Super Mario: Ice World is a Mario game for Nintendo Bant. It will come out worldwide on the 25th of January 2015.

It will come out also in Nintendo eShop in the same day.


One day,Giga-Fwoosh wanted to blow the sun away.He blown,blown,blown...until snowing begun...and the Mushroom Kingdom turned in ice!Then,he laughed."That was a great idea!",he said.

Can the heroes retrieve the Sun?Probably...hope!

Story ingame


The player has to complete 5 worlds full of ice.The game's a 3D game like Super Mario 64.You travel in 3D levels. The player has Power-Ups to help him in levels.


World 1-Snow Plains: A world full with snowy mountains.

World 2-Horrorous Snow: A world with mansions covered in ice.

World 3-Icy Lake: A world with lakes.

World 4-Cloud Factory: A world in the sky with Fwooshes.

World 5-Giga-Fwoosh's hideout: Upper in the sky.There is big wind.

You need the following number of Icy Stars to the levels being unlocked:

1-1: 0

1-2: 1

1-3: 3

1-4: 5

2-1: 8

2-2: 10

2-3: 13

2-4: 15

3-1: 17

3-2: 18

3-3: 21

3-4: 23

4-1: 25

4-2: 27

4-3: 30

4-4: 32

5-1: 35

5-2: 37

5-3: 39

5-4: 42

Note: You can enter the next level only if a Star from the previous level has been collected.


Mario-The main protagonist.

Luigi-Unlockable character,beat a star under 100 seconds to unlock him.

It is a bit hard 'cause you can't see the time of collecting a star.

An alternative way is to complete Star 1 on Level 5-1 (see next section for details).He has the bigest jumps.

Peach-Beat the final boss with Mario to unlock her.She can float with her umbrella.

Daisy-Same thing to unlock as Peach,but with Luigi.She is the fastest.

Tuxie-Bring him back to his mom.

Icy Stars

Each world has 4 levels and each level has 

2 Icy Stars(boss levels have 3),this making 45 Icy Stars.

Level 1-1

Star 1- For Beginners!:There is an Icy Star at the end of the level

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 1-2

Star 1- The Mountains:Scale all of the 5 mountains and you'll get the Icy Star.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 1-3

Star 1- Under the Level:If you are under a tree,get hit by his snow and you'll get under the level.In a rock,there is an Icy Star.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 1-4

Star 1- Cross the Dangerous Bridge:You need to scale the mountain that has a climbable slope. Then,you'll see a bridge with many Fly Guys and other enemies.Cross it and get the Icy Star on the other mountain.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Star 3- Sneaking Ice Bro's- Defeat two Giant Ice Bros.

Level 2-1

Star 1-The Wall that Breaks:In the mansion,you can break a part of the wall.Get the Star found there.

Star 2 -8 Red Coins

Level 2-2

Star 1-Pound the Ground:You need to Ground Pound the first brick of the second room,t

here is a Star.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 2-3

Star 1-The Bricks of Wisdom:Break the 5 Bricks in the middle of the level to reveal a secret star in the mansion's front.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins   Level 2-4

Star 1- Goombulus Race: Race Goombulus in the second mansion.Win and receive your Star.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Star 3- Mr.Luggs,the fat Boss: Defeat Mr.Luggs.

Level 3-1

Star 1- Cube Melting: You need to grab a Fire Flower and melt Ice Cubes to reveal the Star.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 3-2

Star 1- Skate Jump: The player needs to climb a hill,grab the Skate Shoes,thenslide with full speed to reach the pillar.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 3-3

Star 1- Like penguins: Kill all Spinies with a Penguin Suit and grab the Star.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 3-4

Star 1- Ice,Ice and Ice: Kill 5 enemies with an Ice Flower.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Star 3-Chief Chilly Breakdown!: Defeat Chief Chilly.

Level 4-1

Star 1-Lost in the Clouds: Avoid the Fwooshes and the Foos,and reach the Star at the end of the level.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 4-2

Star 1-Goombulus...again!: Race Goombulus once more.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 4-3

Star 1-Sky,say Mario: Form the clouds in the letters M A R I O with the Blow Gun.

Level 4-4

Star 1-Skating Madness: Grab the Skate Shoes and slide to the Star-shaped cloud.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins.

Star 3- Giant Foo Battle: Defeat Giant Foo.

Level 5-1

Star 1-Blow again: With the Blow Gun,form the clouds in the shape of letters L U I G I.This is an alternative way to unlock him.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 5-2

Star 1-The Cloud Contest: Compete with a Foo by showing how much clouds you can create with the Cloud Spray.If you win,you'll receive the Star.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 5-3

Star 1-A lost Tuxie:Carry Tuxie to his mom again.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Level 5-4

Star 1- To the Top: Reach the top of Giga-Fwoosh's castle.

Star 2- 8 Red Coins

Star 3- Final Boss:Defeat Giga-Fwoosh.

For boss battles,see here .


Ice Flower-Mario can throw ice balls in this form,that freeze enemies.

Penguin Suit-Helps Mario at sliding and headbonking enemies

Skate Shoes-Mario can slide easily,but can defeat any spiky enemies in this form.Fire Flower-The most uncommon powerup in the game.Helps mario at melting Ice Cubes.

Blow Gun-Helps Mario with blowing clouds and other things.

Cloud Spray-It can create clouds.





Koopa Troopa

Buzzy Beetle

Vortex Bro

Ice Bro




Buzzy Beetle

Spike Top



Luigi has been unlocked.

Download (10)

Game's logo.


Giga-Fwoosh,blowing away the sun.

Nintendo eShop description

Giga-Fwoosh replaced the great,sunny days with snowy ones.Can the heroes win in this cloudy war and retrieve the sun?

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