These are early ideas and beta elements from Super Mario: Lightning Of Death.

Early Ideas


Wario, Toadette, Rosalina, and Bowser Jr were all planned to be playable, However Wario was confirmed as DLC at Fantendo's Holiday Showcase.


You could ride on Yoshi anywhere Nintendo planned, but you could only do it on certain bonus games.

Donkey Kong

Fans e-mailed Nintendo and suggested Donkey Kong should be playable, Nintendo said maybe and just gave him a cameo.

Ashley and Red

Ashley was going to have Red everywhere she goes as a life bar, this was changed for technical issues.

Early Builds

Great! Level Cleared!

In the E3 demo of the game, when you finish a level, the game will say Great! Level Cleared! Instead, this was replaced with Level Complete!

Unused Platforms

In the E3 video of the game, There is a yellow platform with a black star pattern, This was never used in the game at all, There is also an blue and green platform with Mario's face on it.

X Near Coins

The number of coins would originally have an "x" next to it, as in the original, but this is changed in the final version.

Character Design Change

Nintendo wanted Princess Peach and Princess Daisy to remove their crown when playing as them in story mode, but Nintendo kept the crowns on.

Unused Item Outfits For Characters

Ashley had a different ice outfit, and Princess Daisy's fire outfit was pink. This was changed in EU and USA but not in JP for some reason.
Ice ashley

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