Super Mario: Fate of Nintendo Worlds
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Developer(s) A & D company
Publisher(s) A & D company
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Multiplayer (Unlockable)
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Genre(s) Platforms
Media Included Wii Optical Disk

WARNING: This is Nocturnpatto8's fan game, don't edit without his permission.

Super Mario: Fate of Nintendo Worlds is a fictional videogame developed by A & D company it has got the classic Mario platforming style.


Mario and his friends are having a picnic, but sudenly, a giant void apears and Fawful and Tabuu appear, Tabuu attacks Mario and sends him to Mushroom Grasslands. Tabuu and Fawful are seen kidnaping Nintendo's most important characters and Mario is the only one who can save them.


The gameplay of this game is jus like the New Super Mario Bros. series and has the same controls than NSMBWii. The Multiplayer mode is unlocked after beating World 1: Mushroom World.


  • World 2: Hyrule: This kingdom has also been attacked by Tabuu and Fawful, there are a lot of Cuccos here that Mario can use to fall slowly.
  • World 3: Planet Zebes: A planet full of weird species, be careful with Metroids!
  • Word 4: Dream Land: A very happy land that is inhabited by very differnt enemies.
    * World 5: Corneria: A space system. You'll need to fly to advance...
    * World 6: Pikmin Planet: A weird planet inhabited with carnivore beasts, so watch out!
    * World 7: Kong Island: A tropical island that conects with various worlds.
    * World 8: Fawful Kingdom: A world ruled by Fawful, here, you will face him.

After defeating Fawful, you can enter in different versions of the worlds.

  • World D: Dark Matter: The dark side of the universe, here, enemies apear from black holes.
  • World E: Venom: This planet is poisonous! Don't let them destroy your helmet!
  • World H: Subespace: Your final challenge awaits here, Tabuu's minions won't let you reach their leader.
  • Shop World: Smashville: In this world, you can buy items from Tom Nook, this world is avilable from the begining.

Downloadable Worlds

In the Nintendo eShop, players can buy new worlds for the game. These are the worlds avilable:


Zelda Series

More coming soon...


Mario Bosses

  • Bowser Jr.: You fight him in the airship of world 1, he's in his Clown Car.
  • Bowser: He's in the first castle, press the switch to beat him.
  • Big Bowser: He's in the Big Castle of world 1, you have to press the switch again to defeat him.
  • King Boo: The boss of the Mansion of world A, you have to throw him Blue Blocks.
  • Dry Bowser: He's in the castle of world A, he's just like his living counterpartert.
  • Big Dry Bowser: You fight him in the Big Castle of World A, you have to reach the top the castle and press the switch.
  • Mibdus: He's the boss in the first castle of world 8, ground pound him when he is upside-down.
  • Fawful: He's in the second castle of world 8, jump on him when he leaves his jetpack.
  • Overlord Fawful: A giant version of Fawful that stays in the Dark Star tower, attack him with the Bowser Mushroom.

Zelda Bosses

  • Darknut: He's in the themple of world 2, burn his armor to make his weak point visible.
  • Ganondorf: He's in the castle of world 2, deflect his attacks by dodging them and then attack!
  • Ganon: He's in the tower of world 2, attack him when he's visible.
  • Stalfos: He's in the first tomb level, ground pound him when he's not protecting.
  • Master Stalfos: Various stalfos are protecting him, freeze them and throw them to their master.
  • Stallord: He's in the deepest part of Spirit Temple, freeze the Stalkin and throw them at his segments.

Metroid Bosses

  • Kraid: Attack him like mad or he will crush you!
  • Ridley: Attack him when he is stuck in the floor!
  • Mother Brain: She is in her dinosaur form, dodge the rays and the Metroids and bomb her feet.
  • Yakuza: A mutant spider that lives in the BSL Reactor Room, destroy its web and ground pound over it.
  • Meta Ridley: A stronger version of Ridley, he does the same, but he stays more hits.
  • Metroid Queen: A big Metroid that llives in the exit of BSL. Freeze her a lot of times!

Kirby Bosses

  • Meta Knight: The masked warrior can only be defeated by deflecting his tornadoes ground pounding with the Propeller Block.
  • Marx: This traitor is located in the tower of world 4, crush him with propeller blocks.
  • Zero: Shoot him eggs with Chicken Mario while you fly in the space.
  • Galacta Knight: He's just like Meta Knight, but it takes more hits to defeat.
  • Marx Soul: A stronger version of Marx, he has got more attacks.
  • Zero Two: In this fight, you'll need the Sky Pop, shoot at his eye and his bandage.

StarFox Bosses

Pikmin Bosses

  • Burrowing Snagret: Ground pound on his head three times, you have to climb to attack.
  • Beady Long Legs: Destroy his legs and kick his head to a bottomless pit.
  • Emperor Bulblax: Make him eat bombs or ground pound him various times.
  • Pileated Snagret: Just like B. Snagret, but his head is higher and he takes five hits.
  • Man-at-Legs: He only has got two breakable legs, but each one takes three hits and he shoots you.
  • Titan Dweevil: Destroy all of his weapons by hiting them 5 times each.

DK Bosses

  • Krow: Use his eggs to reach his head or shoot him with Chicken Mario.
  • Kludge: Evitate his attacks until some Bob-Ombs fall along to shoot him.
  • King K. Rool: This fight is very similar to Donkey Kong Country one, but shorter.
  • Kreepy Krow: Fight him as Boo Mario, reach the top of the boat without touching the light and then attack him with a Glowing Block.
  • King Kut Out: Use the cannons to shoot yourself to him, hit him 9 times.
  • Kerozene: Throw barrels to his hands various times and then hit his head 3 times.

Smash Bros. Bosses

  • Duon: Attack him with any power-up and dodge his attacks with the springs.
  • Master Hand & Crazy Hand: Pretty similar fight to Duon's one and the SSBM one.
  • Tabuu: Attack him with any Power-ups and when he uses his wings, use a Starman.

Pokémon Bosses

  • Mewtwo: Bones are super effective to him!
  • Genesect: A human-made Pokémon, fire does a lot of damage to him.
  • Zekrom: This titan is almost invincible! Maybe a dragon would deal more damage...

Kid Icarus Bosses

  • Pandora: The godess of deceit, ice and bombs are her weaknesses!
  • Medusa: Battle her with the red star, be careful with her claws!
  • Hades: He's huge! You are over him, destroy his laser shooters!

Yoshi Bosses

  • Kamek: This fight is jut like in NSMBW, but you can use Yoshis here.
  • Baby Bowser: Jump on the switch to beat him, a man's strategy never changes.
  • Big Baby Bowser: Scape from his punches and get to the top of the structure, then, press the switch.

Wario Bosses

  • Spoiled Rotten: An easy boss, ground pound him or shoot him with any power-up.
  • Golden Diva: Throw her attacks back to she and then ground pound on her head.
  • Rudy the Clown: Attack his hands and then destroy his head with iron blocks!

EarthBound Bosses

  • Starman: Battle him with the sky pop, he will try to deflect your attacks back at you.
  • Porky Minch: Destroy his machine's legs and ground pound his cabin five times.
  • Giygas: Throw glowing blocks at him when he is gonna attack you.



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