Super Mario: Horizons is a Super Mario game designed for the Wii U developed by GamerAvenue Co., It is so far the only Mario game to incorperate a timing system and has a more darker story in comparison to other Mario games which have been made other Mario games.


The Mushroom Festival is an annual event held each year, it is done to commemorate the first time mario defeated Bowser and is held in honour of his achivements. Now, on the 16th annual Mushroom Festival, people are seen enjoying themselves riding attractions and seeing the festivities of the carnival. During the afternoon and the final moments of the Mushroom Festival, In a centeral stage, Princess Peach gives a speech and bids everybody a good year, including Mario, who watches her in the sidelines. Moments after she has made her speech, Bowser and his new witch assistant Gruntilda interfere with the speech, dropping several Bob-ombs and the newly cross breed of goombas and gruntlings. Goomblings from his Doomship. One of which had made Mario black out and go into a minor coma. 5 Hours later, Mario is seen in a prison with Goombario in bowser's castle, and attempts his escape to find out what had happened to Peach.

(More to come)


The gameplay is reminicent to that of Super Mario 64, the player roams around in a 3D world and can freely jump in any direction using the analog stick. The player can use the A button to jump, the B button to execute a spinning attack and the X/Y Buttons to use a powerup.

(More to come)


Mario - The Main Hero

Bowser - The Main Villian

Peach - Damsel in Distress

Gruntilda- Bowsers New Witch Assistant Replacing Kamek

Goombario - A Secondery Hero Aiding Mario Since He Woke Up In Bowser's Castle

Bomb Jars - A Bob-omb General Who Teaches Mario His Moves From His Many Silos

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