Super Mario: Hit & Run! is a Mario game, They are replacing The Simpsons characters with Mario characters.


It's like The Simpsons: Hit & Run!


  • Mario-Homer Simpson
  • Luigi-Marge Simpson
  • Toad-Bart Simpson
  • Peach-Lisa Simpson
  • Baby Mario-Maggie Simpson
  • Bowser-Mr. Burns
  • Bowser Jr.-Ned Flaners
  • The Mushroom Kingdom Citizins-The Springfieldens
  • The Toad Cops-The Springfield Cops
  • Yoshi-Spiderpig


  1. Princess Peach's Castle
  2. The Mushroom Kingdom
  3. Pesky Pursuit
  4. Yoshi's Island
  5. Bowser's Castle
  6. Mushroom Jail Break
  7. Outside of Mushroom Jail
  8. The Big Escape

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