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Super Mario: Moonlight Madness
The game's logo.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Super Mario Logo
Media Included Wii U Optical Disk
Digital Download

Super Mario: Moonlight Madness is a 3D platformer adventure and action game for the Wii U. It's the sixteenth title in the Super Mario series, the seventh as an original 3D Mario title and the eighth 3D Mario title overall. While it maintains a similar gameplay to past installments, it mostly goes in the same style and tradition from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, which means that the gameplay is not like in Super Mario 3D Land/3D World.


The story starts with Mario going to visit Princess Peach at the castle at night along with Luigi. However, in the way Mario notices a strange creature with a rock-like head walking, the thing noticed him as well but it left quicky. Mario ignored it and went to the castle with his brother. When they arrive, they notice some Toads, Toadsworth, Princess Daisy and Princess Peach looking up. Mario asks what's happening and Peach tells him to look at the moon.

When both brothers look up, they notice part of the moon is turning to a very dark, almost black coloration. After that, Mario notices the rock-like guy again but it's followed by other ones. A bunch of these rock things appear in front of Mario and the others. They start forming themselves as in someone is going to pass through them, and a girl shows up. She presents herself as the Princess of the Moon, Layla. She tells the brothers that an evil being is stealing the power of the full moon's light and is replacing it with a fake moon, covering the sun as well. As she has seen Mario and Luigi's heroic actions before, she trusts them both that they'll save her people and the people of the earth as well, so Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy embark into a new nighttime adventure.

More coming soon....


The gameplay is like that of Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy (for example), which means that it doesn't play like in Super Mario 3D Land or Super Mario 3D World. The player appears in a main HUB, which is the Lunar Kingdom. The player is able to enter different planets from here, and other areas of the HUB can be accesed whenever certain Meteor Stars are collected (Meteor Stars replace Power Star from past installments, but work similarly). When unlocking these areas, the player can travel to more planets. Planets are the courses in this game, and despite its name these don't work like in Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2 (different planets in one galaxy, gravity elements). Planets are big worlds that can be explored easily similarly to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, and certain missions must be cleared to obtain Meteor Stars. Each course has 6 Meteor Stars to obtain, with 5 of them being collected from normal missions and a sixth one for collecting 100 Coins in that planet.

The player uses the Control-StickWiiU to control the character, the WiiU B Button2 to jump and WiiU A Button2 to attack, which is something that returns from Super Mario 64 and its remake. Mario is also able to perform multiple moves such as the Somersaults and Long Jumps. The Triple Jumps return as well (however, certain characters cannot do it), by performing certain button combinations. The attacks and moves will change drastically or slightly depending on the character, with some changing entirely their attacking method or having different abilities. Characters also have advantages and disadvantages in their movement, jumping and attacking if compared to others.

A new element in the game are the Gadgets. Gadgets are special artifacts that are used for a specific task. These are collectibles and are found in every course in its most secret areas, like the Comet Medals. After collecting one the player will receive a temporal buff and a new challenge involving it, with the reward being a Meteor Star, another new item. The game counts with 150 Meteor Stars, that after being collected the player will receive a new challenge which seems to be a tradition now in the Super Mario series. This challenge includes another 150 Crater Stars which are Meteor Star variables, harder to obtain since they are hidden in a harder version of the course. Finding all 300 Stars will give the player a reward.

The game's environment is also darker compared to other games, since it's always nighttime because of the corrupted Moon. This means that for some reason, the planets Mario and co. travel are somehow attached to the moon's light. Because the moon's light is being stolen it leaves everything in darkness and won't let sunlight even show when it's daytime. After the game is completed, daytime and nighttime will change depending on the Wii U's time.




Unlike other main titles in the series, the character roster in this game is considerably larger. However, the player only starts with 4 characters at first: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. Other characters will join their party after certain tasks are done and the player progresses through the game.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description How to unlock
MarioArtworkSSBZ Mario Default
Luigi SM3DW Luigi Default
PeachMP8a Princess Peach Default
Daisy Princess Daisy Default
412px-Yoshi SM64DS Yoshi TBA
WarioMPIT Wario TBA
Rosalina, Mario Kart 7 Rosalina TBA
BowserNSMBUnew Bowser Complete the game (All 300 Stars is not necessary)
??? Complete all the Gadget missions.


Enemies and Obstacles


Items and Objects


Item Name Description Transformation
FireFlowerMK8 Fire Flower Fire Mario is able to launch big fireballs around. Only 3 can be thrown at a time and they will bounce straight forward for a few seconds. Power can be charged to create a small fire explosion, but it will decrease the Fire Flower's time limit. Fire Mario SMW3D
VoltShroom Volt Mushroom Volt Mario gains electric abilities for a limited time. If enemies touch the user, they get electrocuted. Certain enemies don't get electrocuted when touching the user, instead they just cause no damage. However, Volt Mario can blast electric beams aiming them. They can be charged, and depending on how much it has been charged the distance and effectiveness will change as well. VoltMarioSMPD
Metal Mushroom Metal Mushroom Metal Mario not only is invincible and stronger, but can also walk underwater and on lava with no harm. He can also destroy certain things he normally can't. However, Metal Mario is considerably slower and jumping stats decrease highly as well. Metal Mario!
Ice Flower2 Ice Flower Ice Mario is able to launch iceballs in a similar way to fireballs. However, the iceballs have less range and are less powerful, but can freeze certain enemies. Aditionally, Ice Mario is able to skate by creating icy platforms under him, which helps him travel through water, lava and other surfaces more easily. IceMarioArtwork1
SandMushroom Sand Mushroom Sand Mario is much more faster and agile than normally. Jump and speed stats increasy heavily, and athletic moves can be performed easier. Sand Mario has the ability to crumble and travel along with the wind where it's needed, to later recreate himself whenever the user decides too or when it's necessary. Sand Mario is also able to run through quicksand without the risk of being sucked in. SandMario
WATER fLOWER Water Flower Water Mario can attack by extending his water hands at different distances and with different combos. If Water Mario has low health, each time he attacks a bit of water pops out and he can toucht he water blob to heal himself a bit. When Water Mario jumps multiple times he bounces and is able to splat enemies. Additionally, Water Mario can swim better than normally and is able to move freely and quickly through water, as well as attack there. LiquidMario
??? ???
??? ???
Moon Orb NSMBS Moon Orb Werewolf Mario is able to run extremely fast and claw most enemies. The claw attack will let Mario accelerate for a time as well. Mario can also dig underground in some missions and can do long jumps so he can pass through longer bottomless pits.
Samurai Sword Swordsman Mario is able to use a large sword to slash enemies. He can do various slashing combos and multiple hits as well as having an additional effect depending on which character is using it.


Logos and Boxarts


Concept Art