All the Beta Elements from Super Mario: Exploring New Lands.

  • A planet was originally going to be featured which resembled the Giant World from Super Mario Bros. 3. The world's name was unknown at the time and the boss resembles a large and mutated version of Petey Piranha. The planet was cut out for unknown reasons.
  • The Dragon Suit was originally going to be a power-up, but Flying Squirrel Mario was added instead.
  • Boshi was originally going to appear, but Bunty took the role in late development.
  • Geno and Mallow were originally going to be Player 3 and Player 4, but Master Productions decided to add Peach and Daisy instead, as Geno and Mallow were NPCs in the final version.
  • Valleyrude which is a known planet in the game was originall going to be the third planet, but was moved to the fourth and Waterway took it's place.

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