Super Mario: Jailbreak
Developer(s) Shadoworks
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
December 19 2008 (Japan)
May 27 2000 (USA)
June 7 2009 (Europe)
June 7 2009 (Australia)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer/Stealth
Media Included Wii Disk.
Hey Mario, guess who's still alive and has Peach! Mwahahaha! You'll never get me! You're in JAIL now!
Bowser, Super Mario Jailbreak.

Super Mario Jailbreak is a video game by Nintendo. It was released in Japan on December 19, 2008, and will be released in North America on May 27, 2009, and Europe and Australia on June 7,2009. It is a platformer and stealth game for Wii. It will be published by Nintendo and developed by ShadowWorks.


The game takes place in the Mush-Mush Republic, a neighboring country to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has been thrown in jail while Bowser has come back to life as Giga Bowser and is destroying the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario needs to break out of jail and save the day!


The game is a 2-D platformer with some 3-D and stealth levels. The game has 2 kinds of levels: escapes and breakouts. It also features a health bar that can be replenished with power-ups.


During an escape sequence, Mario will need to run away from guards, mobs, police, etc. These are side-scrolling platform sequences where the screen slowly and automatically moves to the right to escape. If you get stuck, you will be "caught" and have to start over with 1 less life


Breakouts are stealth sequences where Mario will need to sneak out of somewhere or into somewhere. These are mostly 3-D, with a few 2-D ones. You will have to slowly sneak around, and running into things will raise a noise meter, which lowers over time. It can also alert others to your position. If you are discovered, you start over.


There are 10 powerups in Jailbreak, 5 returning and 5 original


Mushrooms all give back health

Super Mushroom

Gives Mario roughly 30% of his health back

Mega Mushroom

Gives about 45% health

Hyper 'Shroom

(New) Gives Mario 60% healthand turns him 2x faster and green tinted for about 10 seconds


Attacks have some effect on enemies


Makes him invincible for 10 seconds and gives 100% health when done

Fire Flower

Lets him throw fireballs until damaged

Ice Flower

(New) Lets him throw ice balls, which freeze enemies, until damaged


These prevent Mario from taking damage, along with possible enemy effects


(New) 2 fireballs circle around Mario, each absorbs 1 normal attack or 1/2 a large attack

Sonic Boom

(New) Gives 3 pulses that push all enemies just past jumping distance and kills the very weakest


(New) Takes 1 attack and throws it back at the launcher.


Yoshi allows Mario to travel at a 50% speed increase and eat enemies until damaged




The main hero who needs to rescue Peach and defeat Bowser


The villain, gets Mario into jail and kidnapps Peach

Toad Patrol

The toad police and security force; the main enemies



The Toad patrol boss


A prisoner who helps mario in the tutorial levels


A human who helps Mario escape the police in Peach City

Walkthrough (Don't worry, I wrote it)


Mario Jailbreak recieved average to good reviews from critics. It was mainly criticized for illegal story, short length, and being 2-D on the Wii. However, it was applauded for having manyt new power-ups and fresh level design. The unbalanced difficulty was also criticized, for having many easy levels and a few extremely difficult ones unevenly scattered thorugh it. IGN said "...overall, it's an alright game, but it's extremely underwhelming and suffers from many easily-solved problems..."


  • This is the 1st game where Toads are enemies (in the form of guards)
  • Lakithunder and Dorrie both make appearances
  • Peach and Luigi are never seen, though the former is mentioned in the intro
  • This is the 1st time stealth has been part of a Mario Game

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