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Super Mario: Lightning Strikes Back
Wallpaper for the game.
Developer(s) NinRMAX, Bandai Namco Games, Next Level Games.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
US and EU: Late 2016

JP and AU: Early 2017

Genre(s) Platform, Action
Predecessor Super Mario: Lightning of Death
The most deadly thing seen in the Mushroom Kingdom wants revenge..
Nintendo's slogan for the game.

Super Mario: Lightning Strikes Back is a 2016 video game for the Wii U, The game is the squeal to Super Mario: Lightning Of Death. Super Mario: Lightning Strikes Back is developed by NinRMAX. The game features over 18 characters you can play as. There's also 15 worlds. You can play up to 8 players in the game. This has new modes and the same modes in Super Mario: Lightning Of Death.


Chapter 0: Lightning Backstory

Up into the clouds, there is a castle with 9 Koopa Clown Cars. This is Bowser's Castle. You always hear a high pitched laugh when you are near the castle. It began raining and it made the Koopa Clown Cars soaked. The cars began smoking and turned into lightning, all the 9 Koopa Clown Car's lightning's mashup into one big type of lightning.

Chapter 1: A Tricky Plan 

The deadly lightning strikes the Thousand Year Old Coin, what makes the Mushroom Kingdom active and happy, The lightning breaks the coin in half, which makes 5 Super Mushrooms fall on the ground, Toads, Shy Guys, and Yoshis, run around looking for safety, Hey, said Bowser up in the clouds, if I can make lightning, I can rule not just the Mushroom Kingdom, but the whole world!! There's more lightning, more and more, it was awful. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy heard the lightning and saw it too, They had to put a stop to it. Meanwhile up in the sky, way way WAY above the clouds, was Rosalina's Galaxy. She heard the lightning, and looked down, she then fell, Rosalina landed in Mushroom Kingdom, being confused, she walked around and saw everybody screaming and running. Rosalina then saw Princess Peach's Castle, She knocked on the door, it was where Mario and company were at.

Chapter 2: Joining The Team

Mario opened the door, Mario! Is it really you? Rosalina said, Mario was surprised and let Rosalina in, Princess Peach and Luigi were shocked to see Rosalina, While Daisy was confused, Who's this? Said Daisy, I'm Rosalina, the mother of the lumas, I fell off my galaxy and landed in this kingdom, said Rosalina. Hey! I just heard the Thousand Year Coin broke due to this lightning! said Peach, Bowser caused the lightning. I heard lightning when I was at my galaxy. Rosalina, said Mario, I know this is a big question, but can you join our crew and defeat Bowser with us? Yes, she said.


Image Name Description Stats Alt. Costume Special Mushroom
Mario render by xzimxzumx-d63jex4 Mario The hero will all know and love, Mario!

Hover: 2/5

Speed: 3/5

Jump: 3/5 

Dr.Mario SSB4Dr. Mario Lightning Mushroom
Luigi U
Luigi Mario little's brother, the tall hero, Luigi!

Hover: 1/5

Speed: 2/5

Jump: 5/5

Mr. LProjectm-luigi-mrl Ghosty Mushroom
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Princess Peach She's not captured this time, but she still needs to be brave, Peach!

Hover: 5/5

Speed: 2/5

Jump: 2/5

Sport Peach186px-Princess Peach Artwork - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Peachy Mushroom
DaisyAnarchy Princess Daisy Luigi's true love and the sporty princess, Daisy!

Hover: 5/5

Speed: 4/5

Jump: 2/5

Sport DaisyDaisySSBH Orange Mushroom
Rosalina Mother of all Lumas, the girl up in the skies, Rosalina!

Hover: 5/5

Speed: 4/5

Jump: 3/5

Young Rosalina
Luma Mushroom
ToadSSBH Toad He's the cute little guy always trying to help Peach, Toad!







Captain Toad TT artwork0555Captain Toad without backpack Mega Mushroom
Mii Mariorender Mii You are now a video game character, Thanks to Miis!


You Choose!


You Choose!


You Choose!

NikkiSSBHNikki Tech Mushroom


There are 7 modes in the game that can be played from the start, There are 4 unlockable modes,

  • Story Mode
  • Settings
  • Online Mode
  • Sound Test
  • Toadworth's DLC Center
  • Milestones
  • 8 Player Game
  • Minigames
  • Custom Characters
  • Tips
  • Gallery



Item Description


One of the oldest power ups in gaming history, The Super Mushroom!


Fire! You can shoot fireballs with the Fire Flower!

Ice Flower

This item is making me get the chills! Shoot snowballs with the Ice Flower!

Mini Mushroom

Pick on someone YOUR on size! Jump high and be fast with the Mini Mushroom!


Throw some boomerangs with the Boomerang Flower!