Super Mario: Legends Await is an upcoming fan game being made by RedNocturneofFlame (tbc). It's going to be an actual fan game, and it's currently being made with the SMBX Engine.


Mario, Luigi, Toad, Daisy, and Peach were at Vegetable Village, where a bunch of Toads and vegetable loving people live. The crew were just relaxing, drinking Vegetable Stew until an armada of Bowser's minions came in and kidnapped Peach. The villagers were also kidnapped and havoc strucked. The remaining four zoomed out of the house and went to the corrupted part of the village. They soon saw an armada of airships, going at a route to Peach's Castle. The crew then heard shrieking noises of the villagers, zooming out to free them from Bowser's lackeys.


Name Description Main Bosses Rulers # of  Levels
Vegetable Kingdom A kingdom that is known for its vegetables and famous food dish, "Vegetable Stew". 
  • Boom Boom
  • Morton Koopa Jr.
Sphinx Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Coral Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Shiver Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Frightening Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Cotton Cloud Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Memory Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Magma Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Mushroom Kingdom TBA TBA TBA TBA
Bowser's Neo City TBA TBA TBA TBA
Metroid Zone TBA TBA TBA TBA



Name Description Attributes Image
Mario The persistent italian plumber is ready to jump into another adventure to save the Princess and the enslaved Kingdoms from Bowser's clutches! Balanced 3DS Mario
Luigi The cowardish yet clever brother of Mario joins his brother on his quest! High Jumps  Luigiart1
Daisy The athletic princess of Sarasa Land is ready to save her friend Peach from the dastardly Koopa Troop! Able to Float Daisyrpg
Toad The short and brave helper of Princess Peach decided to stop hosting Toad Houses and join Mario for once! Fast PaperToadDTT
Link Link is a bonus character and is not part of the main story. Sword Attacks
120px-Link LOZ with items


Name Description Image
Peach The sweet princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is kidnapped once again by the unfair King Bowser. Princess Peach SPP
Toads These helpful little guys host Toad Houses; some of their houses are hidden well so Bowser and his minions won't find them. PaperToads
Friendly NPCs TBA TBA
Prince/Princess TBA TBA


Name Description Image
Bowser The big and bad Koopa King kidnapped Princess Peach and taken over every kingdom he spotted! Bowserconept SMG3
Bowser Jr. The only son of Bowser is going to be a boss in each airship. BowserjrPMSS
Koopalings Bowser's high-classed minions are going to be bosses in some of the Castles. Koopalings
Boom Booms The destructive yet dim-witted Boom Booms are going to be one of the Fortress bosses in the game. Art superMario3BoomBoom-300x246
Birdos The unfriendly Birdos return yet again to stop Mario! ItadakiBirdo
Mouser The cocky Mouser is ready to seek his revenge on Mario!
Tryclyde The hissing Tryclyde returns to cook Mario into a spaghetti meatball! 200px-TryclydeArt



Vegetable Kingdom

Name Description Star Mission
Veggie Madness A basic and easy level. In the level, you'll see destroyed and burrowed houses, as well as your first boss battle. Save all the three lost/trapped villagers.
Harvesting Grounds TBA Hidden star
Yoshi Cauliflower Valley TBA None (Key mission)
Vegetable Crusher Tower TBA None
Eggplant Mountain TBA None (Key mission)
Cucumber Cove  TBA Save all the three lost/trapped villagers.
Ghastly Pumpkin House TBA Help the Boo save his girlfriend.
Morton's Lava Castle  TBA Save the king and queen from Morton to get a star.
Blissfull Veggie Town TBA None (secret level)
Chili Pepper Mines TBA None (secret level)

Sphinx Kingdom

Name Description Star Mission
Cactus Fiasco TBA Save all the three lost/trapped villagers.
Ninji Hideout TBA TBA
Pokey Pathway TBA TBA
Quicksand Tower TBA TBA
Angry Sun's Burning Passion TBA TBA
Oasis Bay TBA TBA
Sanctuary of the Snakes TBA TBA
Larry's Spiky Castle TBA TBA
Midnight Desert TBA TBA
Golden Pyramid TBA TBA

Coral Kingdom


Name Description Image
Goomba Goombas may look menacing at first, but they're really easy chumps. One stomp should beat them, but you can also use power-ups and throwable items to defeat them as well. 440px-MPA Goomba
Paragoomba Goombas with the ability to fly. Stomping on them will lose their wings, making them a normal Goomba. Paragoombasmb3
Goombe Goombas that resemble Chesnuts. When stomped, they will be flipped over. In that state, they can be picked up and thrown. Goombe





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