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Super Mario: Galactic Journey
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
Holiday 2013
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Media Included Wii U Disc, 3DS cartridge
 Super Mario: Galactic Journey is the third game in the Super Mario Galaxy series, developed by Electric Enterprises. It is planned to be for both the Wii U and 3DS. It has a rumored release date of December 2013, and a rating of E.

In this game, Peach is not kidnapped, but Bowser is wrecking havoc in the galaxy once again. So this time, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi come to stop Bowser.


In the beginning of the story, Mario and Luigi are having a picnic with Princess Peach. All of a sudden, the Toad Brigade run up with bad news. They found out that Bowser will be coming to try to kidnap Princess Peach again. So they ran off and found Wario and Waluigi to help fight Bowser this time. Very soon, just as the Toads predicted, a giant Bowser flew off of his airship. Bowser Jr. followed, flying in his Koopa Clown Car. Bowser laughed. "Think you can stop me? Think again, pipeheads! I've got the power of the planets with me!" And with one thrust of his fist, a small planet flew down, falling in front of the five and Toads. The Toads ran in fear, Peach returned to her castle, running, and the four plumbers ran up to Bowser.

But Bowser was too quick for them. "Still trying to stop me, fools? Well, then, have a taste of GRAVITY!" With one swift move, Bowser thrusted his hand upwards, reversing gravity for the four plumbers, and they all flew into space.


Image Character Description
MarioGalaxyArt Mario

The hero in red is back to save the day! This time, he has gained help from two of his rivals, Wario and Waluigi. Out of the four characters, Mario is the most balanced and is the easiest to control. He also has a red Luma underneath his cap.

LuigiMarioParty7-1 Luigi Luigi is Mario's younger brother and is ready to rescue Princess Peach...again. Luigi has the highest jump out of the four, and does not have very good power and has a normal-sized jump. He also does his Spin Jump with the green Luma under his cap.
Warioooo Wario TBA
Waluigi-BoardWin-MP9 Waluigi TBA


There are six worlds, plus two special. There are five to eight galaxies in a world, and a total of six levels in a galaxy. There are these levels: The first three are normal, one secret star, one purple or red coin challenge, and a Prankster Comet.

World 0: The Journey Begins

Galaxy Title Description How to Unlock Levels Level Description Boss(es)
Princess Castle This galaxy takes place in front of Peach's Castle, as well as an area around it. It also goes onto a nearby planet where the four heroes learn the basics of the game. They find the first Grand Star in this galaxy. Begin the game. The Rescue of a Grand Star The level starts with Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi noticing Bowser attack, stronger than ever. They try to stop him, but Bowser flings them up into space and onto a small planet. There they find a Star Bunny and a Luma, who tell them about their quest. They then fly through a string of planets and fight three Grand Goombas at the end. Upon defeating the giant Goombas, the Grand Star is found. N/A
The Castle's Secret Room This level, along with the following Red Coin Challenge, is accessible after gaining re-entry into the galaxy. In this level, you must not go towards Bowser but enter Princess Peach's Castle. There you explore and eventually find a Power Star.
Red Coins in the Grand Star's Prison The first Red Coin challenge takes place in the room where you fought the three Grand Goombas. You have a limit of ninety seconds to grab all eight Red Coins and gain a Power Star.

World 1: Shooting Through the Stars

Galaxy Title Description How to Unlock Levels Level Description Boss(es)
Flowered Plains Galaxy A large planet that goes in a rectangular shape. It also has smaller planets in between. There are many bridges and signposts to help you. Many simple enemies invade this galaxy. Complete 'The Rescue of a Grand Star'. Mega Piranha's Assault The player lands in front of a Luma, who tells them about Mega Piranha. Mario then goes throughout the planets, saving Lumas and collecting Star Bits. He then flies to Mega Piranha's planet, where he awakens the plant from its egg. The fight is similar to Dino Piranha's fight. Once defeated, Mega Piranha explodes and reveals the Power Star. Mega Piranha
The Bloom of the Baby Yoshi Mario lands in front of a Luma once again. He tells Mario about the Baby Yoshi eggs that landed around the galaxy. Mario uses the Baby Yoshis to his advantage, flying around and spitting bubbles. At the end, he finds a Magenta Baby Yoshi egg. Mario must float to the star, avoiding Lakitus and Paragoombas.
Painting the Plains Mario lands and is once again greeted by the Luma. He shows Mario the Paint Flower and explains it. Using Paint Mario, Mario must use his painting abilities to rebuild the plains in a time limit, and is then greeted with a star.
Mega Piranha's Speed Run The level is similar to Mega Piranha's Assualt, except with a 2 minute, 30 second time limit. Also, you are not greeted by the Luma, as that would waste time. In fact, while talking to anyone time still goes on.
The Secret of the Painted Bridge You must play through the level, Painting the Plains, until you reach a spot where you must paint a bridge to cross. Once created, use your paint powers on a lone green area on the bridge. Once completely white, a Green Star reveals itself.
Baby Yoshi's Purple Coins In the level, The Bloom of the Baby Yoshi, there are 100 purple coins scattered around the level. Collect them all to earn your star.
Electric Enterprises
Active projects Rocky's Super Smash Bros. 1st Priority

Epic Warriors 2nd Priority

Nintendo RACEWAY 3rd Priority

Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity '4th Priority

Bagon Bacon: The Game 5th Priority

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Super Mario: Galactic Journey

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Elite Fighters

Projects Planned NinJon 2

Return of the Epic Warriors


Animal Crossing: U Play (tentative title)

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