Super Mario: Game Over is a Mario RPG released in 2010. The plot revolves around the Cavern Kingdom Annual Games. Mario, Luigi, Peach and their friends are invited to participate in a mysterious yearly celebration in the neighboring Cavern Kingdom.


Mario and Luigi go to Peach's Castle to attend her banquet where she would make her Royal Announcement. She opens a letter and begins to read, "Greetings, citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. King Clove of the Cavern Kingdom cordially invites the two greatest heroes and warriors from each kingdom, along with an entourage of allies including the princess, to come to the Cavern Kingdom Annual Games tomorrow, " she finished, adding, "I have chosen our representatives to come and compete- these lucky ones are Mario and Luigi! And you all are invited to come and spectate!" Mario, Peach and Luigi take an airplane to the Cavern Kingdom. There, they are greeted by Tank, an Easton native, and Puck, a Mudan Shark in a high-tech water bubble, the representatives from Sarasaland, and Juklo and Marmla, the Bean Bean Kingdom Representatives. Other kingdoms represented are Big Island, Dinosaur Land, Grass Land, Cavern Kingdom and worst, Dark Land. The Dark Land Representatives, Ludwig von Koopa and Bowser, were surprisingly kind. The Eight Princesses are seated around the empty arena and given special glasses to view the games, which take place in a virtual reality game. Princess Wendy is not present, but they begin anyway. Then there is a large electrical shock and all sixteen competitors stop. Then the princesses and all the spectators are automatically strapped to their chairs and Lemmy Koopa is heard on the intercom. "The games are now turned on elimination mode, eternally trapping all who are defeated. The winner will be awarded with riches that last forever and will get to free the other representative from their imprisonment. Only one can be left at the end. Have fun!" Thus, the games begin.


The duo are controlled by one player (unless in two player mode) and must avoid the Koopalings traps and fight monsters. At any given moment, the duo could run into another contestant, some of whom have formed alliances. The opponents are:


-Puck and Juklo

-The Big Gang (Marmla and the Big Island contestants)

-Boshi (Dinosaur Land)

-Yeppleson (Dinosaur Land)

-The Grass Land contestants

-Prince Cavon (Cavern Kingdom)

-The Black Knight (Cavern Kingdom)

-Bowser and Ludwig

Every time a contestant/group is defeated, they lose power. When they lose all power, they are sent into imprisonment. After the first contestant/group is defeated, Mario and Luigi begin to look for a way to bring the contestants out of imprisonment. They eventually undo the effects of the entire games after Bowser is defeated.