Super Mario: DS
New game
Publisher(s) Phoenix fire lnc.
Release Date(s)
1-4 players

story mode

Genre(s) fighting
Super Mario: Desperate Struggle a 2.5D fighting game being developed by Phoenix fire inc. It has been confirmed to be on the wii.

This will be one of the first fighting game in which only mario characters are playable. Having 30 playable Characters.

Each character has their own story and stage.


Mario, his friends, brother and cousin (Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Daisy, Massimo and Luigi) were enjoying a picnic when a solar eclipse covered the sun. Mario, knowing that something is really wrong, jumps up and gets in a battle stance. Luigi, scared at first jumps up to (even though his knees are knocking) and forms a stance.

As the clouds begin to cover the castle the airship bust's out of the clouds and with Bowser's terrifying laugh and a huge claw came from the ship in attempt to grab Peach but takes Daisy instead.

as Daisy screaming and calling for Luigi (and Mario) being pulled in to the ship and carried away.

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Massimo runs to catch up to the ship but unfortunately the ship flies into a another world leaving our heroes empty handed.





Peach's castle
Inside Peach's throne room serves as Mario's stage Unlocked
Yoshi island
The meadow of Yoshi's Island serves as Yoshi's stage. Unlocked

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