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Do Not Delete!!!

Super Mario:Legends Is A Nintendo 3DS game By fireflower30, and Should Not Be Confused With Super Mario Legends


One Fine Day, Mario Was Collecting Coins, When All Of A Sudden,TBA



Luigi (Unlocked After World 2) Trait is hi-Jump

Toad (Unlocked After World 7) Trait Is Speeding


1-Boss: Fake Bowser

2-Boss:Boom Boom

3-Boss:Pom Pom

4-Boss:Motley Boss Blob




8-Boss 1: Bowser Jr.

8-Boss 2: Dry Bowser

8-Bowser:Giga Bowser

S1-Boss: Tycoon Guy

S2-Boss: Boom Boom & Pom Pom

S3-Boss: Band Guys

S4-Boss: Motley Bossblobzilla

S5-Boss: Bomber Guy

S6-Boss: Tycoon King

S7-Boss: Ultra Guy

S8-Boss:Dry Giga Bowser

True final boss: sonic.exe (all star emeralds must be collected)

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