Super Mario: Elemental Journey is a 3D Platformer in the vein of Super Mario 64. It is part of the Exotendo Super Mario Bros. series, taking place after Super Mario Maker Phi. This installment features new elemental stars for Mario and other characters to collect as well as stacking power-ups.


The gameplay is based off the Super Mario 64 and Galaxy games. Characters are controlled with the analog stick and can jump with the V2Action Red. The trigger buttons works makes characters crouch, do somersaults and do long jumps. Some characters can also triple jump by jumping with precise timing three times, each time jumping higher than before. The lower trigger buttons center the camera behind characters, while the D-Pad can adjust the camera angle manually. By pressing up on the d-pad, the player can enter a first person perspective.

The player chooses a character via the Character Pipe in the Hub World they are currently at or selects a character before the course begins, similar to Super Mario 3D World. Characters can also collect multiple power-ups and have their effects stack, as opposed to previous games that overwrote the player's abilities when they used a different power-up. This allows for interesting combinations such as Fire Bunny Mario or Oni Ice Marble Rosalina. Additionally, characters become more powerful when using certain powerups as the game progresses and the player collects more Elemental Stars.


After defeating Themis again, Mario and the others return home via Rosalina's Comet Observatory when they bump into a lighthouse. It turns out to be the Cosmic Lighthouse, home to Cosmetta, Rosalina's sister who hasn't seen her in years. They two reunite and then realizes that Cosmetta is about to destroy a planet with a black hole. Rosalina stops Cosmetta but the planet she was just about to destroy breaks apart to reveal a villainous creature named Khrysalis and the Elemental Stars, a villain who blasts the observatory and lighthouse away. Cosmetta shoots at Khrysalis with a black hole gun. Rosalina realizes that the black hole merely relocated Khrysalis into a alternate dimension.

In this alternate dimension, Khrysalis is able to control The Comet Observatory, The Cosmic Lighthouse, Peach's Castle, and Daisy's Kingdom as they soon realize. Khrysalis kidnaps the Toads, the Lumas, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy with representations of Themis, Bowser, Tatanga, and Slanito. The Elemental Stars were scattered due to Cosmetta's attack and Rosalina realizes that they need to use the Elemental Stars to defeat Khrysalis. Mario, Luigi, Rosalina, and Cosmetta head to find the Elemental Stars to fight Khrysalis and defeat her once and for all.

As they collect the Baron Keys, they find a door that follows them from hubworld to hubworld with four locks, each fitting one of the Baron Keys.



Character Information
SMBRun Mario


MarioIcon SMEJ

The most balanced character and one of the four you'll start the game with. He has no special abilities. He is one of the few characters that can use Fire Flowers and gains more power the more Fire Stars are collected.

Rosalina MP10


RosalinaIcon SMEJ

Rosalina is a slower character who can spin jump for some extra air and stun enemies with. She is one of the four characters you'll be starting with. She is one of the few characters that can use Ice Flowers and gains more power the more Water Stars are collected.

Luigi (recoloration) finish


LuigiIcon SMEJ

Luigi is Mario's less noticed brother. He is one of the four characters you'll be starting with. Although he is envious of his brother's successes, he understands his place in the world. Luigi is more slippery than Mario but jumps higher, which can even be charged to be a moonjump, which goes down slower. He is one of the few characters that can use Thunder Flowers and gains more power the more Thunder Stars are collected.

Cosmetta 3D by Ziegs


CosmettaIcon SMEJ

Rosalina's sister who was recently reunited with her sister. She is one of the four characters you'll be starting with. Interacting with actual people for the first time in what seems forever, she can come off as a little mean even if she doesn't mean to. Cosmetta is a bit slower but she's arguably the most powerful character in terms of abilities, with the power to charge up black-holes to suck up enemies and objects. She is one of the few characters that can use Earth Flowers and gains more power the more Earth Stars are collected.


Character Information
Peach - Mario Party 10


PeachIcon SMEJ

Unlocked when the player defeats the Fire Baron. Peach is the rightful owner of the Mushroom Kingdom and has the ability to float through the air without a Super Carrot. She is slower than Mario but not as slow as Cosmetta. She is one of the few characters that can use Fire Flowers and gains more power the more Fire Stars are collected.



WarioIcon SMEJ

Unlocked when the player defeats the Water Baron. Wario is a greedy treasure hunter and is somehow both muscular and obese. He has a shoulder charge that lets him charge into enemies or gain a quick bit of ground. He is one of the slowest characters in the game. He is one of the few characters that can use Ice Flowers and gains more power the more Water Stars are collected.

Daisy MP10


DaisyIcon SMEJ

Unlocked when the player defeats the Thunder Baron. Daisy is the rightful ruler of Sarasaland and her castle contained within. Daisy is very fast, one of the faster characters in the game, and can shoot from behind her head using her third eye. She is one of the few characters that can use Thunder Flowers and gains more power the more Thunder Stars are collected.


Koopa Kid


Unlocked when the player defeats the Earth Baron. Koopa Kid used to be Bowser's son figure until Bowser Jr. came into the picture and he was seemingly forgotten about. Koopa Kid now wants to be a hero and help Mario and his friends. Koopa Kid can breathe fire for a short amount of time before burning out and his ground stomps have a larger radius. He is suprisingly kind of fast but a lot of his moves reset his momentum. He is one of the few characters that can use Earth Flowers and gains more power the more Earth Stars are collected.



Any second now...


Some of these just appear in levels and give you pointers on how to do things or will give you an idea of how to get the Elemental Stars.

Character Information

Bullet Billie

Appears in Firesmoked Hills. She tells the player how to use the Bullet Suit and gives the player an idea of where Fry Guy is located.

Koopa the Quick

Appears in several courses as a racer that the player must beat for one of the Elemental Stars.

Metal Mario

Appears in Mystical Metal Cave as a racer that the player must beat for a Fire Star. He is very cocky and smug, stating he will beat the inferior organic metal life forms.


Appears in Bunny Hole Burrows. Now a father to a giant family, MIPS hasn't changed too much since the last time Mario saw him. This time when Mario chases him, him and his children pass around the Thunder Star to keep it out of Mario's hands. You'll have to use the Super Carrot to get the drop on them.


Appears in Nimbus Station 9. This Lakitu just wants his cloud, but the package it was in fell in the lower rungs of Nimbus Station 9. After giving his package back, he joins you in the fight against Lakithunder.


Appears in Nimble Nabbit Kingdom. Lillian is a Nabbit that wants to overthrow King Nabbit, and with her two other friends, she hopes to accomplish that. She helps you break into the castle itself.


Appears in Nimble Nabbit Kingdom. Oriel is a Nabbit that wants to overthrow King Nabbit, and with his two other friends, he hopes to accomplish that. Oriel will sneak around past guards and steal their stuff if you let him.


Appears in Nimble Nabbit Kingdom. Cookie is a Nabbit that wants to overthrow King Nabbit, and with his two other friends, he hopes to accomplish that. Cookie is eager to provide a jumping boost into the vents while inside the castle.
SheriffShyGuy EJ

Sheriff Shy Guy

Appears in Chain Chomp Ranch. Sheriff Shy Guy teaches Mario and friends how to ride the Cow Chomp and offers missions to take down some wranglers around the ranch.


Power-Ups stack in this game, meaning that the player can have multiple powers to utilize at the same time. Some powers can be written over and some power-ups are exclusive to certain characters, but the player can play around with the variety of power-ups in many unique ways.

Character Information
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8)


The Mushroom is an all-time classic power-up. When you're small and on your last hit, the Mushroom makes you normal size and gives you just one more hit to take.

Fire Flower

Another all time classic power-up. This flower transforms characters into a fire form which is able to throw fireballs which bounce three times before disappearing into the air. These become powered up the more Fire Stars you collect.
IceFlower LTL

Ice Flower

It's appeared before, but this flower transforms characters into a ice form which is able to throw ice balls which bounce three times before disappearing into the air. These turn enemies into ice, which can be picked up and thrown at other enemies or become temporary platforms. These become powered up the more Water Stars you collect.

Thunder Flower

This flower transforms characters into a thunder form which is able to throw thunder which shoots straight without bouncing, zapping enemies and electrifying objects. These become powered up the more Thunder Stars you collect.

Earth Flower

This flower transforms characters into a earth form which is able to throw dirt balls which roll on the ground, becoming bigger as long as they're touching ground and can become temporary platforms. These become powered up the more Earth Stars you collect.

Bullet Suit

A limited use power-up similar to the Cloud Flower. It shoots the character forward in the direction they were facing until they reach a wall or stay in the air for 15 seconds before allowing them to drop. It has three charges before the player loses it. This power-up doesn't really stack, however you will not lose any of your power-ups if you use all three charges.

Marble Mushroom

The Marble Mushroom allows characters to take 10 extra hits before reverting to their normal form and allows them to do a hard slide that crushes anything in his way with a uneasy breaking system. This power-up does stack with the other Power-ups, however, you take less hits the more power-ups you have stacked on you.

Solar Mushroom

The Solar Mushroom allows the character to release a powerful one-time explosion of solar power that turns the stage into it's Day Form and removes all the power-ups they've collected on them.

Lunar Mushroom

The Lunar Mushroom allows the character to release a powerful one-time explosion of lunar power that turns the stage into it's Night Form and removes all the power-ups they've collected on them.

Nega Mushroom

The Nega Mushroom allows characters to slip into "Negaverse" cracks, making them black and white. Since these cracks are so thin, these segments are more akin to 2D sidescrolling. All prior power-ups stack. An additional effect while using the Nega Mushroom is that ground stomps travel out farther in a wave, knocking any enemy away within the ground pound's radius.
Chicken Suit

Chicken Suit

The Chicken Suit transforms characters into a Chicken Form. In this form they can float down slowly and throw eggs similar to fireballs but with less of a bounce and ineffective against fire or water based enemies. This power-up is overwritten by any of the flowers.

Oni Apple

The Oni Apple transforms players into a Oni Form, who can create thundering cloud platforms that move to the left after three seconds and allows them to walk on lava. The clouds and lava walking effects carry over even when the player is using another power-up.

Super Carrot
Art by Peardian

The Super Carrot gives the player the ability to float in mid-air but also charge a super hop that gives a ton of vertical distance. This power-up stacks with just about everything, making it very useful to find.

Cape Feather

The Cape Feather gives characters a cape, which they can use to swipe at enemies with and fly after running. Caped characters can ascend and descend, and can fly for a very long period of time if the player is skilled enough to pull it off. One stray wind will send the player barreling down though!

Blue Shell

The Blue Shell lets players swim faster, and gives them the Hammer Suit-like ability to dodge the attacks of enemies when they crouches. As long as they keep ducking, they will be safely protected from most enemies. They can also Shell Dash by running or sliding fast enough however jumping becomes extremely hard and requires quick reflexes. This stacks with most of the power-ups.

Magma Shell

The Magma Shell lets players swim through lava (not in water though, that acts as lava in the player's case now), and gives them the Hammer Suit-like ability to dodge the attacks of enemies when they crouches. As long as they keep ducking, they will be safely protected from most enemies. They can also Shell Dash by running or sliding fast enough however jumping becomes extremely hard and requires quick reflexes. The Shell Dash also leaves behind a trail of fire that can take out otherwise hard to kill enemies. This stacks with most of the power-ups but replaces the Blue Shell if the player has it. It also gains some extra power the more Fire Stars a player collects.

Biddybud Shell

Allows the player to briefly fly for five seconds, even more if they collect coins. It also removes the character's ability to stomp, meaning that they will just stand or bounce off normally stompable enemies like Goombas. It also causes any nearby Biddybugs to follow the player similar to a certain captain, allowing the player to utilize them as platforms or as a weapon. The Biddybud Shell also allows players to stick to certain surfaces and climb them.
TechnocolorMushroom EJ

Technocolor Mushroom


Use the Technocolor Mario amiibo from Nintendo 30 to summon this mystical power-up. It allows you to fly over pits and go through any enemy without stopping. No stars you collect will be counted; this is just for fun.


Classic Mushroom


Use the Mario 30th Anniversary Collection amiibo from Super Mario Maker to summon this pixellated Mushroom that allows you to play as an 8-bit version of any of the characters. This gives you three extra hits and the heart system from Super Mario Bros. 2.


Image Info
Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
A simple coin. Collect 100 of these and get an extra life. It's as easy as that.
RedCoin LTL
Red Coin
These coins only show up in a certain area and they are often close together. If you collect them all, a Elemental Star will appear, allowing you to collect it.
Jade Coin
These coins are super rare and only have a 1/100th chance of replacing a normal coin. They are worth 50 coins alone and they give you a 1-Up regardless of your actual coin count.
Radioactive Coin
These coins are a bit harder to get because they only drop randomly from enemies. They count towards the total coin count and are no longer exclusively for buying characters like in Underground and Multiverse Degeneration.
Warp Pipe
Use green pipes these to warp to other areas in the course or Hub World.
Clear Pipe Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Clear Pipe
Clear Pipes are pipes which make their debut in Super Mario 3D World. Like Warp Pipes, they are used for traveling distances too far for a normal jump to reach. Unlike Warp Pipes, however, Clear Pipes are transparent, and the player can change direction while in one. Additionally, the player automatically enters vertical Clear Pipes without having to press a button. While traveling through Clear Pipes, the player cannot attack and is therefore vulnerable to any enemies inside them. The player can also throw projectiles inside of Clear Pipes.
Amber Pipe Artwork - Super Mario Elemental Journey
Amber Pipe
Amber Pipes are like Clear Pipes in that you can see what's in them, but they're much slower than clear pipes. You can use a cork trap an enemy or boss inside of them, as well as a projectile.
Copper Pipe
These Copper Pipes spit out enemies and won't stop unless you put a cork on it.
Pixel Pipe on 1983-2017
The Pixel Pipe allows characters to enter the 8-Bit Murals seen across walls or floors, taking a more traditional route to platforming.
Character Pipe
Introduced in Super Mario Star Journey, these pipes allow players to change characters in the four hub worlds. Unlike Star Journey, there is only one pipe and it merely brings up a menu that allows the player to choose from a list of character icons.
Star Pipe
These Star Pipes blast the player off into the sky. Useful if you have a flying power-up.
Aurora Pipe Artwork - Super Mario Elemental Journey
Aurora Pipe
The Aurora Pipe blasts the player running with the effects of a Star power-up. These pipes are key in some races. Characters warp in and out of these pipes much much faster than usual pipes as well.
Opal Pipe Artwork - Super Mario Elemental Journey
Opal Pipe
The Opal Pipe sends character to bonus areas and are very very well hidden.
Wooden Cork
These will shut off Copper Pipes for a minute in real-time before the enemies chew their way through.
Golden Cork
These will shut off Copper Pipes forever unless the player deattaches the cork from the Copper Pipe.
Propeller Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Propeller Box
A Propeller Box is a power-up first seen in Super Mario 3D Land. The player is able to wear it over their bodies. The blades of the propeller can be used to rapidly fly into the air to a great height, and then slowly fall back down towards the ground. The Propeller Box is lost once the player finishes a level, but an extra life is rewarded. While wearing a Propeller Box, nobody can use attacks.
Light Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Light Box
A Light Box is an object that first appeared in Super Mario 3D World. It can be worn over the player's body. Light Boxes can be found and worn by players in certain levels. Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character and the lamp on the front will emit a beam of light, which can be used to not only light up any dark spaces in front of the player, but also to defeat ghost enemies, such as Peepas, Boos and Big Boos, a method similar to that of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. However, unlike the aforementioned games, the beam of light must be shone on the enemy for a short period of time to defeat it.
Dark Box
The Dark Box is an object that makes it's debut in Super Mario: Elemental Journey. It can be worn over the player's body like the Light Box. Upon wearing it, the box will emit a beam of darkness as opposed to light. This darkness is so dense that an enemy will not see you even if you're right in front of him, however the player must have the dark beam directly on the enemy. It can also be used to help Boo Beatrice cross across areas of extreme light.
Bug Zapper Box
The Bug Zapper Box is an object that makes it's debut in Super Mario: Elemental Journey. It attracts insects and Goombas to it's enchanting light, only to stun or defeat them as soon as they touch Mario and friends. It can also shoot a orb of light out, harming anyone in it's way.
Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D World
Cannon Box
The Cannon Box is an item that first appeared in Super Mario 3D World. Cannon Boxes are first found as ? Blocks, but after being hit once, the actual Cannon Box is revealed. The player can then hit it once again, causing them to wear it over their body. The color of the Cannon Box changes to match the character that is wearing it. While using a Cannon Box, characters can fire cannonballs from a cannon on the front of the box; the projectiles can also be charged before being fired, which increases the distance they travel and allows the player to hold their fire. Cannonballs fired can collect coins and other items, as well as break cracked walls and Grey Brick Blocks. Unlike other items, the cannonballs can damage the other players unless they are in their Invincible form or Mega form.
Warp Box
Warp Boxes are square objects appearing in Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World. Warp Boxes are orange, outlined clear boxes with exclamation marks on the sides. When characters run into a Warp Box, they are teleported to another Warp Box in another area.
Goomba Hat Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Goomba Mask
Introduced in 3D World, the Goomba Mask is a mask of a Goomba that makes the player look similar to a Goomba. Upon wearing it, some enemies capable of noticing the character's presence will not recognize the player nor attack them. Also, Spotlights will not react if the player is within sight. However, contact with enemies will still cause damage, removing the mask. Power-ups cannot be used, but Peach's float is still usable.
Universal Keys
A mysterious Mario-like figure with a key on their head that players have copy their movements from a distance to open doors or power and machines. They have no method of attack and are controlled via wand.


Animals which Mario and friends can ride on for some levels.

Image Info
Plessie Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Plessie is a large, friendly nothosaur that debuted in Super Mario 3D World. To control Plessie, players can tilt the control stick or the control pad, depending on the controller. To speed up, players can tilt up, and to slow down, players can tilt down. Players can also press the jump button to jump, which can be used to defeat enemies and reach higher ground.
Fluzzard is a shy bird character that made his first appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Players must control Fluzzard by pointing the joystick in the direction they want to go. Pointing it upwards makes Fluzzard slow down and gain minimal height. Pointing it downwards makes him execute a fast nose-dive. Moving it towards either side causes Fluzzard to tilt towards that side.
Cow Chomp
Originating from New Super Mario Bros: The Underground, Sheriff Shy Guy teaches you how to ride it. Players must control the Cow Chomp by moving it in the direction they want it to do. The Cow Chomp moves by jumping, so it's a very frantic and hard to control ride, but not too much to be frustrating.

Hub Worlds

There are four initial hubworlds, each with their own unique set of stars and levels. Each world has a Baron, a final boss of sorts that holds a Baron Key. Each Baron must be defeated to open the last world. The player can switch from hub world to hub world using the portal gates.

Peach's Castle


Peach's Castle is the first hubworld and is home to all of the Fire Stars. The Baron of this Hub World is Painted Bowser. The player must navigate the hubworld's levels by going into paintings similar to Super Mario 64.

Comet Observatory


The Comet Observatory is the second hubworld and is home to all of the Water Stars. The Baron of this Hub World is Holo Themis. The player must navigate the hubworld's levels by shooting off into galaxies similar to Super Mario Galaxy.

Daisy's Kingdom


Daisy's Kingdom is the third hubworld and is home to all of the Thunder Stars. The Baron of this Hub World is Clone Tatanga. The player must navigate the hubworld's levels by going around Sarsaland similar to Super Mario Sunshine.

Cosmic Lighthouse


Cosmic Lighthouse is the fourth hubworld and is home to all of the Earth Stars. The Baron of this Hub World is Nega Slanito. The player must navigate the hubworld's levels by steering the Cosmic Lighthouse into galaxies similar to Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The player must go through many courses to collect the elemental stars.

Fire Star Courses

Course Mission(s) Mission Information
Firesmoked Hills----

Available at the start.

A grassland stage filled with fire spitting piranha plants and bullet bill blasters. Bullet Billie is her as a friendly NPC who shows the player how to use the Bullet Suit. The boss of this course is Fry Guy, who appears in a hidden cave.

FireStarSMEJ Lift Off! Use the Bullet Suit to get to the floating Fire Star in the distance.
FireStarSMEJ Island in the Sky This mission's goal is to collect the Fire Star located on top of a floating island.
FireStarSMEJ Race with Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick challenges the player to a race. Use the Bullet Suit and shortcuts to beat him.
FireStarSMEJ Into the Frying Pan Battle Fry Guy in the Smoke Cave. You must use the Bullet Suit to activate water switches to flood the cave.
Wasteland of the Giants----

Unlocked once you have three Fire Stars.

Where Morton Sr's castle used to stand. The castle was destroyed by Mario's father but remnants of Project Giants still exist. It has been reclaimed by mushrooms for the most part, but many of the marble ruins still exist. Dry Morton Sr. appears as a boss in the toxic lake.

FireStarSMEJ Red Coins Power Slide Use the Marble Mushroom to slide down some of the ruins and get the eight Red Coins.
FireStarSMEJ Broken Giants Use the Hard Slide on one of the Marble Giants to collect the Fire Star held within.
FireStarSMEJ Undercling Stars The player must climb up the Mushrooms to find the Fire Star fragments.
FireStarSMEJ Red Coins in the Rubble Find the eight red coins scattered in the ruins.
FireStarSMEJ Morton Sr. Returns Battle Morton Sr. in the toxic lake that he is brought back out of.
Mystical Metal Cave----

Unlocked once you have seven Fire Stars.

A metal cave filled with crystals and treasure. Use magical carpets as platforms and defeat the Troopuiose hidden away in the cave. Take a dive into the lava with the Magma Shell and find Metal Mario.

FireStarSMEJ Red Coin Ride Collect the Red Coins via the magic carpet that goes through the entire cave.
FireStarSMEJ One Man's Treasure Use the Blue or Magma shell to open up the giant red chest in the pile of gold.
FireStarSMEJ Fire Star Plunge Use the Magma Shell to swim into the lava and find the Fire Star.
FireStarSMEJ Many Doors Use the Universal Keys to open up the doors hiding Fire Star fragments.
FireStarSMEJ Metal Mario's Mission Find Metal Mario and race him through the cave.
Nabbit Nation----

Unlocked once you have eleven Fire Stars.

A kingdom that mostly lives off every other kingdom close to it. The stage is full of elements stolen from other courses, even other enemies. Most of all, keep your eye out for any Nabbits trying to steal from you! One of the missions follows the player getting help from a group of Nabbits to overthrow the King.

Furious Factory----

Unlocked once you have fifteen Fire Stars.

A factory that created the Fire Stars, run by Morton Koopa Sr. One of his creations, Morty Kid, now resides in this abandoned factory. It's full of Drill Bits and Bullet Bills and has three floors of machinery, some of it working and some of it not.

Red Coin Bank----

Unlocked once you have twenty Fire Stars.

One of the biggest banks in the world, funded by the Vela Family. They seem to have a couple of Fire Stars in their vault but the Vela Family is eager to keep a hold on them. You'll find a lot of coins here but also a lot of really tough enemies to deal with (or is it them dealing with you?).

Bowser's Painted World----

Unlocked once you have twenty five Fire Stars.

Bowser's grandest castle yet, featuring several routes inside. This is the last main course to collect Fire Stars in. The boss is Painted Bowser, the Baron of Peach's Castle. He holds Peach hostage and it's up to the player to defeat his courses and finally take him on.

BaronKey Fire TBA TBA

Water Star Courses

Course Mission(s) Mission Information
PiantaStamp EJ
Starshine Beach Galaxy----

Available at the start.

A planet inhabited by Piantas, with a underwater section. The galaxy is also slightly shaped like a dolphin, much like Isle Delfino.

WaterStarSMEJ Climbing the Cloudy Tower Use the Oni Apple to climb to the top of the tower on the planet.
WaterStarSMEJ Silver Star Chests Grab the silver stars hidden underwater in the chests.
WaterStarSMEJ Red Coin Beach Hunt Find the red coins on the beach.
WaterStarSMEJ Hammer Brother Panic Calm the Piantas down by defeating all the infesting Hammer Bros.
KoopaIslandStamp SMEJ
Koopa Island Galaxy----

Unlocked when the player has three Water Stars.

A giant island all on the back of a Koopa, who is swimming endlessly on a huge water planet. Dozens of Koopas reside on the back of this giant Koopa. In the center is the Shell Coliseum where Jumpy Koopa waits for another battle with Mario.

WaterStarSMEJ Koopa the Quick's Island Race Challenge Koopa the Quick to a race around the island.
WaterStarSMEJ Red Coin Find Find all eight red coins located around the island.
WaterStarSMEJ Koopa Shell Mayhem Ride on a Koopa shell and take out ten Koopas.
WaterStarSMEJ Wake that Shell Head Up! Wake up the giant Koopa's head.
WaterStarSMEJ Fight Jumpy Koopa Battle Jumpy Koopa in the Shell Coliseum on the center of the shell. Power-ups drop from above the coliseum and both you and Jumpy Koopa can make use of them. Jumpy Koopa technically has only two hits unless he gets a power-up, so it's best to make quick work of him before he gets stacking power-ups.
Crystal Spire Galaxy----

Unlocked when the player has seven Water Stars.

A galaxy made up entirely out of crystals that all connect and warp into each other. Gravity is super screwy here, so characters can travel around all the sides of the crystals. You can use the light and dark boxes to reflect light and darkness off the crystals. Water Latikus are common here as well as Biddybuds and Kugs. Motley Bossblob also appears and you can access his fight by going to the Warp Box in the center of this galaxy.

WaterStarSMEJ Exterminate the Biddybuds Use the Bug Zapper Box to attract the Biddybugs and defeat them to get the Water Star.
WaterStarSMEJ 100 Coins in the Crystals Use the Light and Dark boxes to reveal coins as well as defeating enemies. There are a total of 120 coins in all to find, so just find 100.
WaterStarSMEJ Crystal Scavenger Hunt Find the five Water Star fragments.
WaterStarSMEJ Hug a Kug Defeat all the Kugs to get the Water Star.
WaterStarSMEJ Battle with Motley Bossblob Use the Warp Box hidden in the center to fight Motley Bossblob's first incarnation.
Darkgrove Garden----

Unlocked once you have eleven Water Stars.

A garden infested with a dark virus of sorts, causing a interesting split. The darkness withers in the day but grows in the dark. Using the Lunar and Solar Mushrooms, the player can play around with the two sides of the garden. The garden is also host to a ton of Biddybuds, which the player can use via the Biddybud Shell.

Chain Chomp Ranch----

Unlocked once you have fifteen Water Stars.

A ranch that is host a ton of Chain Chomps romping freely around. The player has to use the bones of the Dry Bones that run around as well to distract the Chain Chomps, as well as ride a frantic one under the behest of Sheriff Shy Guy.

Snowy Standout Circus----

Unlocked once you have twenty Water Stars.

A circus covered in snow and enemies, but don't let that distract you from putting on a good preformance! You'll need it for the Water Stars. You'll be doing high-flying stunts and more in this circus, run by no other than Motley Bossblob, who challenges you twice here.

Aurora Airlines----

Unlocked once you have twenty five Water Stars.

A airport that only has three Water Stars but each requires you to take up a job within the airport, which is funded by the Vela Family. The airport is mostly free of enemies, but some areas are still under construction and you get the occasional Biddybug infestation. Do all the jobs and you'll be permitted to use the Rocket Ship, which will let you battle Themis, who holds Wario hostage.

BaronKey Water TBA TBA

Thunder Star Courses

Course Mission(s) Mission Information
SuperCarrotStamp SMEJ
Bunny Hole Burrows----

Available at the start.

A big hole in the ground home to MIPS and his rabbit family. Embedded into the walls are Super Carrots which Mario and friends can use to turn into their bunny forms. MIPS has a Thunder Star that you have to chase him for, as well as a fight against Major Burrows.

LightningStar Chase that Rabbit! Use the Super Carrot to help catch MIPS and his family.
LightningStar Major Burrows' Furious Fight Fight Major Burrows for a Thunder Star.
LightningStar Holey Climb Reach the top of Bunny Hole Burrows for a Thunder Star.
LightningStar Red Coin Scramble Collect the Red Coins hidden around Bunny Hole Burrows.
Lakitu Cloud stamp MK8
Nimbus Station 9----

Unlocked when the player has three Thunder Stars.

A giant station in the sky, where the Storks and Lakitus stock up on supplies (whether that be babies or spinies). Fluzzard appears here as well, being the focus of three missions. The station itself is pretty friendly but the outer clouds are host to a bunch of Lakitus that will attack Mario on sight.

LightningStar Fluzzard's Friendly Flight The player must fly Fluzzard through the Cloud Gate that contains a Thunder Star.
LightningStar Fluzzard's Electrifying Race Race the Storks and Lakitus to the Cloud Gate while avoiding the Fuzzies and Thunder.
LightningStar Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy Get to the top of Nimbus Station 9 during a Fuzzy storm.
LightningStar Get Stratus' Parcel Stratus the Lakitu needs his package that flew down into the lower rungs of Nimbus Station 9, and you seem to be the only person who can get it.
LightningStar The Fiercest Winds Ride Fluzzard and alongside Stratus, battle Lakithunder in the sky.
Bullet Bill Train Station----

Unlocked when the player has seven Thunder Stars.

One of the most massive areas in the entire game. There are three separate Bullet Bill trains (Blue, Red, and Yellow), each with 3 missions for Mario and friends to do. There is also one Thunder Star located right on the train station. Each Bullet Bill Train goes to another course when it drops off, so the player will not be able to do every mission until they get more Thunder Stars. Blue Train drops off at ???, Red Train drops off at ???, and Yellow Train drops off at ???.

LightningStar Ticket Master Top The player must get the Thunder Star on top of the roof of the ticket booth.
LightningStar Blue Train's Mystery Find out who stomped on Goobmy McGoombs by asking the train passengers and finding clues.
LightningStar Engine Troubles in Blue Train Reignite the engine using a Fire or Thunder flower (or use a Bug Zapper Box).
LightningStar Blue Train Meets Twisted Tracks Nabbit has stolen the Blue Train's coal and you need to catch him. To make matters worse, you have to get on the roof of the train and dodge enemies and obstacles.
LightningStar Red Train's Red Coins Find all eight Red Coins on the Red Train.
LightningStar Red Train's Baseball Brothers Infestation The player must defeat all the Baseball and Batter Bros on the train.
LightningStar Red Train's Boom Boom Problem Defeat Boom Boom in the last car of the train.
LightningStar Thunder Star Pieces in Yellow Train Find the five Thunder Star pieces in the train.
LightningStar Yellow Train's Pom Pom Fever Defeat Pom Pom on top of the train.
LightningStar Yellow Train's Thunder Get on top of the Yellow Train and collect the Thunder Star, but be wary when it reaches Bullet Speed! If you aren't holding onto anything when it goes into Bullet Speed, you'll be thrown off.

Earth Star Courses

Course Mission(s) Mission Information
SkyPlainsStamp SMEJ
Sky Plains----

Available at the start.

A stage based around a mostly flat plains area, filled with Goombas and trees. The plains has certain elements that only appear at day or night in the stage, requiring use of the Lunar and Solar Mushrooms. There are also several Copper Pipes that need plugging up. A giant rock stands in the center of this course.

EarthStar Get to the Top of Biggy Rock Use the Solar and Lunar Mushrooms to grow certain plants that will help you get to the top of Biggy Rock.
EarthStar Red Coins in the Plains Collect all eight red coins for a Fire Star.
EarthStar Plug up the Copper Pipes Use the Golden Corks to plug up the three Copper Pipes.
EarthStar 100 Coins in the Plains Get 100 coins. This mission requires the usage of the Solar and Lunar Mushrooms if you want to collect enough coins, as each setting only has 60 coins to find.
BullyStamp SMEJ
Palace of the Bullies----

Unlocked once you have three Earth Stars.

A giant metal castle that warps and bends over an entire planet. The Oni and Chicken Suit can be found here and you'll have to push Bullies into the blue lava. Infiltrate the castle to find all kinds of secrets and the ruler of the Palace himself: Prince Bully.

EarthStar Bully Knockdown Knock all of the Bullies into the blue lava to gain this Earth Star.
EarthStar Clear in the Pipes Use the Clear Pipes to find the Earth Star while avoiding the Bullies stuck inside the pipes.
EarthStar Egg Targets Hit the targets with the Chicken Suit's projectiles.
EarthStar Earth Star Fragments Scramble Collect the Earth Star fragments by walking on the lava and infiltrating the fortress from above.
EarthStar Prince Bully's Battle Battle Prince Bully in his throne room.
Haunted Estate----

Unlocked once you have seven Earth Stars.

A huge Haunted Mansion full of Boos and other spooky minions. Not everything is against you here but you need to keep your eyes open for anything that could possibly sneak behind you.

EarthStar Into the Basement Head to the basement level of the estate and clear all the boxes to uncover the Earth Star.
EarthStar Darkness Cast Library Use the Dark Box to help Boo Beatrice get into the library.
EarthStar Red Coin Stash Find the eight Red Coins hidden throughout the level.
EarthStar Biddyboo Leader Use the Biddyboos to get to the top of the Haunted Estate to nab the Earth Star.
EarthStar Big Boo Backyard A Big Boo has swallowed the Earth Star. Find the Solar Mushroom to bring the sun up and take the Earth Star.


Enemy Information
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Goombas are the easiest enemies that players have to deal with. They can either spin them away or stomp on them to defeat them. Goombas run towards players if they spot them.
Goombulb NSMBVR


It attacks just like a normal Goomba, but appears in dark rooms underground to light the way for player. Players have to defeat them by jumping on them twice, the first jump breaking the illuminating shell around the Goomba.
Kamikaze Goomba NSMBS

Kamikaze Goomba

Leap from above to strike, getting dizzy if they miss their target. Once dizzy, players can simply kick them away. They can also stomp on them before they jump.


These spherical goombas roll around and if they spot Mario, roll towards him. They can be stomped like normal Goombas.
Kug EJ


Kugs are fake Goombas that vomit up a black noxious fluid if they see a character, before running towards them. If a character stomps on them, they'll explode into a harmful black fluid. The only way to kill a Kug without being harmed is through a projectile.

Piranha Goomba

Piranha Goombas come out of pipes similar to a Piranha plant, but Mario can stomp their heads. They can also switch from pipe to pipe, and if they switch to a clear pipe they'll be sucked out and act as a normal Goomba.

Blue Piranha Goomba

These three headed Goombas have to stomped individually, making it a total of three stomps you have to preform before they're gone. Much like the original enemy they're based off, they can switch from pipe to pipe but clear pipes will suck them out and have them walk around like normal Goombas.
Golden Goomba NSMB2

Golden Goomba

Golden Goombas act very similarly to Goombas except they'll sometimes leave behind a coin. They leave up to five coins and somewhat incentivize players to not stomp on them right away.

Ruby Goomba

Ruby Goombas act like regular Goombas except they drop a Red Coin upon defeat.

Jade Goomba

Jade Goombas act like regular Goombas except they drop a Jade Coin upon defeat. They are extremely rare and usually in out of reach places, requiring some creative thinking.


Biddybuds resemble multicoloured ladybugs and act like regular Goombas, though they don't chase Mario and Luigi when they're in sight.

Para Biddybud

Para Buiddybuds enerally appear in groups of five, though they can appear in groups of a less number or appear individually. They fly up and down in a circles or in lines and Mario can stomp on them.
Green Koopa New

Koopa Troopa

Koopas are enemies that Mario and others can defeat in a stomp, leaving behind a shell that they can kick, grab, or use underwater to travel faster. Koopa Troopas run toward perceived threats.


Morton Sr. used these in his reign. These proto-Koopa Troopas can still have their shells stolen but they won't slide across the ground, instead acting as a weight for switches. No matter how much you kick their shells, it won't budge.
Blue Troopuiose

Blue-Shelled Troopuiose

These Troopuiose live underground and have adapted to the darker atmosphere underneath. They wear Blue Shells which can be turned into a power-up for Mario and friends to use.
Magma Troopuiose

Magma-Shelled Troopuiose

These Troopuiose live underground and have adapted to the darker atmosphere underneath. They wear Magma Shells which can be turned into a power-up for Mario and friends to use.
Yoshi Troopa

Yoshi Troopa

Koopa Troopas disguised as Yoshis that hatch from Eggs. Watch out! They're nothing but a cunning trap.

Marble Koopa Troopa

Marble Koopas have to be stomped on five times to release their marble shell, which is faster and more powerful than a normal shell, able to topple pillars in their wake.
Drill Bit

Drill Bit
Art by Peardian

Drill Bits attempt to drill into Mario and friends when they see them, somewhat similar to how Goombas and Koopas react. Mario can defeat them by stomping them three times, with each stop drilling them into the ground.

Art by Peardian

Octolots hover and attack with magic, somewhat similar to Magikoopas, although their magic can be countered with a projectile or melee attack. By stomping them or throwing a projectile attack at them, they are defeated.


Splorches pop out of lava and roll towards the players. They can be pushed back into the lava using projectiles or a spin. Splorches also leave a trail of lava that damages the players. They cannot be truly defeated.

Hammer Bro


Baseball Bro


Batter Bro

Bullet Bill MKW2!!

Bullet Bill


Freezy Bills

When these are fired from their cannons, they leave a trail of ice that Mario can ride along on. They must be picked up via Super Mario Bros. 2 if the player wants to defeat them.

Firework Bills

These Bullet Bills are fired from a cannon and split into a dozen tinier Bullet Bills that track Mario and friends from the sky. They easily loose track of their targets and explode into a shower of fireworks 5 seconds after, but stay alert!

Black Hole Bills

These Bullet Bills explode and contract into a Black Hole when they meet their target. They can be diverted using a Light Cannon but otherwise they will explode into a black hole. They were reverse engineered from Cosmetta's black hole gun.
SMW2 Fuzzy


When Fuzzies touch a player, it disorients their controls and vision. They can be destroyed with projectiles; just don't touch Fuzzy!

Cosmic Clone

Cosmic Clones duplicate the movements of the player, requiring the player to make sure they're always a step ahead of these shadowy duplicates or risk getting hit. If the player gets hit by a clone, they receive damage and the clone vanishes, but there are always about 3 clones always trailing behind the player, with more created to replace ones that vanish.

Fire Lakitu


Water Lakitu


Thunder Lakitu


Earth Lakitu

Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour


Boos are ghosts that are terribly shy, to the point where they can't move if Mario looks at them! However, despite their social anxiety, they can still be a rather deadly foe if Mario isn't looking at them.
Dark Boo NSMBS

Dark Boo

Dark Boos only move when Mario is looking at them, but when he isn't they'll fire a purple fire ball if Mario is still in range.

Fire Boo

Solar Keeper Boos hold Solar Mushrooms in them to prevent the sun from ever rising again. They are also very wary of light, meaning you'll have to chase them with light to defeat them and take the Solar Mushroom from them.

Biddybud boo

Biddyboos are a crossbreed of a Biddybud and a Boo. They come in groups of five. They can't be stomped and are harmful to the touch, but only move in the circle or line they're in if Mario's not looking. The player can stand on them if he is wearing a Biddybud Shell.
Bully Artwork SMEJ


Bullies charge themselves into their enemies in order to push them over ledges, knocking their enemies into lava or bottomless pits. The only way for players to beat a Bully is to push it into the lava or use projectiles to do so- they can also be stomped via Thwomp.
Furnace Bully Artwork SMEJ

Furnace Bully

These Bullies explode after being pushed around too much; either push them into the lava or get clear away from them before they explode.
Underwater Bully Artwork SMEJ

Underwater Bully

These Bullies swim around under the water, pushing the player downwards to drown them. They can be sucked out via pushing them towards a Clear or Amber Pipe that's around.
BullyMaskGoomba Artwork SMEJ

Bully Goomba

These Goombas can't be stomped due to their incredibly hard maskl, but they can be taken out from below, knocking their mask off. They act like normal Goombas behaviorally but lose their ability to really hurt Mario and don't push him as hard as Bullies do.


Returning to an even more blue-ish color, these Thwomps still haven't changed at all in function. If a character is close, they'll drop down, flattening anything under them. The player can climb on the top of them as a platform.

Magma Thwomp

These Thwomps are just boiling mad, so much so that they rise and drop into lava with nary a scratch!

Ocean Thwomp

These Thwomps just go right through characters, absorbing and then spitting them out. They'll pretty much eat all your power-ups and leave you in your weakest form, and you best not come back or they'll just kill you. Don't get on top of them either, they're pretty much liquid and you'll suffer the same fate.

Freezy Thwomp

These Thwomps freeze anything within their radius when they drop. You can still climb on top of them, and if you happen to be on top of them when they drop, you won't be effected by the chilly blast.

Cloud Thwomp

These Thwomps are high in the sky, floating just like all the other clouds. If they see the player near them, they'll drop extremely fast before going back up if there's no ground below them.

Sand Thwomp

These Thwomps are made of sand, so when they drop, they explode into grains of sand. The player can stand on top of the sand and as the Sand Thwomp reconstructs, become part of the Sand Thwomp. In the Sand Thwomp form, the player has limited mobility when walking and cannot attack. Most enemies will ignore the player and their sliding becomes very fast. They can also place the Sand Thwomp anywhere they want and exit it.
Dry Bones MPSR

Dry Bones

Dry Bones are undead Koopas who revive themselves seconds after being stomped on. While they can't truly die, it's best to incapacitate them when you can. Spreading their pieces can make the revival period just a bit longer.
Dull Bones ACL recolour

Dull Bones

Dull Bones are undead Koopas who can't actually revive themselves after being stomped on and don't even leave a shell for the trouble. No wonder they're called Dull Bones!


Course Bosses

Boss Information



Dry Morton Sr.


Morty Kid

Morty Kid is more or less Morton Sr's version of Koopa Kid. He protects the old Fire Star from intruders and he indentifies you as one. He has a short fire breath and a room shaking ground pound but he can be defeated with three stomps to his head. He releases a Fire Star and a mysterious book (entitled "Project Excalibur") upon defeat.

Jumpy Koopa

It's been a while since him and Mario have clashed. Jumpy Koopa is looking to retain his victory; that's all he cares about, is getting one over Mario again. He can use the same power-ups that Mario and friends can use, but doesn't benefit from the power of the elemental stars. He can also jump to dodge attacks and throw his own shell.
Major Burrows

Major Burrows



MotleyBossblobMalachiteMagic EJ

Motley Bossblob (Malachite Magic)

MotleyBossblobOpalOverlord EJ

Motley Bossblob (Opal Overlord)


Prince Bully


King Nabbit

King Nabbit is the self proclaimed king of the Nabbits and is kind of a bad ruler at that; to the point where the Nabbits are using Mario and his friends to incite a revolution. You see, King Nabbit put up a stealing tax, meaning that 50% of anything that a Nabbit steals go to the greedy king. King Nabbit attacks with a wand he stole from a Magikoopa. The player must grab valuable things and lure King Nabbit over so that they can stomp on his back as he bends over. This must be done three times.

Metal Head


Piranha Pascal



Boss Information

Painted Bowser

BaronKey Fire



Holo Themis

BaronKey Water



Clone Tatanga

BaronKey Thunder


Nega Slanito

Nega Slanito

BaronKey Earth



Boss Information

Base Forme


Project Excalibur Storybook

When the player defeats Morty Kid, he drops a book entitled Project Excalibur. This book can be read at any of the main hubs and details the events and people before the current circumstances in the game. Specifically, the former rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom, what became Bowser's domain, Sarasaland, and the Cosmic Lighthouse.

The storybook begins with the birth of Khrysalis, created through cosmic energy and crystals. Khrysalis discovers her reality warping powers and since her understanding of the universe is so limited, she plays with the armies of Estrella and Ninna's Mushroom Kingdom, Morton Sr's domain, and Sarasaland. As the kingdoms are confused and not understanding why they're at war with each other, a Bandit by the name of Nocturne comes across Khryalis.

Nocturne tells the kingdoms why they are war and they discover that their elemental powers can encase Khryalis with its own protective shell. They mass produce elemental stars of Fire, Water, Thunder, and Earth using resources from all over the universe. When they have created enough Elemental Stars, Khryalis traps themselves into a protective shell. Estrella and Ninna leave the Mushroom Kingdom to observe the creature, to make sure it doesn't become free as Morton Sr. has two sons.

The end of the book reveals that Nocturne would later kidnap the baby Cosmetta to replace his role of the Cosmic Lighthouse's keeper. It also reveals that his current coordinates exist in an alternate dimension.




When you use the Technocolor Mario amiibo, you summon the Technocolor Mushroom powerup. This allows you to basically walk over pits and go through any enemies, all while gaining uncontrollably fast speed. Any stars you collect won't count.

The Mario 30th Anniversary Collection amiibos summon the Classic Mushroom, which can be used by any character to turn into their 8-bit forms and gain three extra hits with a Heart System akin to Super Mario Bros. 2.

Rosalina Rainbow

Using any of the Rosalina Rainbow amiibos allows you to change the color of Rosalina's dress.



  • The idea for Freezy Bill came from Athena Hawkins (tbc).
  • Metal Head originates from the motion captured masterpiece that is the Donkey Kong Country television series. It originally appeared in the episode The Big Switch-A-Roo and had it's own music number.
  • This is Koopa Kid's first appearance in any Mario related media since 2005 (Mario Party Advance being his last appearance).
    • It is also likely his first appearance in a main line Mario game and his first playable appearance in one.
  • This also sees the return of many enemies and characters that were previously only seen in the RPGs.
  • Stratus' design was intentionally based off the musical artist Darude.

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