.
Fruit Transformation Description

Yoshi DT6oRMgEc

(Come in four colors; Green, Red, Yellow, Pink)

Can eat objects and enemies when B is pressed. When an enemy is swallowed, it becomes a throwable egg. (Can only hold 1) Can flutter jump when A is held

Dash Pepper


Dash Yoshi


Can run up walls and across water currents. It loses it's power after a certain limited amount of time.
Blimp Fruit


Blimp Yoshi


Is automatically lifted into the air. Yoshi 's power runs out if he runs out of air, or if B is pressed. Yoshi can hold his breath and save air if A is held.
Chilly Bean


Ice Yoshi


Can automatically breathe ice to freeze enemies and objects.

Can automatically ice skate on any floor surface.